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Pros & Cons of Instant Photo Booth at Corporate Events

Instant Photo Booth Corporate Event Singapore

This article provides concise professional advice to corporate clients who are considering instant photo booth service for corporate events. The below recommendations are derived from real world experience.

What is an Instant Photo Booth?

A standard event photo booth in Singapore usually refers to a setup with backdrop and a photo taking machine. You can also expect to see party props and friendly assistants.

Space & Logistics Requirements For Instant Photo Booth

  • 3m x 3m of space, and height of about 2.3m.
  • A table to lay out the props and photo prints.
  • Power socket near to the booth area.
  • The backdrop size is about 2.3m x 1.7m(H).
Photo Booth Advantages Corporate Event

Advantages of Instant Photo Booth at Corporate Events

1) It is a simple, fuss-free experience. All you have to do is step in and pose along with the props!

2) Photo booths engage all age groups. Whether your guests are young children or the elderly, they are sure to have a great time.

3) Live preview screen. Guests can use the screen like a mirror. This gives reassurance to some guests who want to make sure they are looking their best.

4) High print count! You will not have to worry about not having enough photos to go around. The instant photo booth usually sees guests engagement from start to end. As a result, it has a significantly higher print count compared to other instant print services.

5) It encourages bonding. For example, photo booths bring colleagues together for a fun shot at company events. Groups usually leave the booth feeling satisfied and may come back for more!

6) Photo booths draws attention at a dimly-lit event venue. As it produces a constant light, it is definitely a show-stopper. Having a photo booth creates a more lively atmosphere.

Instant Photo Booth Event Singapore

Disadvantages of Instant Photo Booth at Corporate Events

1) Low print count at events if guests are from different companies. Photo booths might not be suitable for events attended by many guests who do not know each other. For networking events and seminars, consider instant roving photography instead!

2) Does not work outdoors. The photo booth consists of many electronic devices and will not work in venue with any risk of rain. Large wind can also affect stability of backdrop setup, a potential safety hazard.

3) Unable to move around. If the venue is large, the instant photo booth may be hard to find because it is stationed at 1 spot. If you have a crowd size larger than 300 pax, you may consider having multiple photo booths.

Suitability of Instant Photo Booth At Various Corporate Events

Highly suitable for:

  • Company Christmas & New Year Celebration
  • Office Opening & Re-opening
  • Internal Company Activities
  • Townhall Event
  • Year End Party
  • Company Team Building
  • Staff Appreciation Event
  • Award Ceremony Event
  • Office Farewell Party
  • Office Expansion
  • Dinner & Dance
  • Gala Dinner

Moderately suitable for:

  • Company Merger & Acquisition Event
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Corporate Branding Event
  • Product Launch Event
  • Service Launch Event
  • Corporate Workshop
  • Media & PR Event
  • Product Launch
  • Roadshows

Not quite suitable for:

  • Conference, Seminar & Panel Discussion
  • Signing & Partnership Ceremony
  • Client Appreciation Event
  • Client Networking Event
  • Retail Store Activities

Something Different For Your Event

If you have already tried photo booth at your past events and looking for something a little different, try our Animated GIF Photo Booth. Additionally, the photos taken can be made into a customised GIF instantly. This means they will be ready to be sent to your guest’s email on-site.

Email collection is an option, but we will require a PDPA notice.

Pros & Cons of Instant Photo Booth at Corporate Events

Instant Photo Booth is a safe choice for many types of corporate events. Perhaps this is because it is simpler to use compared to all other event instant print options. For event types listed in the high suitability segment, you can expect your guests to be having a lot of fun at your event with a photo booth!

If you have any photo booth or event related enquiries, feel free to contact our project coordinators, who will be happy to help.

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