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Fireside Chat Video Production in Singapore

Whether you are organising an industry conference or a company meeting, fireside chat video production is a great way of adding an interactive element to your event. In this article, we will list the benefits of fireside chats and walk you through the execution of one.

What is a Fireside Chat?

Fireside Chat Video Production With Subtitles
Screenshot from AIA Reach the Top seminar video, subtitling by Vivid Snaps.

A fireside chat is an informal yet structured interview between a moderator and a guest.

The term originated in the 1930s after U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered a series of 30 evening radio addresses, in hopes of assuaging the American people during the Great Depression. Millions around the country felt as though the President himself was sitting with listeners in front of their fireplaces, and it evoked a warm feeling within them.

Since then, the concept of a fireside chat has evolved from being a one-way address to a two-way dialogue. The main idea is for the moderator to provide a comfortable environment for the speaker, which in turn encourages them to open up, share more information, and relate to the audience.

Why You Should Implement Fireside Chats

Substituting a traditional keynote presentation with a fireside chat has many benefits. Here are 5 reasons why you should give it a go:

It appeals to high-profile speakers

Business leaders are more likely to jump on board knowing that they will not have to spend hours crafting speeches or slides.

Increased engagement

The question and answer segment gives audience members a chance to articulate their own queries. Acknowledging such queries during the session compels attendees to tune in for the answers.

Lessens the pressure on the presenter

With two people talking on stage, the speaker will not be the only centre of attention. A thoughtful conversation keeps them relaxed and helps less experienced speakers deliver content more fluently.

It brings the speaker and audience closer together

The informality of such sessions creates an intimate bond between the guest speaker and the audience. When leveraged well, it helps the speaker relate to the attendees and vice versa.

Reveal new stories and insights

Professional speakers who often use the same material are more inclined to share unique personal stories when they are in a comfortable setting.

Fireside Chat Video Production & Live Stream

Fireside Chat Video Production Reference Stock Photo
Stock photo of our videography team at work, shot in Vivid Snaps studio.

When you need a video production crew for filming or live streaming your fireside chat, our team is happy to assist you. The arrangement for our video filming service is flexible, we can conduct the filming at your office, at an external venue or at our green screen studio. Most recently, we have also recorded fully virtual and hybrid fireside chat videos.

Fireside Chat Video Production by Vivid Media

Fireside Chat with Cancer Survivors

Fireside chat video with Cancer Survivors

This video we done for Children Cancer Foundation features two childhood cancer survivors, Jeremy and Qin Han, sharing about their first-hand journey with cancer, and what it was like for them. This interview video uses an informal Q&A style, which makes the subject more approachable and comes across as more authentic.

Fireside Chat Video for Logistics

Fireside chat video production for detailing the logistics industry

We had the privilege of collaborating with ST Logistics on a series of fireside chat videos that extended over nearly a year. Among them, this particular video stands out as one of our favourites. It captures the speakers in an outdoor environment, which brings a refreshing touch of authenticity and naturalness to the footage. This innovative approach keeps the video engaging and enjoyable for us.

Fireside Chat Video for Conference (Virtual Recording)

Reference of a virtual interview and fireside chat for conference

This interview and fireside chat was recorded virtually with the local host situation in a green screen studio with our filming crew and the other party was located overseas. This fireside chat was a pre-recorded segment for a hybrid conference.

Examples of Fireside Chat Videos

There are many types of fireside chat formats to choose from. Today, we will be focusing on fireside chat videos.

Conference Fireside Chat Videos

Much like the real-time event, conference fireside chat videos are largely raw and unedited. Their purpose is to document the whole duration of the conference for archival and broadcasting.

Fireside Chat with PM Lee Hsien Loong

Video uploaded by Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore

Fireside Chat with Gojek Co-CEO, Andre Soelistyo

Video uploaded by Singapore FinTech Festival

Both videos utilise the following camera angles:

  • Two shot of the guest and moderator
  • Wide shot the audience and venue
  • Close up of the guest and moderator

Fireside Chat Interview Video

What is the difference between a standard interview and fireside chat interview video? For one, the interviewer or host is also featured on camera in the latter. Secondly, the interviewer or host will often be a known personality that viewers relate to, which makes them to feel like they are apart of the discussion. Lastly, fireside chat interviews use a conversational style to give the video an authentic and more casual feel.

Fireside Chat with Minister Ong Ye Kung

Video uploaded by MOE Singapore on their official YouTube channel

Presentation tips we can gather from this video:

  • Opening sequence sets a friendly tone
  • Motion graphics emphasises key points and replaces the need for slides
  • Subjects speak to each other instead of to the camera

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman

Video uploaded Netflix’s YouTube channel

As the title suggests, this Netflix original series invites famous figures to participate in a long-form conversation with David Letterman, one of the most iconic late-night talk show hosts. Where talk shows can come across as over-rehearsed, the usage of the fireside chat format in this show makes it feel more intimate and genuine.

Fireside Chat with Melinda Gates and Robin Roberts

Video uploaded on Salesforce’s YouTube channel

Robin Roberts, a well-loved news anchor, adds credibility and familiarity to this fireside chat session.

Press Junket Interview with Tom Cruise

Movies That Made Me by BBC Radio 1 on YouTube

In this interview, film critic Ali Plumb excels at creating a cosy atmosphere. His banter and intelligent questions naturally prompt Tom Cruise to share never-before-heard anecdotes. This is the desired outcome of the fireside chat format.

Virtual Fireside Chat

As virtual events, webinars and meetings have become commonplace during the COVID-19 pandemic, so have virtual fireside chat videos. Here are some examples of how they can be presented.

Cisco’s Rockwell Automation Fair at Home

A virtual Fireside Chat session by Cisco

Live Fireside Chat with Bernie Sanders

Video uploaded on Bernie Sanders’ official YouTube channel

Live streaming your fireside chat session maximises viewership and audience engagement because of features such as multistreaming, live polling and chats. You simply cannot deny the thrill of having your comment or question being answered on a live stream, am I right?

Corporate Fireside Chat Video

DBS NAV Ask-Me-Anything Video

Video uploaded on DBS YouTube channel

Fireside Chats are adjacent to the Ask Me Anything format. The concept gained popularity on Reddit and has been adopted by mainstream social networks as a way to openly communicate with an audience.

Corporate Responsibility Fireside Chat

Video extracted from Voya Financial YouTube channel

In bigger organisations, fireside chats are an effective way for upper management to stay in touch with their staff. The agenda can be to share important announcements, align company values and address questions from your colleagues. It is intended to be an open forum for inter-department discussion and transparency.

How to Organise a Successful Fireside Chat

Choose a Suitable Moderator

Booking a knowledgeable host who has done their homework thoroughly is key to the success of any event. A well-prepared moderator will usually start with 2-3 questions to steer the conversation in the right direction. Letting the guest know what these questions are beforehand is also a good idea.

Arrange an Informal Setting

Try mimicking the feeling of a living room or a local coffee shop. Both of these settings are more conducive for organic discussions. A common setup is to have an armchair per guest or to seat them around a table.

Incorporate Interactive Technology

Make full use of integrated platforms like Pigeonhole or Poll Everywhere that allow your audience to provide feedback and submit questions. Applications such as Mentimeter also feature word clouds and quiz competitions, making your event a fun experience for all participants.

Green Screen Fireside Chat Studio

Green Screen Studio For Fireside Chat Video Production Singapore
A reference image of a green screen fireside chat filming at our studio

Studio filming for fireside chat allows you to use a virtual background. We offer complimentary rental for our green screen studio when you take up our video filming or live streaming services. With a green screen about 5m wide, our studio is suitable for up to 3 persons to be on-screen, even with social distancing.

Our Video Production Team

Fireside Chat Video Production Crew From Vivid Snaps
composite group photo of the Vivid Snaps team

Fireside chats could be the event highlight that brings everyone together for an informal, yet insightful and enjoyable time. So prepare well for it!

Should you decide to broaden the reach of your event via live streaming or a professional video, our production team is always eager to help.

Simply leave us a message via the contact form on the right side of the page, and our Project Coordinators will respond to you shortly.

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