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Corporate Group Photo Singapore

Are you looking for a corporate photographer to shoot your corporate group photo in Singapore? Our corporate photographer have completed many company group photo for clients. The group photos we take have varying styles and purposes. You can request a complete portfolio from us, contact our project coordinators.

Shoot A Corporate Group Photo in Singapore

Hotel Outdoor Group Photo Taking Singapore
Reference of an outdoor group photo

Small group photo are usually easy to organise. The above sample shows a small team photo taken during a corporate event, hosted at a hotel. Choosing a location with a stairway is ideal when taking group photos. This allows all members to have their faces clearly seen.

For outdoor shoot, you may be subjected to weather conditions. Some hotels have indoor stairways which can serve as a backup location during wet weather.

Social Distancing Group Photo Singapore

Vivid Media Company Group Photo Singapore
Reference of a composite group photo taken individually in a studio

Prior to the pandemic situation in 2020, company group photos are usually taken physically. However, with limitations on group gatherings, Taking a company group photo has become a real challenge.

Nonetheless, you can achieve a composite group photo by combining individual photos or group photos taken in small group. This photo style is very refreshing, as it has always been reserved for special and creative applications.

Company Group Photo Taking

Large Group Photo Taking Singapore
Reference of an event group photo for larger group size

Our photographer and photography team can advice and assist you in planning for a large group photo. A well taking group photo portray the strength of your company and helps boost the morale of your team.

School & Faculty Group Photo Singapore

School & Faculty Photographer Singapore
Reference of a group photo taken at faculty entrance

Faculty and institution group photos are also part of the corporate works that our photographers frequently shoot. Apart from a formal group photo, you can also request for a candid or fun photo for your team.

Other works that we provide for schools and institution includes live streaming, event photography, school video production, concert & performance video filming.

Company Group Photo With Design Overlay

Group Photo With Custom Design Overlay Singapore
Reference of a formal group photo taken at business meeting

We can also provide customised overlays for your group photos. The overlay designs for group photos are usually quite formal. But we also provide creative designs when occasion calls for it.

Management Annual Report Photo Taking

Management Annual Report Photo Taking Singapore
Reference of a corporate group photo taken in office conference room

Management group photo may take a little more planning and coordination. If required, we can also provide make-up artist for your management photo shoot.

In some cases, a site-recce may be required to confirm the shooting angle beforehand. Do let us know early, so we can schedule for you accordingly.

College Graduation Group Photo in Singapore

Corporate Group Photo Singapore
Customised college graduation group photo

Using a top-down angle, we efficiently captured a group photo for our college client, optimising time and precision. This strategic approach allowed us to encompass multiple groups of varying sizes within a single frame swiftly and effectively.

Corporate Group Photo with Super 8R Photo Printing

Corporate Group Photo Super 8R Photo Printing
Illustration of the size differences between Standard 8R and Super 8R photo prints.

We are one of the few photography teams in Singapore with an in-house Super 8R printing capability. This usually means we are able to provide quicker turnaround with more consistent colour and print quality.

Together with our in-house graphic designer, we can craft a customised photo border design with your event title and key visuals, resulting in a professional product and memorable experience.

Please note that engagement lead time of 4-8 weeks is advised for best availability of our group photo & Super 8R photo printing services.

Corporate Event Group Photo in Singapore

Event Group Photo in Singapore
An event group photo shot using panorama technique, photography by Steven Wong.

Impromptu event group photo can sometimes catch our event photographer off-guard, especially when working with tight spaces in restaurants and dining spaces. Our Senior Event Photographer, Steven Wong was able to think on his feet and accomplished this group photo for a prestige group of event guests using Panorama technique. One of Steven’s forte is his ability to command the group, communicating with the guests to achieve the shots he need.

Best Corporate Photographers in Singapore

Vivid Media Company Group Photo Singapore
Group photo of our media production team

A good photographer for company group photo should have a good sense of command. In large group photos especially, the photographer’s instruction to the group is really important. For really large group, additional assistant might be required to effectively manage the group.

You may also be interested in our Corporate Headshot Photography

Dark Background Headshot Singapore
Reference of a studio creative portrait photo shoot

Corporate headshot photography is part of our corporate portfolio. If you are planning to schedule a headshot photography session for your team. Read more on our headshot photographer page.

Instant Portrait Photo Booth with QR Download

Corporate Professional Portrait Photo Booth in Singapore
Photos taken at our Instant Portrait Photo Booth designed for corporate events

One of our latest photo booth services designed for corporate events, conferences, exhibitions and sponsorship use cases.

We setup a professional portrait photo booth at your event, capturing professional portraits suitable for use in Linkedin or any professional profile. The images are available for download instantly via a QR code.

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