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Preschool Video Production in Singapore

Preschool video production in Singapore is now playing a vital role in marketing your preschool. In this article, we’ll explore numerable preschools in Singapore that have adopted a video marketing strategy, purposefully getting involved in parents’ decision process as they consider their preschool options. To let you grasp a better understanding of video marketing, we have collated samples of exemplary preschool videos in Singapore and included a brief overview of what makes them effective.

Why are Preschools in Singapore Adopting a Video Marketing Strategy?

It is simple, video production has changed the landscape of digital marketing forevermore. With creative and engaging visuals, a preschool video is the most optimal platform to communicate with your target audience. As videos are easy to watch and require little to no effort to share, they will, without a doubt––garner your audience’s attention and make them listen to you. Thus, many preschools in Singapore have adopted the use of video production as part of their marketing strategies, having clearly seen the benefits it brings.

Many Singaporean parents often worry about which preschools will best fit their children. Which preschool has the best facilities? What type of pedagogy would my child perform best under? What are this preschool’s mission and core values? What are the educators like? Parents would typically go to the trouble and spend hours researching different preschools. Then, they would amass even more time comparing preschools, pitting them against one another to determine which will emerge as the victor.

What if I told you, you can dispel and answer most of the parents’ worries, just by making a 3-minute video production of your preschool? A video where you can share desirable information on what parents spend hours researching.

As such, I invite you to read on as I share some of the best examples of preschool video production in Singapore.

Best Preschool Video Productions in Singapore

Preschool video productions in Singapore can be found on different social media channels. We share some of the best preschool videos we have uncovered.

MOE Kindergarten, Preschool Interview Video

Interviewing our Centre Head Video by MOE Kindergarten, Singapore

What stands out in this preschool video is––it involves children in the making. Children, who are normally the interviewees are the educator’s bubbly interviewers instead. The interview in this preschool video conceptualizes MOE Kindergarten’s pedagogy. It is clear that they adopt the differentiated approach to match their children’s readiness and ability to learn. More information like the Kindergarten’s vision and mission, teacher-child ratio in the centre, as well as its stakeholders, are further divulged in the interview too.

Personally, one thing I adore about this video is that I could feel the educator’s passion for early childhood emanate through the screens.

After knowing more about your centre’s pedagogy and educators, parents will feel relieved when they know they are leaving their children in your good hands.

EtonHouse Preschool, Virtual Tour Video

Virtual Preschool Tour Video with EtonHouse Singapore

This preschool video evidently displays EtonHouse Preschool’s mission statement, which is to inspire creativity and confidence, laying the foundation for the future. Thereafter, it proceeds to show the learning principles EtonHouse Preschool adopts: learning through inquiry, innovative project-based learning, a strong dual language foundation, and scientific explorations and creative expressions. Whilst conveying the above, clips of children doing relevant hands-on activities are shown to support their statement.

Next, EtonHouse Preschool showcases the abundance of facilities they have which include, a Visual Arts Studio, a Library and Storytelling Studio, a generous amount of Outdoor Learning Spaces, and an Indoor Gym where children have PE classes with specialist teachers. Additionally, nutritious meals are provided and social etiquette is promoted during meal times.

A virtual school tour that shows a preschool’s attributes is definitely easy-to-understand and perceptible to parents, which you may peruse for your preschool campus.

GESS Preschool, Virtual Tour Video

Virtual Preschool Tour Video with GESS

Similar to the previous virtual preschool tour video, GESS presents their extremely spacious campus and luxurious amount of resources catered for children aged 2-6. While the director of marketing at GESS brings you around the school, he succinctly shares what each area is utilised for, treading on the teacher-child ratios and which age groups will use said areas.

What I like most about this video is the different timestamps incorporated. It is extremely well thought out as parents who only wish to see a specific aspect of the video can just click on its timestamp and, voila! They’ll get exactly what they need without further ado.

You may also integrate timestamps into your preschool video!

E-Bridge Preschool, Virtual Tour Video

Virtual Preschool Tour Video with E-Bridge Singapore

E-Bridge’s virtual preschool tour opens with an exhibition of their distinct architecture which sets themselves apart from the rest. Next, they bring you around their interior classrooms, explaining what each area is used for and the rationale behind each design. The video eventually ends with a catchy phrase, “A beautiful learning oasis for your child”.

Even though this video is only 1 minute long, it will definitely leave a lasting impression on parents. It is the embodiment of “short and sweet”. Despite the limited video length, parents can clearly see for themselves all the facilities E-Bridge has to offer.

You may also showcase your preschool’s facilities in a short and succinct manner.

Little Sage Preschool, Virtual Tour Video

Virtual Preschool Tour Video with Little Sage Singapore

Like the preceding virtual preschool tour from E-Bridge, Little Sage Preschool has adopted a similar approach in showcasing their facilities and classrooms.

These type of preschool videos are easy to watch and also comparatively easy to produce. You may consider doing a virtual tour of your preschool as well!

PCF Sparkletots, Virtual Tour Video

Virtual Preschool Tour Video with PCF Sparkletots, Singapore

PCF Sparkletots has churned out a virtual tour video of their own as well. In this preschool video, PCF Sparkletots brings you around the interior settings of their centre, displaying their open-classroom concept. Besides, they have a wide array of resources to support the refinement of children’s 6 domains.

With so many preschools conducting a virtual tour, you may consider doing one for your preschool too! It is the fastest way to showcase the facilities in your preschool.

MindChamps Singapore, A Day in My Preschool Video

A Day in My Preschool Video by MindChamps, Singapore

Click on the preschool video above to spend a day at MindChamps preschool! This preschool video brings you through a child’s timetable for the day. Hence, you may subtly see the facilities and resources used when each lesson is conducted and each routine facilitated. Besides, temperature and safety checks are highlighted when the child enters and leaves the preschool.

I like how MindChamps put a spin on how they showcase their preschool’s facilities, curriculums and teaching approach.

You may also incorporate creative ideas like this one to exhibit your preschool.

MindChamps Singapore, Show & Tell Preschool Video

Show & Tell Preschool Video by MindChamps, Singapore

The above video is part of MindChamps’ National Day Celebrations. Two adorable children take on the personas of our late founding Prime Minister Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and his wife. They highlight what Singapore has went through the years, transforming from a fishing village to a first-world country.

It is evident that children at MindChamps are graced with the knowledge of Singapore’s history and culture. Parents who are looking for a preschool which will help their children embrace their heritage might look optimistically at MindChamps after this cute adaptation.

You may flaunt special projects of your preschool as well. Showing what makes your preschool different from the rest may captivate the attention of potential parents!

Mulberry Learning Centre, Christmas Preschool Video

A Christmas Video by Mulberry Learning Centre, Singapore

This preschool video is the most heartwarming yet. I highly suggest that you watch it before I spoil the video for you in the upcoming paragraphs.

Children at Mulberry Learning Centre were questioned about what Christmas present they would like. Unsurprisingly, many children wanted tangible things such as toys, necklaces, barbie dolls and more. Then, they were asked to think about what presents their Mummies and Daddies would wish to get for Christmas. The children revealed that their parents would like a watch, a new handphone and clothes. Why? The children divulged that it is because his daddy is always looking at the time, her mummy is always calling her, and his mummy is always buying new clothes.

Next, the children were faced with a dilemma. They can only pick one present to have for Christmas. To my astonishment, all of the children chose their parents’ presents. Their rationale being, they love their parents a lot and the children know their parents have worked hard to take care of them.

Upon seeing this preschool video, many would think that Mulberry Learning Centre’s philosophy and teaching approach builds children of good character, where children understand true happiness comes from giving rather than receiving.

You may also produce preschool videos of similar nature, evoking heartwarming feelings in your parents as they connect more intimately with your centre.

Kindle Garden, Meet the Parents Inclusive Preschool Video

Meet the Parents Preschool Video by Kindle Garden, Singapore

Parents of Kindle Garden’s children are involved in the making of this preschool video. They shared more about how Kindle Garden’s curriculum and approach has immensely benefitted their children with or without special needs. Their individualised education plan for each child has encouraged children to learn at their own pace. On top of that, children’s independence are inculcated as they are granted autonomy to perform tasks in school by themselves. Speech therapists, psychologists and counsellors are present to serve the children’s needs as well.

What sets this video apart from the rest is that I could feel the trust parents have in Kindle Garden and vice versa. Parents fully stand behind Kindle Garden’s inclusive environment as they have noticed remarkable positive changes in their children.

You may involve parents (one of the most important stakeholders of preschools) in your preschool video as well, building accountability and trust with your audience.

CNA Insider, COVID-19: Keeping Preschoolers Safe in Singapore Video

Keeping Preschoolers Safe in Singapore, CNA Insider

This preschool video zero in on how Pat’s Schoolhouse and Star Learners keep their preschoolers safe in light of this daunting COVID-19 pandemic. Frequent temperature checks, staggered arrival times and segregation of children into smaller groups are norms the preschools above have adapted to in these unprecedented times.

As many parents are likely to be concerned about the virus affecting their children, it is relieving to see preschools implement social-distancing measures to keep their preschoolers safe.

You may also produce a video like this to alleviate parents’ worries, and assure them that their children will be well taken care of in your preschool.

The Essentials for a Good Preschool Video Production

  1. Be creative!
  2. Involve children in the process.
  3. Keep it short but meaningful.
  4. The video should capture your school’s philosophy, vision & mission, and values.
  5. Remember to add relevant contact info and ways your parents may contact you.
  6. Once uploaded, share it everywhere you can! That includes social media and with the children’s parents.
  7. If you think your YouTube video is lengthy, you may incorporate timestamps on the topics discussed in the video to save your audience’s time.
  8. Lastly, upload regularly! Share about events and celebrations your preschool has to stay connected with your parents.

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