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Photo Booth Ideas For Dinner & Dance 2020

Hiring a photo booth for your dinner & dance is a no brainer, it is an effortless way to entertain your guests. Now the question is, what type of photo booth?

Animated GIF Photo Booth For Dinner & Dance Singapore

#1: No-nonsense Classic Photo Booth

Year after year, the classic prevails. The 3-shots-in-1 instant photo booth is a tried & true format that has become a common sight at every D&D. Every professional photo booth vendor has a slightly different package. Our photo booth focuses on speed, stellar customer service and beautiful photo border design. We have been to hundreds of dinner & dance events, we know what you and your guests care about and we deliver.

Cost Rating: Cost effective

Light Painting Photo Booth For Dinner & Dance

#2: Flashy – Light Painting Photo Booth

You may not have experienced this photo booth before, neither does most of your guests. Light painting photography has never been brought to an event until recently. Taking photos in a dark area, and drawing with complete freedom in the air using curated light props. Then be surprised with your own creation. That is the beauty of our lightpainting photo booth. Being the most experienced light painting photobooth provider in Singapore, we know what creates the best experience for your guests. 

Cost Rating: Premium

#3: Trending – WhatsApp Photo Booth

Scan a QR code, send a photo, collect the print. This is all your guests need to do for a photo print, complete with your customised event graphics. At every dinner & dance that we went to, the response for WhatsApp instant print was overwhelming. Everybody loved taking photos with complete freedom anywhere at the event venue. And having them printed with your customised graphics makes it official.

Engagement recommendation: Our standard engagement includes 1 printer with unlimited photo prints. This setup is suitable for an event crowd of 100-150 guests. To effectively serve a crowd larger than 150 guests, we advise additional booths or add-on printers. 

Cost Rating: Moderate

#4: Funky – Fisheye Photo Booth

The first photo booth of its kind in Singapore, this special toy-like effect is now available in our event photobooth. Other than the funky distorted effect, our fisheye photo booth can fit more people in a single photo than ever. This is due to the wide angle nature of a fisheye lens. If you are looking for an extraordinary photo booth experience at your annual dinner & dance, fisheye photo booth fits the bill. 

Cost Rating: Cost effective

#5: Instagram Photo Booth

While not a common choice at company D&Ds, Instagram print serves a very specific role at events. It can rally your event guests toward a common cause by the use of an event hashtag. Any guests can upload a photo to Instagram with your designated hashtag and have it printed at our booth. Instagram accounts have to be public for our system to find the photos. 

Cost Rating: Cost effective

Other Thoughts 

At past corporate D&Ds, we usually run photo booth services for 1 to 2 hours, covering the reception period. This duration is ideal if you have a strong programme line-up for the night and prefer to keep your guests within the ballroom. Otherwise, consider going for 4 to 5 hours of service, and have your emcee make announcements throughout the night to remind your guests to enjoy the photo booth.

Why Choose Vivid Snaps For Your Dinner & Dance?

A large majority of our clients are corporate customers, and we have served instant photo booths at company annual dinners for more than 8 years. A photo booth at your dinner & dance must be able to deliver to a large group of people within a short time, without compromising your valued guests’ experience. That is what we do every time.


You will need a photo booth for your dinner and dance, maybe more than 1 if you have a large crowd. Our past clients have mixed different types of photo booths at a single dinner event too. The classic photo booth is a safe choice if you are undecided. You are also welcome to contact our project coordinators for advice and recommendations.

Still unsure if a photo booth is suitable for your event? Read about the Pros and Cons of Instant Photo Booths at Corporate Events.

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