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Office & Staff Photo Shoot in Singapore

Office & Staff Photo Shoot is part and parcel for any growing business and organisation. We share some of the works our photographer have delivered for our corporate and organisation clients.

Our Vivid Snaps Team

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo
Composite Company Group Photo of the Vivid Snaps Team

The Vivid Snaps team consist of media professionals, including photographers, project managers, graphic designers, videographers and video editors. While our team started off with specialisation in photography, we have grown over the last 8 years to deliver a wider range of corporate media productions for our customers.

Our varied expertise allow us to handle media production ranging from corporate photography, event photography to video production and live streaming for virtual events.

Office & Staff Photo Shoot

Smiling Faces Portrait Photographer
Reference photo of staff in office conference room

In this reference, you are looking at a staff photo shoot in the office conference room, and the client is a multinational marketing agency. The vibrant coloured walls in the client office made it easier to compose a warm image. During the photo shoot, this photo was composed with a combination of natural light and a portable studio flash, diffused with a soft-box.

What to take note when planning a shoot like this:

When doing a staff photo shoot in your office, it is quite likely that you will be shooting at different areas within the office. It is therefore important to tidy the office overall prior to the shoot. Depending on whether you are engaging a make-up artist for your photo shoot, you may brief your staff and colleagues to groom themselves before the shoot.

Staff Award Photo Shoot

Staff Appreciation Award Photographer Singapore
Reference of a staff recognition photo shoot

Staff & employee award photo shoot serves to honour team members with exceptional performance. Staff photos are featured prominently as large format posters and company newsletter.

Photoshoot for staff recognition takes on different format, in this example we feature outdoor staff photo shoot. With the image on the right featuring product for context.

Custom Message Staff Photo Shoot

Portrait Photographer Singapore
Reference of a corporate staff photo shoot with customised message

You can also incorporate fun elements in your employee photo shoot. In the above example, employees are encouraged to write their messages on a black board, and hold it up at the photo shoot. The resulting images were later compiled into a coffee table book. We think this was a really meaningful photo shoot!

Using a black board instead of a white board for the customised message during this employee photo shoot helped to minimise reflection caused by photography flash and ambient light. Kudos to our client for the apt choice!

Office Reception Photo Shoot

Office Frontdesk Reception Photo Shoot Singapore
Reference of an office reception photo shoot

With a beautiful reception and front desk at your office, it is one worth featuring. In this photo taken with a wide-angle lens, not only are you able to experience and overview of the reception space and friendly staff. You will also observe the surveillance camera, that is a feature of this storage facility.

This is how our photographers use images to help you complete your business & operation narrative. Our photographer collaborate closely with you to deliver commercial photos that serves a purpose.

Company Group Photo For 300 Staff

Company Group Photo Singapore 300 People
Reference of a company group photo taking for 300 people

Company group photo for large headcount are usually more challenging to organise. Firstly, ample space is required to accommodate the sheer number of staff for the photo shoot. Then, either the photographer or the group has to be elevated to make sure all the faces can be seen.

In this company group photo reference, special platform was set up for staff in the back rows. Allowing them to stand at an elevated position. We also take into consideration of the time-of-day for the best lighting condition. For instance, noon should be avoided as the lighting condition is likely to cast a harsh shadow on the faces. Not to mention many would need to squint their eyes, and the perspiration that you need to endure.

After the company group photo is taken, customised branding overlays can be designed to complement the occasion. In this reference, our team has added in a Singapore flag to represent the office location. The logo and company name on the building was added in during post-production too.

What to take note when planning company photo shoot:

Always have a backup location in case of wet weather, this could be an auditorium or a sheltered stairway. While we usually cater at least 1 photographer assistant for a company photo shoot of this scale, you will need 2-6 ushers to help with organising the crowd.

Customised graphics or image manipulation will add to the cost of your company photo shoot. Hence, you may want to discuss the requirements upfront.

Composite Group Photo

Virtual Corporate Group Photo Singapore
Reference of a composite company group photo

While it may not be immediately obvious to the untrained eye, this company group photo consists of images that were individually taken. Our photographer then process these images individually using a consistent workflow, thereafter stitching them into a composite group photo.

The advantages of a composite group photo are many. Firstly, the final image will be very high resolution, as it is a combination of many individual high-res images. Secondly, you can reposition the individuals in any position during the photo editing process. Then, you can also split them into smaller group to use for different marketing collaterals. If a member of your team leaves, you can also remove them and still have a complete photo.

Generally speaking, you can also change the background of the image to any scene you want.

This method is extremely time-consuming during the post-production stage. And if you are working with a large group of staff (>30), this can be logistically challenging too. Having to coordinate the individual timing, with the possibility to the shoot spanning across multiple days.

Relaxed Photo Shoot

Corporate Headshot Portrait Photo Singapore
Reference of a staff photo shoot with more relaxed poses

You can use relaxed photo shoots to take headshots of your team members for use on your company website, in marketing materials, and on social media. Relaxed photos can help employees feel more comfortable and natural in front of the camera, resulting in more flattering and approachable headshots.

Relaxed photo shoots can also be used to capture the company culture and showcase the workplace environment. This can be particularly useful for recruitment purposes, as potential hires can get a sense of what it’s like to work at the company.

Staff Engagement Photo Shoot

Fun Company Headshot Singapore
Reference of a thematic staff photo shoot

Thematic staff photo shoot can be explored for specific purpose, this could be used for events, engagement and marketing brochures.

A stage photo shoot like these are usually shot on white or grey backdrop, with the colour edited and finalised in post-production. Portrait photo shoot can be done either in your office or at our studio.

Warehouse & Staff Photo Shoot

Corporate Photo Shoot Warehouse and Staff
Reference of a warehouse photo shoot with staff

In this stock photo that our photographer shot for a multinational supply chain company, whose warehouse photo shoot features a staff who is on-the-job. In a warehouse and staff photo shoot like this, we usually deploy a photographer with an assistant, a 2-man crew.

The ambient light is usually not sufficient for a professional look, hence our photographer will use portable studio lights with an appropriate light diffuser to light the scene. Each scene may take approx. 30 mins to shoot from setting up to prep-ing the areas that are visible in the photo.

All photos taken by our photographer will be edited before the final images are sent to you. Depending on the schedule, it may be possible for our photographer to take a few varied angle of the same subject. Then you can make your selection after the shoot.

What to take note when planning a warehouse photo shoot:

Some work site might require our crew to go through safety training, or specific PPE may be required. If there are additional cost involve, these are usually not inclusive within the standard photography package.

Always prepare the best looking products for the photo shoot, for instance avoid a box that appear dusty.

Request for the staff or talent to wear contrasting colour. For instance, if your warehouse consist of mostly grey-coloured racks, consider a blue uniform or attire. So the subject can stand out in the photo.

Staff & Office Branding Photo Shoot

Staff & Office Branding Photo Shoot
Reference of a staff & branding photo shoot

Office and staff branding photo shoots are used to showcase your business and create a professional image that resonates with your target audience. Having professional photos of your office and staff can help build trust with potential customers and make your business appear more professional.

Use the photos to showcase your workplace culture and attract potential employees. By showcasing your office and staff, you can give potential candidates a glimpse into what it’s like to work at your company and help them envision themselves as part of your team.

Customer Service Photo Shoot

Customer Service Photo Shoot Singapore
Reference of a customer service photo shoot for IT consultancy company

Customer service photo shoot are used to showcase your commitment to excellent customer service and create a positive image for your business. Having photos of your customer service team can help build trust with potential customers and make your business appear more approachable and welcoming.

Office Interior Photo Shoot (High-end)

Best Office Interior Photo Shoot Photographer Singapore
Reference of a office interior photo shoot

This office interior shot & edited by our photographer Steven Wong, features an office with an inviting space.

Office interior photography has a few tiers, with varying intensity that affects the shooting time and editing intensity. This reference shows a higher-end example, where individual objects are lit individually by the photographer using studio flash.

You can think of the pool table, bean bag, cabinet, walls and windows are separate images on their own. The pool table could be a couple of shots on its own to bring out the punch in this photo. Therefore, a shot like this takes a longer time to capture the different shots. Then it takes even longer in post-production to mask and combine the layers together.

Office Interior Photo Shoot (Mid-range)

Office Interior Photographer Singapore
Reference of an office interior photo shoot

When you compare this office interior photo, you will likely observe the difference in quality from the previous reference.

Office interior photo shoots similar to these are usually for archival purpose, or internal reference. Therefore, going for a less intensive photo shoot and editing workflow can prove to be more cost-effective.

Warehouse Building Photo Shoot

Industry Building Exterior Photo Shoot Singapore
Industry building architecture photo shoot

A building can be captured in multiple ways, in this reference the photographer captured the building from the ground up. With the image being captured at this angle, using a wide-angle lens, the building is given an edgy look. Choosing a time-of-day to capture the building is important, in this case our photographer has chosen the morning hour, with the sun providing a light flare that adds interest to the image.

Drone & Aerial Building Photo Shoot

Drone & Aerial Building Photo Shoot
Reference of an aerial photo shoot for commercial building

As compared to a photo shoot from ground level, a building photo shoot using a drone captures the building from a less common perspective. Thus, arousing interest from the viewer. Aerial photo can also tell a different story, for instance in this building, the aerial photo also us to see the rooftop garden and solar panels. Giving us a hint of the sustainability efforts undertaken by the business.

What to take note when planning an aerial photo shoot:

For locations near the various airports and military bases in Singapore, an aerial photo shoot may prove to be difficult. While for any other locations in Singapore, an aerial filming permit has to be approved by the CAAS. This process can take 2 weeks or longer, hence a drone photo shoot cannot be pulled off under a tight timeline.

When the drone is required to fly above private property, a separate written permission is also required from the property owner.

Concierge Photo Shoot

Customer Service Photography Singapore
Reference photo of a Concierge Photo Shoot

Having professional photos of your concierge service can help build trust with potential customers and make your business appear more professional and reliable. This can help make your services more appealing and visually engaging to potential customers, and can help set your business apart from competitors.

Office Event Photo Shoot

Office Event Photo Shoot
Reference image of an office event photo shoot

Our photographers have supported many corporations and organisations for the grand events, or regular staff engagement events that are organised in the office. For occasions like these, our photographer capture the happy faces, fun activities and highlight of your event. So your team and you can relive the event long after the occasion is over.

Office Filming & Video Production

Reference of an Office Renovation and Office Opening Video Production

Office renovation and office opening video productions are used in a variety of ways to showcase your your new office look. A well-produced and well-distributed video will generate excitement around your business, and can help build engagement with your stakeholders and employees. Furthermore, you can use this video to employer your recruitment efforts.

We are a multidisciplinary video production team focused on serving corporate clients in Singapore and around the region. Read more about office video production on this article, or get in touch with us to produce your office photo shoot and video production.

Our Corporate Photographers

We take this opportunity to introduce the resident photographers of our company. We hope this helps you put a face to their names, and most of the works you will see on this article are captured and managed by our in-house photographers.

Senior Photographer Steven Wong

Senior Event Photographer, Steven Wong, Vivid Snaps Photography
Stylised corporate portrait of our Senior Photographer Steven Wong

Senior Photographer Steven Wong is a self-taught photographer, starting his professional career with a focus in Event Photography. He took every opportunity he has to hone his skills in commercial works. Steven Wong delivers exceptional works with good customer services for many corporate and organisational clients at Vivid Snaps.

Photographer Clinton Lee

Event Photographer Singapore, Clinton Lee, Vivid Snaps Photography
Stylised corporate portrait of our Photographer Clinton Lee

Photographer Clinton Lee is a self-taught photographer, starting his career in the wedding photography scene. He switched his focus when joining Vivid Snaps. Clinton works closely with Steven to deliver the best works in every project.

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Vivid Media Company Group Photo Singapore
Corporate Group Photo of the Vivid Snaps Team

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