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Employee Onboarding Video Production in Singapore

Onboarding video production has become essential to many companies who are constantly upgrading and hiring new employees. Companies which construct a successful onboarding program are more likely to create a conducive working environment and foster a positive working experience for their new hires.

Read on to find out more about onboarding video production and the impact it can have on a company’s onboarding program.

On-boarding Video Production

What is an Onboarding Video?

An onboarding video, also known as a training video is a form of introduction video for newly hired employees of a company. Commonly included as part of an onboarding program in companies, onboarding videos are used to explain job scopes, introduce superiors and welcome newly hired employees to the company.

Onboarding video production is crucial to onboarding programs as videos create an avenue for better engagement within newly hired employees. Companies which create compelling onboarding videos can communicate more clearly to their employees and save cost & manpower on employee training at the same time.

On-boarding Video

How are Onboarding Videos used Internally in Companies?

Onboarding videos are usually part of a 3 part process, starting with a welcome message, followed by the introduction to superiors and other employees and lastly job scope & training. Companies usually split the onboarding process into segments, so that newly hired employees can progress step by step without having an overload of information.

Onboarding videos can be shared with employees through online platforms like websites or through email. Alternatively, the video could be aired for newly hired employees to watch on their first few days or weeks of work. Training onboarding videos can be kept for future viewership as well, for employees to watch back when needed.


How Does Onboarding Video Production Work?

Onboarding videos that are made professionally with a corporate videographer and editor are recommended as it creates a more formal impression for the company. Videos that are planned and structured well are also more likely to effectively spread the intended message to the viewers.

Here are some things that you should consider including when producing an onboarding video:

  • Create Interactive Videos: Creating videos that are interactive can help to grab the viewers attention and ensures that the messages of the video are communicated delicately.
  • Welcome the Newly Hired Employees to the Company: Giving the newly hired employees a warm welcome can create a positive impression of the company for them. This will create a more memorable working experience for them in their first few weeks in the company.
  • Introduce the CEO and Superiors: Introducing the new employees to the leaders of the company is important as it helps them recognise their superiors early on. This will also enable the new employees to put a face to their superiors in their new workplace.
  • Describe the Company Culture, Values and Mission: This will ensure that the new employees are on the same page as everyone else in the company. Understanding the values and mission of the company will enable employees to work towards a common goal and have the understanding that they are working towards something greater as a unit.
  • Give an Office or Workplace Tour: Including an office tour in the onboarding video can help new employees familiarise themselves with the workplace and settle in faster with the new working environment.
  • Explain Job Scopes and Staff Roles: Explaining the job scopes and staff roles can help to ensure that all the new employees are on the same page and avoid misconception of their jobs. This ensures that the new employees are clear of what is required of them and how they can work together to do their job.
  • Give Tutorials and Demonstrations on Important Tools and Practices: Giving tutorials on important tools and practices in the company can help to minimise mistakes or new employees being unsure of certain things in the company. These tutorials can be kept for future use as well, for employees to refer back to the videos for re-clarification.
  • Demonstrate Real-Life Situational Examples: Demonstrating tutorials in real-life situations can help the new employees to visualise what they learnt in the tutorials and apply them into real-life situations.

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