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Royal Albatross Event Videographer & Photographer

The Royal Albatross is an iconic event venue location at Sentosa Island in Singapore. Being an attraction, and event venue and a luxury super-yacht. It is easy to see the allure of this event venue. Many celebratory corporate event and customer appreciation events have been held at this gorgeous venue.

Royal Albatross Corporate Event Photography

Royal Albatross Corporate Event Photographer Singapore
Sunset View of the Royal Albatross in Singapore

Shooting photos & filming videos on the Royal Albatross is a challenging endeavour by all measures. When the yacht sets sail during an evening into the night, what you get on-board is a dimly-lit atmosphere. Plenty of good vibes but a difficult scene for photographers. Mostly, our event photographers can use a combination of flash or a creative combination of ambient light to capture your event photographs.

Sunset View of the Royal Albatross in Singapore

The evening scene of the Royal Albatross is always a sight to behold, and the tranquil before the bustle of the event is a perfect time for our photographers and videographer to get good pre-event or establishing shots.

Pre-event Shot of the friendly crew at Royal Albratross
Event Photo of the Food Served On-board
Pre-event Setup Shot of the Royal Albatross

Whenever we can, our team likes to arrive earlier to settle ourselves in, prepare our equipment and capture some setup shots of the event. In this photo, you can see the tables being decked out in client’s corporate colour – red & black.

Fisheye Event Group Photo on Royal Albatross

Group Photo Taken on Royal Albatross Using a Fisheye Lens

It always surprises us how many people can fit within this super yacht, along with the crew and our photographers. And like we said, it’s always challenging to shoot on-board. A group photo like this requires a super wide angle lens, or in this case our photographer used a fish eye lens to fit everyone on-board into a happy group photo.

Royal Albatross Event Videography

Event Video Highlight of an Event on Royal Albatross

It’s always a happy time on-board the Royal Albatross. While photo capture great moments of your event, an event video highlight complements the photos and bring life to the memories. Whenever we see our works bringing smiles to your event guests weeks after the event, that gives us great satisfaction.

Our event videographers work with the Royal Albatross crew for capturing audio from the on-board AV console. Where your directors or guests might be speaking.

Royal Albatross Drone Photography & Videography

Aerial Shot of the Royal Albatross in Singapore

When you need an aerial shot for your event, a drone filming permit will be required. This has to be cleared by both the CAAS and Sentosa management. You should cater about 3 weeks for the application process. You can engage the drone operator to be stationed on-shore to capture the disembarkation, or engage the drone operator for the whole night for open seas footage.

Our Event Photographers & Videographers

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Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo

Our event photographers & videographers live & breathe corporate events. And when we are not shooting at events, our team work with corporate & organisational clients on video filming, production and photography projects. We’d like to think that we are familiar with your expectations of us.

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