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Company Retreat Photographer & Videographer

Our company retreat events are one of the many staff appreciation events that our photographers and videographers will cover every year. While we see some of staff appreciation event going virtual in the past 2 years, we hope to see physical events come back very soon.

Over the years, we have covered company retreat and incentive events locally and around the region. In this article, we share the event photography & event video highlights we have done for our corporate clients.

Event Photo & Video for Company Retreat on Royal Albatross

Company Retreat Event on Royal Albatross Photographer & Videographer
An evening view of the Royal Albatross

The Royal Albatross is an absolutely charming event venue, accessible yet exotic, making it a perfect choice for a company retreat with a different experience. Our event photographers & videographers have worked with clients on-board the ship at many occasions.

Fisheye Photo of Company Retreat at the sea
A fisheye group photo on-board

Capturing photos and videos on-board is challenging, to say the least. That is because the ambient is dimly lit and spaces are limited. Which explains why our event photographer had prepared a fisheye lens when the client had requested a group photo for their company event.

Annual Staff Dinner Video Highlight

Reference of company retreat event videographer & event video highlight

At another event held on the Royal Albatross, our event videographer participated in the occasion to capture snippets of the event. These are then edited into a video highlight.

Company Retreat & Incentive Trip Video Highlight in Shanghai

Event photographers and videographers for overseas event

Our event photographers and event videographers occasionally join our clients on overseas company retreat and company incentive events. At this event in Shanghai, 3 members of our crew joined the client at their multi-day company incentive trip. Providing event photography and event videography coverage.

Company Retreat & Training Event Video in Batam

Event videographer for company event in Batam

Our event videographer joined in the action during our client’s company training and retreat at Batam. Our videographer captured the key moments – from the intense training sessions to the chill bonding times. The event then went through a couple rounds of editing to distill the highlights into a 3-minute reel. So now, whenever the team watches it, they can relive the entire experience, from the learning to the laughter. A great way to keep the Batam vibes alive in the office, for sure.

Company Team Bonding Event Videographer

Sports oriented team building event video in Singapore

Our event videographer captured the vibrant energy and camaraderie that defined the client’s team bonding event, which took on an Olympic-like flair with a series of sports challenges.

The laughter, high-fives, and triumphant cheers echoed through the lens, painting a picture of unity and shared purpose. As the edited video unfolds, it serves as a dynamic testament to not only the physical feats achieved but also the bonds and camaraderie that were strengthened.

Dinner & Dance Event Videographer

Dinner & Dance event video highlight in Singapore

In this grand-scale D&D, our client made a smart move by engaging two of our event videographers. This decision enabled our videographers to capture a myriad of angles, expressions, and interactions that breathed life into the event’s highlights. We were able to ensure that every dynamic moment, from electrifying dance moves to heartfelt conversations, was beautifully documented.

This approach not only offered a comprehensive perspective of the event but also allowed our videographers more creative freedom to explore innovative angles and perspectives. The end result? A D&D highlight reel that was nothing short of spectacular – an immersive journey that vividly showcased the vibrancy, energy, and joy that defined the evening’s celebrations.

Company Awards Video Production

Employee Appreciation Event Singapore
Screenshot of a virtual company awards ceremony

To celebrate the outstanding team members, we have supported our client in executing a video production dedicated the award winners. In this video sample, the management team went door-to-door during the pandemic period to present the awards to the winners.

Our video production crew traveled around the island with the client, and the video was presented as a pre-recorded live stream on the event day.

Company Retreat Video Live Streaming

Employee Appreciation Virtual Event in Singapore
Screenshot of a virtual company awards event

For when physical events aren’t quite possible yet, we have supported our clients in virtual events. In this reference, the live stream was executed from our green screen studio, with the individual participants joining in from their homes.

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Event photographers and videographers specialising in corporate retreat events.
Staff group photo of the Vivid Snaps team

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