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Aesthetic Clinic Video Production in Singapore

This article will divulge why aesthetic clinic video production should be a marketing strategy for your aesthetic clinic in Singapore. To let you properly comprehend the significance of video marketing, we have amassed different types of superlative aesthetic clinic videos in Singapore and included a brief overview of what makes them effective. Read on to find out more!

A Rising Demand for Aesthetic Treatments in Singapore

Beauty has burgeoned in Singapore. According to a study, Singapore’s aesthetic market saw a compound annual growth rate of approximately 5% between 2016 and 2020. In a similar fashion, another study concluded that Singapore is one of Asia’s top destinations for medical tourism, which includes aesthetic treatments.

If there is a rising demand for aesthetic treatments in Singapore, how can you wield this to your favour and convince Singaporeans to peruse your aesthetic services? No, this does not entail a droning spiel about how marvellous and unique your aesthetic clinic is.

Instead, what you truly necessitate is a stellar video production for your aesthetic clinic.

Why is Video Production Pivotal in Marketing My Aesthetic Clinic?

Video production has revolutionised the digital marketing landscape. According to a study, an astounding number of 4 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day.

Embellished with creative and entrancing visuals, an aesthetic clinic video is the most optimal platform to communicate with your target audience. Besides, videos are inherently easy to watch and require little to no effort to share. Did you know that more than 700 videos are shared by Twitter users every minute? This social media phenomenon can hence increase your aesthetic clinic video’s exposure exponentially.

Thus, video production is indisputably the most effective way to connect with your patients and simultaneously build your aesthetic presence online.

Without further ado, let’s sit back, relax and watch our compilation of sublime aesthetic clinic video productions in Singapore.

Types of Aesthetic Clinic Video Productions in Singapore

  • Aesthetic Clinics’ Virtual Tours in Singapore
  • Aesthetic Treatment Videos in Singapore
  • Meet-the-Doctor Videos in Singapore
  • Patients’ Aesthetic Review Videos in Singapore

Aesthetic Clinics’ Virtual Tours in Singapore

A virtual tour of your aesthetic clinic is the simplest way to showcase your clinic’s amenities and what you have to offer. This should be one of the most essential videos on your social media.

Astique The Aesthetic Clinic’s Virtual Tour, Singapore

Astique The Aesthetic Clinic’s Virtual Tour, Singapore

Astique The Aesthetic Clinic’s virtual tour brings you through a visit with one of its patients. In the midst of doing so, they have subtly shown you their amenities as well as their treatment processes.

A virtual tour video like this one gets your target audience acquainted with your aesthetic clinic.

S Aesthetics Clinic’s Virtual Tour, Singapore

S Aesthetic Clinic’s Virtual Tour, Singapore

In this virtual tour, S Aesthetics Clinic shows you that they are your one-stop medical aesthetic clinic in Singapore. They highlight a few of their renowned treatments such as botox jaw reduction treatment and rejuran healer treatment.

You may churn out a virtual tour video like this too, featuring your treatments as well as your aesthetic clinic’s amenities!

Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic’s Virtual Tour, Singapore

Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic’s Virtual Tour, Singapore

Meet Dr Wong Kee Seng who is the founder and medical director of Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic. With Dr Wong’s voiceover in the background, he gives you a full view of Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic’s amenities as well as succinctly details the comprehensive range of aesthetic treatments they render.

He ends the video with a punchline “Noticeable Results, Yet Looks Natural” to leave a lasting impression on the audience. This is a very effective way to deliver your brand value, you may consider this approach in your aesthetic clinic video too.

Aesthetic Treatment Videos in Singapore

Aesthetic treatments are always researched thoroughly before a patient decides to go through with them. It is not a treatment that patients can decide on hearsay.

Thus, your aesthetic treatment videos can introduce what your treatments are about and their process. By doing so, you are educating your audience and alleviating their concerns pertaining to the treatments. Who is to know, said audience may even become your aesthetic patients!

Astique The Aesthetic Clinic’s Treatment Video, Singapore

Astique The Aesthetic Clinic’s Treatment Video, Singapore

Astique The Aesthetic Clinic’s treatment video offers you an overview of their cool sculpting treatment’s process. They first bring you a rundown of what cool sculpting essentially is by prompting graphic texts in the video. Next, they proceed to show you the entire treatment process by playing relevant footage whilst inputting graphic descriptions for each step.

For the patient who’s deciding on the clinic of choice, this aesthetic clinic video provides the patient with clarity of the expected process. This in turn gives the patient much-needed assurance.

While this video serves its purpose in clarifying their treatment process to an extent, it can be made more impactful with a scripted interview of their aesthetic doctor. For instance, she could voice-over through the length of her treatment video, like the one we saw in Kowayo’s Aesthetic Clinic Virtual Tour.

Halley Medical Aesthetics’ Treatment Video, Singapore

Halley Medical Aesthetics’s Treatment Video, Singapore

Brown spots, discolouration, wrinkles, acne scars, and unwanted tattoos are some of the skin conditions that prevent us from getting clear and beautiful skin. In the above video, Halley Medical Aesthetics shows how they mitigate the aforementioned conditions with PicoSure laser treatment. As they run through the treatment process, graphic texts are shown in the video; detailing the advantages of PicoSure laser treatment and describing each step.

You may put together a treatment video like the above too, inducing the audience to peruse your aesthetic treatments.

Radium Medical Aesthetics’ Treatment Video, Singapore

Radium Medical Aesthetics’ Treatment Video, Singapore

Radium Medical Aesthetics’ treatment video offers a more in-depth insight into PicoSure laser treatment. In a motion graphic video, they highlight that PicoSure Laser is a new medical treatment that harnesses new technology for treating stubborn skin conditions. Pitted against traditional Q-switched lasers, PicoSure Laser has been proven to be the superior platform to treat a wide range of skin disorders.

Audiences who watch this treatment video are now better equipped with aesthetic knowledge on how to best approach their skin conditions. Thus, they may consult Radium Medical Aesthetics for their PicoSure laser treatment and eventually convert into their patients.

Ensoul Medical Clinic’s Treatment Video, Singapore

Ensoul Medical Clinic’s Treatment Video, Singapore

How do we treat tired and sunken eyes? Ensoul Medical Clinic has the answer to a problem that a significant number of Singaporeans face.

In this video, Dr Chiam Chiak Teng demonstrates how treatments such as hyaluronic acid gel filler injection effectually reduce or eliminate dark circles, improving your sunken eye appearance naturally, thus, culminating in your refreshed and energetic look.

Additionally, Ensoul Medical Clinic has provided subtitles in the preceding treatment video, providing superlative clarity for their target audience in the process.

S Aesthetics Clinic’s Treatment Video, Singapore

S Aesthetics Clinic’s Treatment Video, Singapore

Dr Sii Sik Liong from S Aesthetic Clinic succinctly articulates about their Face and Nose Thread Lift treatment.

This treatment video’s visual aids and subtitles enhances Dr Sii’s comprehensive presentation regarding their aesthetic treatment. Potential patients who watch this treatment video would be able to understand and acquire relevant aesthetic knowledge easily.

You may also incorporate visual aids and subtitles into your aesthetic treatment video!

Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic’s Treatment Video, Singapore

Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic’s Treatment Video, Singapore

Inspired by beautiful individuals sashaying down the streets of the Gangnam District in Seoul, Dr Wong Kee Seng, the founder of Kowayo is passionate about introducing advanced medical aesthetic treatments in Singapore. 

In the above video, Dr Wong shows you how to treat dark eye circles with a filler. He does the procedure on the spot and the result is almost instantaneous on his patient!

To add on, subtitles are instilled in the preceding video as well, making their treatment video more accessible to a wider audience.

Showing the effectiveness of your aesthetic treatments compels the audience to peruse your treatments at your clinic.

Only Aesthetics’ Treatment Video, Singapore

Only Aesthetics’ Treatment Video, Singapore

In this treatment video, Only Aesthetics shares about their OnliSculpt treatment which targets to remove visceral fats. Once again, graphic texts are prompted in this video as they explain each step of their OnliSculpt treatment.

You may produce an aesthetic treatment video like this as well, offering more insights into the treatments your aesthetic clinic renders.

Sozo Aesthetic Clinic’s Treatment Video, Singapore

Sozo Aesthetic Clinic’s Treatment Video, Singapore

In this less than a minute video, Dr Justin Boey from Sozo Aesthetic Clinic shows you how he treats saggy skin in Singapore. Graphic texts are present to highlight and explain each step of the treatment process. Soothing music is instilled in this treatment video as well, making it pleasant to watch for potential patients.

Dr Justin Boey has shown the effectiveness of his aesthetic treatment in a concise manner.

Meet-the-Doctor Videos in Singapore

Aesthetic treatments can be jarring to potential patients in the beginning. Posting introductory videos about yourself humanise your work and concurrently deepen your relationships with new and existing patients.

They are much more accustomed to connect with a human voice and an aesthetic doctor who appears to be “real.” They want to recognize who is looking after them and find out more about their personalities to ensure that they are in good hands.

Dr Cindy’s Medical Aesthetics’ Meet-the-Doctor Video, Singapore

Dr Cindy’s Medical Aesthetics’ Meet-the-Doctor Video, Singapore

As the clinic’s name suggests, Dr Cindy is the founder of Dr Cindy’s Medical Aesthetics in Singapore. Through the video, Dr Cindy articulates that she strives to bring out every patient’s natural beauty. Her passion for medical aesthetics led her to attend courses all around the world so she can constantly evolve her medical practices.

Potential patients who watch this video are captivated by Dr Cindy’s humility and capacity to continually evolve her medical aesthetic practices.

You may assemble a meet-the-doctor video like the above as well, capturing your fervour for medical aesthetics.

Patients’ Aesthetic Review Videos in Singapore

Uploading positive reviews from your patients improves the credibility of your aesthetic treatments exponentially.

IDS Skincare International’s Patient Review Video, Singapore

IDS Skincare International’s Patient Review Video, Singapore

One of IDS Skincare International’s patient shares her journey with IDS Skincare.

The logo displayed subtly in the background of this video is of the appropriate size and does not overpower the patient. She is not wearing heavy make-up which further promotes healthy natural skin. Besides, the patient is wearing a blue and white dress which correlates with the colour theme of this video (blue in their logo and the accent wall in the background). In the background, there is also an extremely tidy cabinet, further reinforcing that IDS Skincare International is meticulous.

Moreover, the background is comfortably lit with warm lighting, inducing the audience to feel more relaxed when watching this patient review video. This is excellent for a video promoting an aesthetic clinic as having cool lighting may make the space feel very clinical. The use of 2 camera angles, a wide shot and a close-up is also adopted; aiding in the creation of a more dynamic video.

Lastly, the video ends with the interviewee smiling, which forges a positive connection with the target audience, subtly showing that the interviewee is satisfied with the service.

Review videos are always exceptionally impactful because the recommendation comes from a customer himself/ herself.

Our Video Production Team

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If you require the expertise of a trusted video production company to feature your aesthetic clinic, Vivid Snaps is the one for you! We can conceptualise and film virtual tours, treatment videos, introductory videos amongst others at your aesthetic clinic.

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Our video production crew at Vivid Snaps is ready to produce your aesthetic clinic videos.

Our team may set up a green screen backdrop with professional lighting at your aesthetic clinic. If you require a green screen studio space for video production and filming, we have a studio option for you as well!

Our green screen studio is provided complimentary to you when you engage our green screen video production services. The studio is reserved exclusively for our clients, enabling us to provide high availability for you.

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