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Company Dinner & Dance Ideas 2023

Choosing a theme is crucial for your dinner & dance ideas because it makes your guests excitedly anticipate the event you are planning. The event is all about creating a function for your guests to engage and bond with each other.

However, you may be spoilt for choice in this case. The question you might have in your head is which theme your guests will look forward to the most.

Brainstorming for unique Dinner & Dance ideas? Look no further, this article is just for you!

If you already have an exciting theme for your dinner & dance, fret not! Speak with our project coordinators who can advise on how our event photography, event videography and instant photo booth services can complement your dinner & dance event. Drop us a message via the message box at the side of the page today!

Photo Booths are a Must-Have

Best lightpainting Photobooth
Photo sample of light painting photo booth

Hiring a photo booth for your dinner & dance is a no-brainer. With your guests coming to the event all dressed up, they would definitely appreciate taking home instant photo prints as a memento of the eventful night they had.

In addition, the photo layouts and backdrops in the photo booths are customisable to your themes. The most suitable type of photo booth for each dinner & dance theme will also be suggested down below.

Dinner & Dance Themes & Ideas

Here are a list of popular company dinner & dance ideas for you to take inspiration from!

  • Starry Night
  • Back to School
  • Glow in the Dark
  • Theatre & Show Time
  • Shanghai (The Bund)
  • Blockbuster Movie Theme
  • Vacation & Around the World
  • Magic & Harry Potter Theme
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Disney & Animation
  • The Great Gatsby
  • Retrolicious
  • Superheroes
  • Police & Mafia

Starry Night Theme

Dinner & Dance Starry Night Idea
Photo Credit: Yelp

The Starry Night Theme is a very popular theme for dinner & dance events. Inspired by Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night painting, the theme consists of glowing lights and a predominantly dim interior. Guests are encouraged to dress up in glamorous tuxedos and dresses to fit in with the beautiful decor.

Light Painting Photo Booth Singapore
Light Painting Photo Booth by Vivid Snaps.

In this case, the Light Painting Photo Booth is highly recommended to go with your Starry Night Theme. Your guests will be able to have fun with interactive light paintings, making each photo they take an art piece with their own personal touch. This is definitely a souvenir they will appreciate.

Back to School Theme

If you are looking for a more fun and boisterous theme, the Back to School Theme is perfect for your dinner & dance. Your guests will dress up in their secondary school uniforms which will be a trip down memory lane for all of them. Finding out each other’s schools in the past could be the best conversation starter for your guests during the event. The theme could include thrilling games and skits to entertain your guests all through the night.

Dinner & Dance Back-to-school Theme Idea
Back to School Themed Photo Booth

As seen in the photo above, the design of the photo layout has been customised to match your event theme. Props can even be added to spice up the photos! Therefore, an Instant Photo Booth is a must-have for your Back to School dinner & dance.

Movie Theme

A dinner & dance with a Movie Theme will definitely be an event that many of your guests will look forward to. Getting to dress up as their favourite movie character, Disney character or superhero, will definitely hype them up. There are also plenty of games and quizzes to be played during the event. A best dressed competition can even be introduced to encourage guests to take their Movie Theme outfit up a notch!

Dinner & Dance Movie Theme Ideas
Mafia Trick-eye Photo Booth

The Trick-eye Photo Booth will be perfect to go with your Movie Themed dinner & dance. With a wide range of different backdrops available, you will be spoilt for choice when customising your photo booth. The results of the photo booth shots will definitely leave your guests jaw-dropped!

Halloween Theme

Quirky Photo Booth Props

If your event is fixed on a date close to Halloween, the Halloween Theme will be perfect for you dinner & dance. The Halloween holiday is notorious for having some of the most creative and bizarre costumes. With a dimly lit interior and spooky decor, this will definitely be a dinner & dance event like no other!

Shoot & Print Photo Booth Event
Instant Roving Photography

An alternative to the photo booth will be an Instant Roving Photographer. Being the most versatile instant photo service you can acquire, a roving photographer will approach your guests for group photos, making sure that everyone leaves with an instant print photo!

Vacation Dinner & Dance Idea

Roving Photographer Instant Print
Photo by Vivid Snaps.

As the saying goes, “less is more”, the Vacation Theme will be perfect for a year end dinner & dance! With a more laid back theme, you guests are sure to enjoy a relaxing night over some bonding over games and conversations all throughout the event. Simple, yet memorable!

Around the World Theme

The Around the World Theme has a similar vibe to the Vacation Theme, but with a twist. Much like when we celebrate Racial Harmony Day, your guests will have to show up in traditional costumes from the different ethnicities and races. This will definitely be a great conversation starter between many of your guests. Many different games and food can be introduced in line with the theme.

Green Screen Photo Booth Singapore

If you have decided on the Vacation Theme or the Around the World Theme, there is no better fit for your event than a Green Screen Photo Booth. With a wide selection of customisable backgrounds, your guests will be able to teleport themselves to any holiday destination in the world! These will definitely go perfectly with the outfits they are wearing.

Superhero Theme

A very popular dinner & dance theme is the Superhero Theme. Regardless of age or gender, everyone has a favourite Superhero! Your guests will have no problem thinking of an outfit to wear to your event. Quizzes and games can be played to test your guests’ Superhero knowledge. This will be a theme many of your guests will be thrilled to participate in!

The Trick-eye Photo Booth goes hand-in-hand with the Superhero Theme. With a wide range of Superhero backdrops available, you can bring great fun to your event with this photo booth, the results are amazing too!

The Great Gatsby Theme

Great Gatsby Dinner & Dance Theme Singapore
Photo Credit: Biz Bash

In all its gold glamour, the Great Gatsby Theme is just another excuse for you guests to dress their best for the night. Taking inspiration from the award winning movie, The Great Gatsby, this theme follows closely with the decadent style of the dinner & dance scenes of the movie. Dressed in stylish tuxedos and eye-catching dresses, this dance & dinner will definitely be one to remember for you and your guests!

Nautical Theme

Nautical Dinner & Dance Idea Singapore
Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you are planning for something more unique and unconventional, the Nautical Theme is an idea you can take inspiration from. Based on a sailor theme, your guests can either show up as a cabin crew or pirates! This will definitely create buzz between your guests all throughout the night. As seen in the photo, the decor can be closely inspired by sail boats and ships.

Retrolicious Theme

Retro Dinner & Dance Idea Singapore
Photo Credit: DLHK

Take your guests on a time-capsule back to the past with the Retrolicious Theme. Leather jackets, high-waisted flared trousers and feathers for scarfs, this will be a major throwback for your guests! The dinner can be accompanied by throwback 80s and 90s music, along with some childhood games. It will be a night to remember for your guests!

Eco-friendly Photo Booth Idea for Dinner & Dance

Ecofriendly Photo Booth Idea Singapore
Reference of an Animated GIF Photo Booth for Dinner & Dance

Instant Photo Booth in the past have always been based on instant photo printing which can generate up to 1500 paper prints for a 4 hour dinner event. Our team have been actively looking for more sustainable alternatives, and the latest addition is our Instant QR Photo Booth.

How the new Instant QR Photo Booth differentiates from the Email Photo Booth that existed for a long time is the focus on ease of use and privacy.

Your guests no longer have to enter their email, there is no data collection.

All is takes is a scan of the QR code, which is available near instantly after a photo is taken. QR code scanning is available as a standard on virtually all modern smartphones.

What sets our Instant QR Photo Booth apart is the focus on speed. While some Digital Photo Booth uses 1 screen for the photo taking, email and QR code, we use a separate tablet device for viewing and downloading images. Allowing the photographer to engage the next group of guests while the existing group is downloading their images.

Company Dinner & Dance Ideas

Vivid Media Company Group Photo Singapore
Company group photo of the Vivid Media production team

We hope this article has been informative and helped you get a better idea of what your theme could be for your company dinner & dance event!

Here at Vivid Snaps, we provide all event photography and photo booth services! We take pride in providing you with the best designs and highest quality. If you would like to engage our photo booth services, drop our project coordinators a message today and we will get back to you.

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