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Frozen Food TVC Production in Singapore

Frozen food brands typically promote the convenience, variety, and quality of their products. TV commercials are one of the most effective ways for a brand’s message and unique selling points to be showcased, such as showing busy families or individuals enjoying delicious, healthy meals that are quick and easy to prepare. The commercial could highlight the variety of products available, how long the food stays fresh and how quickly it can be prepared.

In this blog post, we will explore different types of Frozen Food television commercials and how brands use TV commercials as a way to advertise their products and reach their target audience.

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Vivid Snaps has the relevant experience in creating your video content, including corporate short films, music videos, corporate documentaries, and branded content. Our team is dedicated to continuously improving our skills and producing high-quality work for our clients. We believe that video should not only be visually appealing but also engage and captivate the audience.

Frozen Food TVCs in Singapore 

PLEASE NOTE: The videos referenced in this blog article are not produced by Vivid Snaps. The following videos are sourced from publicly available websites, such as YouTube.

Heartwarming Family Story in Fishball TVC 

Frozen Food TVC Production Singapore, Not produced by Vivid Snaps.

This video showcases a typical Singapore family having dinner at home. The kids were giving their parents the results of their midterm tests. Jack, the family’s oldest brother, was eager to tell his parents about his results because he had done well on his papers. However, his mother was not impressed and advised him to concentrate more on his studies in order to perform better. Sam, the younger brother, was hesitant to share his test results when asked because he thought his mother would be upset because his score was lower than that of his older brother. But Jack pulled the paper out of his grasp and told the family the less than flattering outcome. Sam could see that his mother was visibly upset, but she didn’t scold him and instead complimented him for his diligence in the weeks and months leading up to the exams. Sam’s mother was aware that he had given it his all, therefore rather than placing blame, they needed to rejoice. In a touching scene, we see their mother giving each of them a fishball and congratulating them on their hard work.

This short story video promotes the brand’s message by evoking emotions in their audience. It’s not your typical hard-sell advertisement, but using a short story helps to not only connect with the audience but also promote their product in a subtle yet effective way.

Wonton Recipe Video for Social Media

Frozen Food TVC Production Singapore, Not produced by Vivid Snaps.

Usually Singapore frozen food brands’ commercials might highlight the variety of local cuisines and the ease with which they can be enjoyed at home with the help of frozen food products. In this video, instead of a commercial, it is more of a recipe tutorial, with local celebrity chef Chef Wan preparing a simple dish that anyone can make at home.

The video was most likely shot in a multi-camera production, with at least two cameras, one covering the entire set with the chef cooking and the other covering close-ups of the actions for viewers to better see and understand what the chef is doing. It is effective in targeting their audience because the majority of people who consume frozen food are usually busy working-class people, and a real chef demonstrated that using frozen food can still produce a sumptuous meal, enticing them to try their products.

Lunar New Year Ingredients TVC

Frozen Food TVC Production Singapore, Not produced by Vivid Snaps.

This video highlights EB Frozen Food’s extensive frozen food selection. It demonstrates various types of food and ways to prepare for Chinese New Year celebrations such as boiling wontons in a hotpot or air frying them for a fry finish. 

Instead of using voice over and typical frontal product shots that shout at the viewers, this video uses a colourful flat lay and attention-grabbing text with cheerful music to keep the video trendy and catchy for the viewers.

Vegetarian Frozen Food TVC

Frozen Food TVC Production Singapore, Not produced by Vivid Snaps.

This video features a plethora of vegetarian frozen foods available from Everbest. The video is simple yet effective in introducing the products that the brand has to offer.The video is shot simply but effectively, allowing viewers to clearly see the packaging and food. The voice over also introduces the product clearly and even informs the audience of its benefits.

Frozen Food Brand Anniversary Video for Social Media

Frozen Food TVC Production Singapore, Not produced by Vivid Snaps.

To celebrate 45 transformational years since DoDo’s humble beginnings as a backyard operation by the Lim family in Singapore, DoDo released a 4-part mini series celebrating their journey. 

This video is a reenactment of the brand’s early days, and it features Mr Lim Boon Chay, the founder of DoDo, and one of their pantry ladies, Ms Tan Lee Hua. This video assists people in better understanding the brand’s history because the brand was established many years ago and not many people are familiar with them, and by producing this video, it allows potential new customers or even loyal customers in getting to know them better and thus creating a connection with them.

Famous Frozen Food Brand Testimonial Video

Link to video:

In this video, Singapore’s celebrity chef, Chef Eric Teo, discusses his collaboration with Lim Kee Food Manufacturing in developing his own line of Lim Kee paus. The video focuses on Chef Eric Teo’s childhood and his fascinating story about paus; he also discusses his experience working with Lim Kee Food. It is a captivating and effective way to promote its brand because it is endorsed by a well-known local celebrity chef, and people will trust his word over the brand’s own. 

It will be beneficial in a production like this to have a producer and/or director to guide and supervise the chef’s interview. By doing this, you can make sure that the narration and message in the video are appropriate. 


As the examples above show, there are numerous ways to advertise and promote frozen food brands. From heartwarming short films to celebrity chef recipe videos to chef’s testimony videos, each type of video has its own strengths, and it’s critical to choose the right mix to reach the target audience and effectively deliver the brand message.

Vivid Snaps Video Production Team

Group Photo of Video Production Crew in Singapore
Group photo of the Vivid Snaps video production team

At Vivid Snaps, we understand the potential of commercials as a powerful tool for engaging, informing, and inspiring audiences. Our team of skilled filmmakers is committed to producing impactful and compelling stories and convey powerful messages. We have the capability and experience to turn your ideas into a dynamic and effective visual experience. With our expertise, we can help you communicate your brand’s story and reach your target audience through the power of video commercials. Let us help you make a lasting impression on your audience.

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