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Virtual Event Platforms in Singapore You Need To Know 2022

You will be surprised to find a healthy number of Virtual Event Platforms in Singapore. Running a virtual event can be simple or it can be very complex, it depends on your audience size and the level of production you require. Choosing the right virtual event platform is only a part of your virtual event consideration. We list down the segments to consider, and sometimes you may need to work with different vendors for each segment.

This page contains affiliate links for some virtual platforms.

Summary of Virtual Event Platforms in Singapore

PlatformBased In
BrightTalkUnited States
EventXHong Kong
HopinUnited Kingdom
HubiloUnited States
Zoom WebinarUnited States

The Different Parts of A Virtual or Hybrid Event

Event Organising & Planning

If your event involves many moving parts, you may wish to engage an event management company to help you with the event planning and logistics.

Virtual or Hybrid Event Venue

You will need a venue for your virtual event live streaming. This could be a meeting room at your corporate office, hotel ballroom, live streaming studio or a boutique event venue. It is advisable to choose a location with steady fibre broadband connection.

Virtual Event Platform Singapore

This is the segment that we will focus on for this blog article. Virtual event platform can be costly, but a good platform makes your event more engaging and professional.

Video Delivery Network

Some virtual event platforms come with their own video hosting services, but others may require you to use your own video delivery network. This setup can be confusing for first-timer because it’s easy to assume to the virtual event platform should include this.

Video Production & Live Streaming Crew

The video production crew are the people who deploy and operate the cameras, video switching, video encoding and live streaming to your video delivery network. This is our expertise at Vivid Snaps and this is where we come in for your virtual and hybrid events.

Remote Video Production

With the borders of most countries still highly restricted. Filming your overseas speaker physically is near impossible. Despite this, our video team can assist you with a high quality remote video production. Where we combined locally filmed footage with footage we filmed virtually & remotely.

Audio Visual Crew

If you are running a hybrid event with physical audience, you will need an AV crew for the audio systems like microphone and speakers. You may also need spotlight, LED wall backdrop or projection. Some AV crew may include video production and live streaming as part of the full suite of services too.

Do Without a Live Streaming Production Crew

Do you know that some of these virtual event platforms are designed to be operated without a live streaming production crew? The virtual event platforms come with virtual studios, allowing your remote speakers to connect with their webcam. And a member of your event organising team can control when they go live, do a slide share or even branding overlays.

Virtual & Hybrid Event Platforms in Singapore

There are many virtual event platforms around the world, but few has a physical presence in Singapore. The following virtual event platforms we are featuring have been used by events hosted in Singapore.

EventX – Virtual & Hybrid Event Platform

Virtual Hybrid Event Platform Singapore - EventX
Virtual Exhibition, Screenshot Provided by EventX

EventX is a virtual & hybrid event platform based in Hong Kong but serves their clients in Asia and worldwide. Many event organisers would have heard of them even before virtual event became popular. And most recently, they have hosted the annual Singapore Gifts & Premiums Fair. You will be happy to know that their sales team is located in Singapore, which makes coordination slightly easier.

To get started with EventX for your virtual or hybrid event, contact Robbie Tan via email at or call them on +65 6950 0471.

AirMeet – Virtual Event Venue Platform

Airmeet Virtual Event Platform
Screenshot of the Airmeet virtual event platform, extracted from Airmeet website.

In 2021, we have seen this platform being considered for a virtual event by local university.

The Airmeet virtual event platform looks to target event organisers looking for an Virtual Event Venue. The platform features virtual spaces, like a virtual event lounge for networking and exhibition booths. While these are common features across many virtual event platforms, we think Airmeet has a modern and sleek look to their UI.

Airmeet also offers specific use case examples on their website for Virtual Conferences and Virtual Job Fairs.

Visit the AirMeet website to sign up for a free account!

enavle – Virtual Event Platform Based in Singapore

Sponsorship Virtual Event Live Streaming Singapore
Image from Actioport Website.

The enavle virtual event platform in Singapore, positions itself as a sponsorship-focused platform but it can also serve other types of events. They have staff who are based locally and can provide support for their customers.

The enavle virtual event platform is in constant development, and they are incorporating many new features. We have seen this platform being used for event organised by SUTD.

One of the features of enavle is the capability to integrate pre-recorded videos hosted on YouTube, and presenting them like a live stream during your virtual event. Which means, your videos are hosted at virtually no cost using arguably the most extensive video delivery network around the world.

The enavle platform also supports multi-track event, allowing you to run different sessions during a virtual conference.

Gevme – Exhibition Virtual Event Platform in Singapore

Screenshot of the homepage on Gevme’s website

A virtual event platform with exhibitor management and networking feature. The Gevme platform provides event organisers an easy to work with interface for hosting virtual exhibition and events. We have seen Gevme being used in several large scale virtual & hybrid events in Singapore, for both private & public sector clients.

Onlive – Virtual Event Platform Based in Singapore

Onlive Virtual Event Platform in Singapore
Screenshot of the feature section on Onlive’s website

The Onlive virtual event platform in Singapore is yet another option with a strong Singapore presence. The virtual event platform has a virtual live production studio built-in. Which means you can run your virtual event without needing to hire a live streaming production vendor. But of course, any live streaming videos will be limited to webcam quality. The virtual production studio is however, very useful if you want to keep your cost lower for multi-track conferences.

This virtual event platform in Singapore also features a powerful engagement tool. Which allows your virtual event audience to accumulate points when they engage with your event. Such as updating their profile, asking questions and other segments of your virtual event. This is very useful in a virtual event because unlike physical events, long duration at a virtual event can quickly turned some participants away.

CrowdComms – Based in Australia

CrowdComms Virtual Event Platform
Image from CrowdComms Website.

CrowdComms appears to be based in Australia with no physical office in Singapore.

We have seen the CrowdComms virtual event platform being used for Free Trade Agreements (FTA) Day 2020. The event was hosted live on 22 Oct 2020 and featured a live interview with Minister S. Iswaran.

For the FTA Day 2020 virtual event, the platform was available beyond the event period. The live stream were made available as video recording so that attendees who have missed part of the event can catch up with the sessions.

Access to the virtual event platform was limited to registered guests only. Hence, you will always know who is attending your event.

Micepad – Virtual Event Platform Based in Singapore

Virtual Event Live Stream Platform Singapore
Image from Micepad Website.

Micepad is unique from many other virtual event platforms because they are based in Singapore. The team at Micepad will be happy to provide setup and support of their virtual event platform.

When using the Micepad platform, you will need to use a dedicated video delivery network like Vimeo. However, they also have in-built video conferencing capability.

The platform also feature polling and Q&A function for viewer engagement. And you can also host multi-track conferences using the platform.

Reach out to their coordinators at

BrightTALK – For Tech Webinars

Technology Industry Live Streaming Production Singapore
Image from BrightTALK Website.

Used primarily by the technology industry to host regular webinars, BrightTALK platform includes their own video delivery network. It is very simple to use and designed to be operated by users directly. Nonetheless, we can also broadcast professionally produced live stream onto the BrightTALK platform.

BrightTALK platform has its quirks when live streaming a professional produced video stream. We have experienced some issues and have workarounds and workflow to help you run a smooth virtual event.

Hopin – Virtual & Hybrid Event Platform

Image from Hopin Blog.

We have delivered a hybrid event for our client on the Hopin virtual event platform in Singapore, the event consisted of speakers who are physically present in Singapore, at a hotel ballroom. And other speakers who are presenting from around the world.

There were physical audience at the hotel venue, while the other audiences around the world joined virtually on the Hopin platform.

To learn more about how our team can support you in running your virtual & hybrid event on Hopin, read our short article about Hopin live streaming in Singapore.

Hubilo – Virtual & Hybrid Event Platform

Hubilo Virtual Event Platform for Singapore Events
Screenshot of Hubilo’s website
Technology Virtual Event Singapore 2021
Screenshot of SWITCH virtual event page

We have seen Hubilo’s virtual event platform being used for the Singapore Week of Innovation & Technology.

Zoom Webinar – Cost Effective for Small-scale Virtual Event

Zoom Webinar Live Stream Production Singapore
Image from Zoom Website.

Over the past year, Zoom has been the most popular virtual meeting platform. Making Zoom Webinar a suitable choice for virtual events on a budget. Zoom Webinar has the lowest platform fee compared to other dedicated virtual platform, it is easy to use and you will also spend less time providing support for your audience. A major drawback of Zoom Webinar platform is the generally low resolution of your video stream. This can be a problem when displaying small texts.

Our team at Vivid Snaps have ran many live streams and virtual events of varied nature for our clients on Zoom Webinar in Singapore. When working with us, we can share with you the many quirks and workaround of this platform.

Our Vivid Snaps live streaming team also supports government agencies for internal and public virtual events, conducted on Zoom and other live streaming platforms. We are a GeBiz registered webinar live stream provider. For supporting your pre-event filming and video production, we are also a GeBiz registered video production company.

For your Zoom Webinar where Singapore Minister Filming is required, we can provide a teleprompter for the video recording session. The teleprompter can also be used in interview video filming, where your interviewee has prepared a script prior to the filming.

Vconfex – Based in India

Virtual Event Platform Based in India
Image from Event Tech Virtual Event.

We have not actually seen this platform being used at a Singapore based event. However, we came across this platform when they are hosting Event Tech Virtual Summit 2021 that is based in India.

The event appears to be presented by Economic Times, which is a part of India Times.

Customised Virtual Event Website

Custom Website for Virtual Event Live Streaming Singapore
Screenshot of the Elevate Virtual Event Page

While there are a multitude of platforms, finding one with the perfect fit for your event can still be very challenging. This is why we have seen some virtual & hybrid event management companies turning to a customised website.

We really loved the virtual event page for’s virtual event. The page features a straight-forward layout, with all required navigation icons clearly presented to the viewer. You can easily switch between the different tracks. To cater to their international audience, the live stream also feature subtitles of different languages.

As the virtual event was open to public, the virtual event page did not require any login.

Vimeo Livestream is used for the live streaming video delivery, and the chat is an embed of the Vimeo’s live chat feature. Which require the viewer to provide a nickname for sending messages.

A basic Vimeo subscription allows you to stream up to 3 live videos at any one time, with each live stream having a maximum duration of 24 hours. To stream a multi-track virtual conference like this event, you will require a customised enterprise license.

To engage a Vimeo live streaming production crew in Singapore, get in touch with us for a quotation. On a separate article, we also shared how you can create a live stream event on your Vimeo account.

Virtual Event, Video on Demand Singapore
Screenshot of the post-event video on demand page from Elevate

When the virtual event ended, provided a post-event video-on-demand page. Where event guests who missed the specific event segments can follow up on the virtual event recordings. The videos were then hosted on YouTube and embedded onto the video-on-demand webpage.

Using a custom website for event live streaming
Screenshot of a custom webpage for virtual event in Singapore

In a separate virtual event in Singapore, we see the organiser use a customised website. A virtual event web page like this can usually be created using existing CMS system and templates.

Live Streaming Production in Singapore

Singapore Live Streaming Expert in Virtual Event
Photo of a Reference Live Streaming Setup. Photography by Steven Wong

The expertise of our live streaming crew covers most of your requirements for a small to mid-scale live streaming projects. Our expertise includes camera operations, audio mixing, vision mixing, networking and technical.

We frequently work with corporate clients or event management companies to execute live streaming video productions. The scope of work we cover vary depending on your requirements.

Green Screen Live Streaming Studio Singapore

Green Screen Video Filming Studio for Virtual Event Platform in Singapore
Complimentary green screen studio usage when engaging our service

In our pursuit to provide a seamless live streaming production process for our clients. We have setup a green screen studio that is reserved exclusively for our clients only. Because we do not rent out our green screen studio, we can provide higher availability for our client. Giving you more flexibility when locking down a studio filming date. Moreover, the studio is offered complimentary to our clients who are taking up our live streaming or video production services. Which means, you only pay for our service, the studio rental is complimentary.

Our 4.8m studio backdrop is suitable for 3-pax on-screen with social distancing. This is ideal for small-scale panel discussions, slides presentation recording and CEO speech recordings. We have also produced virtual tours, webinar series, pre-event recordings and event live streaming in our green screen studio.

Other Considerations

We know the above information already seem like a lot of take in. There are still a few common considerations for your upcoming virtual event.

Pre-recorded Live Stream

Not all content are suitable to be streamed live, there could be segments of your event that will benefit from a pre-event recording. This could be a green screen virtual tour of a physical or virtual space, or an action footage for a virtual car launch live stream.

When filming pre-recorded video for your live stream, you can choose to blend in the video by filming the footage similar to the live scene. Or you can intentionally differentiate it from the live scene. It depends on the nature and content of your live stream.

Alternatively, we have also seen live streams that include their corporate video during the start of their virtual event.

Geography of Your Audience

Zoom will work in some parts of China while being blocked in others. Some corporate firewall will also disable the use of Zoom within their organisation. Meanwhile, Vimeo is blocked in Indonesia. These will have to be taken into consideration when choosing a platform or video delivery network.

Event Photography & Event Videography

If you are planning to do post-event reporting or social media posts, having good event photos and a post-event video highlight will be important. Our team consist of professional event photographers and event videographers who can cover this segment for you.

Our Virtual & Hybrid Events Production Team

Vivid Snaps Virtual Event Live Streaming Team in Singapore
Corporate group photo of the Vivid Snaps team

We deliver your video production and live streaming projects with a team primarily consisting of full-time in-house team. This is our way of keeping a tight communication and rapport throughout your pre-production and production process.

To discuss your pre-recorded video and live streaming production, get in touch with our Project Managers for a quotation.

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