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A Guide to Posing at Photo Booths Without Props

3…2…1… Smile! Photo booths are really fun but really stressful at the same time! You’ve only got 3 shots and you want it to look perfect so choosing the right pose can get pretty stressful at times. We feel your struggles so we’ve compiled a list of poses for you to do at your next photo booth!


This one’s more the for the ladies out there! This pose may be cringy to some but the photos usually turn out really cute! It makes you look cute but shy at the same time! When doing this pose you can also customize it! How? Well, you can choose to keep your eyes wide open or close them. Either way, both poses are a number one must have for the ladies out there!


Ever wanted to be on the cover of Vogue magazine, well now’s your time to work your RBF’s! Look straight into the lens of the camera and make your face as straight as possible and keep your lips a little pursed. For the guys, try furring your brows just a little bit to add a little sexy touch to your picture. Girls, you can try leaning your weight on one leg and tilting your head the slightest bit up. And in 3…2…1…. vogue.


The “surprise”! My personal favorite because it’s so classic and timely! It just never goes out of style. For this one, you’ve really got to embrace the inner actor in you. Imagine you’re a super famous actor like Tom Holland the spiderman. Imagine what his face would be like if Spiderman lost his spider suit! Now embrace that emotion and pose!


Remember all the MMA or boxing promotional posters? Well, for this pose we want to recreate that. Give your most aggressive face and face your partner. Imagine that he or she has just eaten your favorite sandwich without sharing it with you. Be Angry! Be aggressive! And pose! Another similar pose you could do is to Point and look straight into the camera. Just like your about to fight the person whos looking at the picture. Tilt your head slightly to make it look even edgy.


What’s the fun of a Photobooth if you don’t have photos that are a little stupid, crazy and funny! This is the perfect pose for that! All you got to do is to look lost. Its a mixture of being sad, scared, worried and confused at the same time. Need a little help? Well, imagine you’re in a different country and you lost your way. Now that should help you find the right emotion to portray!


This is more for the older generation and for younger kids. They are usually the ones who struggle most at photobooths because they don’t know what to do. I always suggest this to most families with young kids or older adults. A photo strip won’t look nice if there isn’t anything variation in the poses for all three photos. It looks very sad and boring, not what a photo strip should be like! Even a simple thumbs up can make a whole lot of difference.  


The name of this pose sounds so bad and painful but it’s such a good pose. It’s both classy and sleek at the same time! It makes you look good without trying too hard! Just simply put your hand on your head. You can play around with it maybe use one hand on your head and one hand across your waist. Or maybe two hands on your head. The magical trick behind this pose is the angles. Creating more angles in your photo makes you look naturally slimmer. On top of that, it also makes the photo look more interesting.


Remember the iconic scene from Charlie’s Angels? Ah… What a classic! Just gather 2-3 buddies for the photobooth session and use this as one of your poses! It can never go wrong! This pose allows you to create so many angles with your body it makes you looked as toned as ever it’s truly magical!


Another iconic pose, the bohemian rhapsody! If you’re wondering, the Bohemian Rhapsody is a 2018 film about the lead singer of the British rock band, Queens! It celebrates that century of music that they’ve put out for the world to enjoy! Their iconic pose is another amazing one that you can recreate with your friends!

Don’t stress too much about what poses you want to do. Just go with the flow and have fun! The photos aren’t supposed to turn out perfect, that’s the beauty of instant photo booth! No matter how it looks, its a memory that will last forever. All the best at you’re next photo booth! With this short guide, we hope you nail it! Don’t forget to wait for the flash before quickly changing to your next pose!

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