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Cooking Livestream in Singapore

If you are looking to improve your brand’s marketing and online presence, producing a cooking livestream in Singapore could do wonders for your business in terms of engaging an audience online.

Read on to find out how cooking live streams can impact a business and what the workflow behind a cooking livestream is like.

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What is a Cooking Livestream?

Cooking livestreams are usually hosted by F&B businesses and establishments as well as professional chefs who want to showcase their recipes online through a livestream. Cooking livestreams are a fantastic alternative to the usual recipe videos that are uploaded to YouTube and social media.

Cooking livestreams have grown in popularity over the course of 2020 as more and more businesses and finding alternatives to keep their sales and traffic afloat. Producing a professional cooking livestream is one way to keep the viewership high and serve the consumers with content that is engaging and interesting to them.

There are many ways that a cooking livestream can be engaging to an online audience. From live comments to Q&A sessions, live streaming gives the host ample opportunity to engage the consumers and form a more personal connection with them.

We recently held a cooking live stream for COURTS, who celebrity chef Mel Dean to do a cooking demonstration using the latest Philips cooking equipment.

In this live stream, Chef Mel Dean’s lively personality shone through as he took audiences through the various functions of the new Phillips multi-cooker and air fryer.

There were 3 main camera angles that we used– a wide shot that featured Chef Mel Dean, the host and the entire cooking set up, a close up shot of the ingredients being prepared, and a top-down shot that gave viewers a clearer overview of the food preparation.

When hosting cooking live streams, we suggest having a multi-camera set up which can provide different shots and angles for your viewers. This variety of shots makes the live stream more engaging for your viewers watching at home.

We also suggest having a more personable chef or baker to lead to live stream who can engage with the audience during the session.

How Can Businesses Use Cooking Livestreams for Marketing?

Live streaming is arguably the most popular and effective form of video content that many businesses and organisations are tapping into to gain higher online traction. Livestreams create opportunity for brands and businesses to interact with their consumers on a personal level and put a face to the organisation’s name.

Livestreams with interesting topics and educational content never fail to attract viewers to sign up or join the stream when it is live. Cooking livestreams are one of the most popular forms of livestream content, with many celebrity chefs and famous restaurants producing their own cooking livestream shows to showcase their specialities.

Cooking livestreams can also help to promote a business’ star dishes and promotional items in order to drive better sales. Cooking tutorials and hacks are the most popular forms of cooking livestreams. F&B businesses should always check in with their fans and followers on the type of cooking livestream content that they should produce in order to ensure a good number of viewers each livestream.

Cooking Livestream Workflow

Cooking livestreams are usually produced with a professional livestream service provider to ensure the highest quality visuals and audio.

Here are some steps when it comes to the workflow behind a cooking livestream:

  • Reach out to your followers and fans: Finding out what the consumers want to see is a very important step. Creating livestream content that is highly requested from followers and fans helps to ensure that there will be viewers during the stream. This will also help to show that the business and organisation cares about its consumers.
  • Plan for a series: Livestreams can either be a one-off, or it can be planned for a series. Planning for a series is highly suggested as this will enable businesses and organisations to constantly produce content for its consumers to look forward to.
  • Engage a professional: As stated above, engaging a professional livestream service provider is a crucial step to ensuring the best quality for your business and organisation. Every bit of content that is out on the internet reflects your brand’s image.
  • Plan a script: Planning a script is a no-brainer when it comes to producing any type of livestream. Ensuring that the crew, hosts and everyone else involved is in-sync with the table of events is important to ensure a smooth livestream experience for all.
  • Gather the necessary talents: For cooking livestreams, F&B businesses usually feature their head chef or most promising employee to host these livestreams. The talent featured in the livestream will be the face of your business or organisation.
  • Market the livestream: Pre-event Marketing is the most crucial step to reaching out to a large audience for your cooking live stream. Without marketing your live stream event beforehand, your potential audience might not be able to discover your event. Using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and your personal website (especially platform you will be using to live stream), are ways to notify your target audience about your event. This will ensure that your event details are noticed by as many people as possible leading to your event.
  • Have a Q&A: Planning for a Q&A at the end of the livestream is highly recommended. This is crucial as the main purpose of livestreams are to engage audiences and consumers in a real-time setting. Answering the audiences’ burning questions will leave them feeling like they matter to your organisation.
  • Follow up on social media: Following up on social media is important for all businesses and organisation. Reposting the livestream as a video will enable any consumers who have missed the livestream to be able to view it. Businesses can also use this is an opportunity to market for their next livestream.
  • Host livestreams regularly: Hosting livestreams regularly will ensure that viewers are kept engaged on the brand’s social media platforms. Consumers can look forward to content from you brand and this in turn will improve the online traction of the brand.

Ideas for Engaging Cooking Livestreams

Find out more about cooking livestream tips from our previous article.

Here are some ideas you can consider when planning for your livestream:

  • Create recipe livestreams for the star dishes of the F&B business: F&B businesses with star dishes or famous dishes should always start by featuring their best dish. Many consumers and customers would be intrigued to find out what goes on behind the kitchen when they order the particular dish.
  • Include cooking hacks and tricks: Cooking hacks and tricks are a very popular form of cooking content online. These livestreams and videos usually attract a good number of online viewers to click in.
  • Reach out for collaborations: Reaching out to brands and other F&B businesses for collaborations could help tremendously in marketing. This will help your brand to gain exposure as well as form relations with other brands and businesses in the process.
  • Host a cooking showdown: Hosting a cooking showdown is one of the most popular types of cooking livestreams. Two chefs going head to head to impress a group of judges does sound like an interesting livestream episode to watch.
  • Feature special guests: Featuring special guests like celebrity chefs, influencers or public figures would be ideal in terms of brand exposure and marketing. Having a special guest on the show will attract more consumers to be curious about the livestream, and in turn increase the viewership.

Engage a Professional to Produce Your Cooking Livestreams

We hope this article has been insightful for you. If you would like to engage a professional livestream service provider to produce your cooking livestream, you can get in touch with our project coordinators.

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