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Embedding Live Video in Slido

This article details the steps for embedding or integrating live video stream onto the Slido platform. This article is written for internal use, but like many of our tutorial articles, we make it publicly available in the spirit of knowledge sharing.

Embedding Vimeo Live Stream in Slido

Vimeo is a popular video delivery platform used for live streaming of corporate events.

In Your Vimeo Account

  • Login to Vimeo
  • Go to Live Events
  • Click on your Event Name
  • Then go to Embed tab
  • Click on Event embed code
    • Use only the code that is generated on this page
    • Do not copy the code from other sources, such as the Share button.
  • Select Responsive
  • Click Copy code

In Your Slido Account

  • Login to admin portal
  • Click on your Event Name
  • Go to Settings on the top right corner
  • Go to Integrations section
  • Enable Live Video
  • Paste the code you have copied
    • The code will be auto-formatted by slido
    • In the Description, you can put in information relating to your stream, such as reminding users to refresh their browser if they are facing any issues with the stream.
  • Click Save

The live video should now be displayed in the audience view of your page.

Known Issues on Vimeo Live Stream

  • When streaming a Vimeo live video on iPhone over a mobile data networks, they video will pause occasionally.
  • On an iPhone, resuming a paused live stream, the video continues where it was left off instead of showing the live feed.

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The Vivid Snaps live streaming team

Our Vivid Snaps team provide live streaming production support to corporate clients running internal and external events. This include virtual events and hybrid events.

If you are interested to explore the possibilities of engaging our team to run your virtual or hybrid events, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. We customise the solutions based on your requirements, which explains why we have executed live streaming production on many virtual event platforms.

Our office also house a small green screen studio that is suitable for corporate video filming and live streaming. This studio is exclusively reserved for our clients only, allowing us to provide high booking availability.

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