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Corporate Social Media Videos Singapore

Corporate social media videos have always been an important part of any company’s public relations strategy. It is crucial that companies publish these videos to maintain good public relations with their audiences and the community. 

As we live in this current pandemic, it is even more important that companies make use of the resources that they have online. People are staying home more and often find themselves on social media sites. This is where corporate social media videos can pique their interests. 

In this article, we compiled a list of local corporate social media videos in Singapore. We’ve broken down these videos to see how they are effective in engaging their audiences. Read on to find out more. 

The Popularity of Social Media Videos 

In a survey done with 3000 social media consumers, branded video content was the most memorable to them in comparison to photo or written content. In the same survey, 54% of respondents expressed they wish to see video content from a brand or business they support.   

From a separate survey, platforms like Facebook and Instagram saw an increase of 40% in usage amongst people aged 18 to 34.  

Social media videos also perform better with algorithms, as they capture viewer’s attention longer. When viewers interact with videos for a longer amount of time, these videos have a higher chance of being recommended. 

Hence, it means that videos have a longer shelf-life as well. They can stay relevant even months after being published

Let us look at how corporate companies are taking this opportunity to boost their relevance through social media videos. 

Corporate Social Media Videos In Singapore

In these videos we will be watching, companies appeal to the viewers emotions through various methods. Some interview their employees to obtain genuine responses towards the company, and others showcase their beautiful work spaces and environments.

These all are done with the goal of connecting with the viewers on a personal level, humanising their corporate identity.

ST Engineering – Medical Manufacturing Video

Video from ST Engineering YouTube

The list begins with a corporate social media video by ST Engineering. In the video, they showcased their new surgical mask factory and the operations within.

The video begins with showcasing the company setting up the entire factory location within 2 weeks, due to their hardworking and efficient team of workers. They then show the process of the masks being made and the workers doing their job diligently.

ST Engineering wishes to let the public know that they are doing their best to keep the country safe by ensuring a strong mask supply chain. This video is extremely reassuring to Singaporeans, as they know that there are companies working hard to help Singapore fight the battle against Covid-19.

GovTech – Mobile App Video

Video from Government Technology Agency of Singapore YouTube

In this video, GovTech introduces the newly updated Singpass mobile app to citizens of Singapore. It is an interview style video, and the new update targets everyone, including the elderly in society.

An interviewee in the video mentions that the Singpass app has become much easier to understand. It liberates everyone from the things that they could not do. Elderly people that are not proficient with technology will be able to use the application too.

The video production is simple, but the delivery of the content is clear and succinct. The video clearly translates the message that GovTech cares about the feedback they receive while introducing new updates to the application.

Google Singapore – Year In Search 2020

Video from Google Singapore

In this video titled Year In Search 2020, Google Singapore gives us a summary of the year 2020’s most major events.

However, it was more than just a compilation. Google established an emotional connection with their audience in this video. There were multiple topics and videos included that resonates deeply amongst many people.

These include the pandemic that has affected people world wide and the protests for ‘Black Lives Matter’ that was an emotional topic for many around the world.

The video revolves around people searching and asking ‘why’ on Google’s famous search engine. From questions that spark joy, to questions that made people cry.

Although it was a simple video with simple editing, the narration makes people feel that Google has always been watching, always understanding.

This humanises the multinational corporation, and makes people believe and trust in Google.

NTUC FairPrice – Light Up Your Raya

Screenshot from NTUC FairPrice FaceBook

Recently in May 2021, NTUC held a event for Hari Raya where over a weekend, they gave out goodie bags containing halal groceries and snacks to Muslim customers.

This was NTUC’s way to sharing the joy of the festive, knowing that there are restrictions in place affecting the celebrations. They’ve even provided free drinks and deserts for those that are breaking fast during Ramadan.

It is heartwarming to see the smile on the people’s faces when receiving the gifts. NTUC shows us that it is still possible to spread the joy and warmth of Hari Raya despite the pandemic.

Grab Singapore – HQ Tour

Video from Grab Official YouTube

This video by Grab is a tour of their latest R&D HQ in Singapore, done in a first-person format. For the context, you are on your first day of work at Grab and your colleagues are bringing you around the office.

The video is intuitive and truly makes you feel like you’re there talking to the people, especially because of how friendly and natural the actors in the video seem.

Throughout the video, they managed the convey the key messages of the video through their casual conversations with one another. This ensures that the information is not too overbearing and instead interesting to listen to.

Singtel – Meet the Singtel Engineers

Video from Singtel Youtube

In this video, Singtel addresses the problems that the pandemic has brought many people in Singapore. They understand that connectivity is now more important than ever, as people depend on it for their daily work or lessons.

This is why Singtel is introducing their engineers who ensure that Singtel’s connectivity never falters. They understand how important their job is, and work their hardest to keep Singapore’s connectivity fast.

This brings reassurance to Singaporeans and users of Singtel’s telco plans, knowing that their internet will not fail on them. Through this video, Singtel brings confidence to their users, and builds a strong relationship between them and their customers.

DBS Singapore – A Day In The Life

Video from DBS Singapore YouTube

In this video series called ‘A Day in The Life’ by DBS Singapore, it is a corporate interview production where they interviewed one of their Treasurers Relationship Manager and shared her attitude towards her job.

Deziree, the interviewee, is an employee of 5 years at DBS, and shares how she does her work. She is values her clients a lot, and aims to create bonds beyond just business. Her genuine personality and stories also add to her credibility.

This allows viewers to understand the culture and DBS and that their employees are professional, like Deziree. This brings the customers at DBS a sense of security and assurance, that DBS will always provide them with the best services possible.

CapitaLand – Questions with CEO Lee Chee Koon

Video from CapitaLand YouTube

In this social media video by CapitaLand, they interviewed the group CEO of CapitaLand while they took a walk around Funan Mall, one of the malls by CapitaLand.

The video is extremely entertaining, due to the CEO’s personality. Mr Lee Chee Koon, although the CEO of a huge company, dressed like a typical worker at CapitaLand. He even asked the interviewer to call him Chee Koon, not Mr Lee. HIs approachable personality makes watching the video very entertaining.

The video production itself is clean, with smooth editing and transitions. The handheld footage makes the video feel casual and dynamic. Chee Koon also answers the questions posted by audiences very well, which adds to the credibility of the video.

Shopee – Product & Design Challenge

Video from Shopee Singapore YouTube

Shopee recently had a Product & Design Challenge, where students from various schools in Singapore could sign up.

Each team were given a mentor, in which at the end of the competition all the mentors would have to grade the teams collectively. It was a fun montage and everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves in the competition.

As an e-commerce company, this shows us that Shopee is not only focused on their business, but also grooming talents in Singapore, preparing them for the working industry.

The video was in an event videography format, which included dynamic shots and was overall pleasantly edited with branded graphics.

Singapore Airlines – Our Promise of Care

Video from Singapore Airlines YouTube

Singapore recently released a video called Our Promise of Care, in lieu of the pandemic that has impacted everyone globally. This means that airlines have been massively affected, due to the suspensions of air travel in many countries.

However, now that we are slowly opening our borders, Singapore Airlines have something to say. In the video, they showcase how they are diligently ensuring that safety measures are in place.

This includes temperature screening, scheduled disinfections, and minimizing contact through digital means such as checking in online. This move by Singapore Airlines brings assurance to customers that their flight will be safe and ensure.

SMRT – Rail Operations Centre

Screenshot from SMRT Facebook

In a video series by SMRT called ‘Rail Operations Centre’, SMRT brings viewers through the daily lives of their employees. We are shown how they operate and how they keep the commuters safe throughout the day.

This is a very meaningful video both for the employees of SMRT as well as Singaporeans who commute by MRT everyday.

The employees and recognised and thanked for their hard work to ensure the services are up and running day and night. Meanwhile, Singaporeans are relieved to see that SMRT does their best to bring them to work and back home everyday, 24/7.

This videos build trusts between the company and its commuters, which is a great move by SMRT.

Singapore Post – Words of Love

Screenshot from Singapore Post Facebook

Singapore Post had an event last year where they asked Singaporeans to send the SingPost delivery men and women words of love and encouragement through art.

They then complied the submissions and made a video out of the responses from the employees looking at the posts. It is a heartwarming video, as we see the mailmen and women express their thanks for the love coming from the community.

This is a great way to build trust and connections between the consumers and the company, as it humanises the company when people see that they do care for their own employees.

Corporate Video Production in Singapore

After all these examples, we hope that you have learnt how social media videos are a powerful tool for companies everywhere. Do check out our other articles on the most popular social media videos and even how you can make your own social media videos.

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