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2 Types of Event Videography You Must Know

Event videography production can range from being very simple to really complex. This depends on your objective of the final video. In this article, we are going to discuss the 2 basic types of event videography you should know. 

Bartending Event Roving Videographer Singapore

Event Roving Videography

As the name suggests, your event videographer will be roving around your event venue. For this type of engagement, the videographer will carry a mirrorless or DSLR camera. The small size of these cameras allow the videographer to navigate your event space easily, capturing different activities and audience. It is common for the videographer to mount their camera on a handheld gimbal, which is an electronic stabiliser. The use of a handheld gimbal makes it possible for videographers to accomplish smooth motion footage.

A roving event videographer is the perfect choice if you are looking to produce a short highlight video after your event. The length of a post-event video highlight ranges from 30 sec to 5 mins. 

You may wish to note that the video clips are captured in short snippets, they showcase a little bit of everything at your event. These clips only make sense when you use them to produce a video highlight.

Event Static Videography

When you engage a static videographer, he will usually arrive with a professional camcorder to be set up on a tripod. A static videographer is suitable for capturing full length performances and stage activities. A professional camcorder is designed to roll for hours without breaks. 

A static videographer is perfect for filming stage activities, it could be a panel discussion, dinner & dance, or school performance. The final video can be delivered in different format depending on what you plan to use it for. It can be prepared as a full length video of your entire event duration, or they can be trimmed into individual performances/activity. 

Static videographer is also suitable for events requiring video live feed. Video live feed is, as the name suggests, is live-feeding video to a screen at your event venue. You may require this when your event venue is huge and guests sitting at the back cannot see the stage clearly. To do video live-feed, the camcorder needs to be connected directly to the AV system, usually via a cable. Vivid Snaps is able to do this wirelessly too. Live feed is an add-on option for static event videography.

Things to take note when engaging a static event videographer:

  • Videographer may require a power socket for long hours engagement
  • A platform may be required for certain venues, for a clear view of the stage.

Can I Engage Both Types Of Videographers For My Event?

Yes, and you will commonly see this kind of arrangement at a company Dinner & Dance. The static videographer will be positioned at the back of a ballroom, covering the stage at all times. The video from this camcorder will be displayed on the projector screen. The roving videographer will be covering dynamic motion clips, going to every part of your venue capturing the activities and audience reactions. He may also be covering some stage activities from a different, close up angle. After the event, you will receive a 3-5 min highlight video & a full length video of the stage activities. 

Can The Roving Videographer Do Static Footages & Vice-Versa?

Well, yes & no. If you have engaged a roving videographer, and you need to capture a short speech of about 10 mins. During this period the videographer can solely focus on your speaker on stage. However, mirrorless & DSLR cameras cannot capture clips longer than 15 mins or so, hence a roving videographer cannot provide uninterrupted footage.

Each setup has their advantages & disadvantages. If you are confused, feel free to discuss with our project coordinators.


  • Roving Videographer – Suitable if you need to produce a video highlight
  • Static Videographer – Suitable for recording full length stage performances

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