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Hotel Video Production in Singapore

This article articulates why hotel video production is essential in marketing your hotel in Singapore. Read on to find out why!

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought forth innumerable changes in the yesteryears. One of the worst-hit industry globally is without a doubt the tourism industry. With a drastic drop in travellers, it is indisputably, a survival of the fittest for hotels in Singapore.

Nevertheless, staycations are now customary for many Singaporeans who are looking to unpack from the stress of the pandemic. Thus, hotels are largely relying on local tourism to stay afloat. With countless hotel options out there for Singaporeans, you must be wondering “How do I make my hotel stand out?

Video production is a potent tool in marketing your hotel. According to marketing charts, it is estimated that the average person spends 100 minutes every day watching online videos in 2021. This is a 19% increase compared to daily viewing minutes in 2019, which stood at 84. Hence, it is proven that video production is the most efficient tool to capture your guests’ attention and pique their interests in your hotel.

Now that we have established how pivotal video production is, I invite you to read on as I compile different types of hotel video productions in Singapore.

Types of Hotel Video Productions in Singapore

  • Hotel’s Virtual Tours in Singapore
  • Hotels’ Guest Review Videos in Singapore
  • Hotels’ Guest Events Videos in Singapore
  • Hotels’ Employees Videos in Singapore

Hotels’ Virtual Tours in Singapore

What better way to showcase your hotel’s amenities than a comprehensive virtual tour? This should be one of the essential videos on your social media channels.

Goodwood Park Hotel’s Virtual Tour, Singapore

Goodwood Park Hotel’s Video Production in Singapore, The Straits Times

Goodwood Park Hotel is Singapore’s distinguished 5-star heritage hotel, which is an endearing pioneer of the Singapore tourism industry.

The hotel video above showcases Goodwood Park Hotel’s architecture, Christmas-decorated facilities and rooms ranging from Deluxe Mayfair rooms to spacious suites. What is unique about Goodwood Park Hotel is its deep-seated history since the 20th century. Guests who are interested in automobiles may check out the 1906 Fiat Brevetti in the driveway. Besides, its in-house restaurant Gordon Grill specifically serves Christmas menus as well.

It is never too early to plan for your staycations! Guests who are looking to have a jolly Christmas staycation may look optimistically at Goodwood Park Hotel after seeing the facilities they have to offer.

Hilton Hotel’s Virtual Tour, Singapore

Hilton Hotel’s Video Production in Singapore

Hilton Hotel’s virtual tour opens with their location at the heart of Singapore’s shopping district, Orchard Road. Guests who prefer convenience may love Hilton Hotel’s location. Next, the virtual tour proceeds to showcase their luxurious rooms, event halls, and their in-house fine dining bar and restaurant.

Even though Hilton Hotel’s virtual tour does not have any voiceovers, guests can distinctly see its array of facilities meant for different purposes.

Shangri-La Hotel’s Virtual Tour, Singapore

Shangri-La Hotel’s Video Production in Singapore, Business Traveller

A presenter brings you around Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore. Akin to the preceding virtual tours, Shangri-La Hotel’s virtual tour exhibits their vast numbers of amenities while the presenter describes each one succinctly.

Fullerton Hotel’s Virtual Tour, Singapore

Fullerton Hotel’s Video Production in Singapore, Insider TV

Fullerton Hotel’s virtual tour comprehensively shows their grandeur amenities, rooms as well as the scenery from the hotel. Its seamless transition from each scene makes this virtual tour pleasant to watch for potential guests.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel’s Virtual Tour, Singapore

Mandarin Oriental Hotel’s Video Production in Singapore

Similar to the previous virtual tours, Mandarin Oriental Hotel’s virtual tour displays its splendid amenities and rooms in a 2-minute video. The voiceover serenely brings you around the hotel, divulging more information about its amenities which are proclaimed to provide the ultimate relaxation for its guests.

Hotel Fort Canning’s Virtual Tour, Singapore

Hotel Fort Canning’s Video Production in Singapore, The Straits Times

This hotel’s virtual tour opens with Hotel Fort Canning’s glamorous architecture. Next, you’re brought to Hotel Fort Canning’s lobby which features archaeological pits with centuries-old artefacts from the area. Guests who love palaeontology will love this hotel!

Hotel Fort Canning’s virtual tour also showcases their deluxe rooms and suites, as well as amenities. Its location at Fort Canning Park might intrigue guests who wants to reconnect with nature during their stay as well!

The Barracks Hotel’s Virtual Tour, Singapore

The Barracks Hotel’s Video Production in Singapore, The Straits Times

The Barracks Hotel’s virtual tour displays their signature vintage look in their rooms. What is unique about this hotel is that guests may book yacht tours with them and sail around the Southern Islands. Guests who are adventurers might love this one.

W Singapore Hotel’s Virtual Tour, Singapore

W Singapore Hotel’s Video Production in Singapore

W Singapore Hotel’s virtual tour plays quick and vibrant music in the background while they swiftly show you all the amenities, rooms and suites they have to offer.

Hotels’ Guest Review Videos in Singapore

Another way to strengthen your hotel’s connection to your guests is by uploading their reviews or content on social media. Do not undermine the power of social media. According to 2020’s statistics, an average person spent 144 minutes perusing social media alone.

Once posted, have your guests tag your hotel’s social media site so you can repost the video. When travellers see others having a blast at your hotel, it instils a positive image of your hotel in their minds.

The Warehouse Hotel’s Guest Review Video, Singapore

The Warehouse Hotel’s Guest Review Video, Singapore

The two guests in this video review The Warehouse Hotel’s rooms, lofts, amenities such as its infinity pool and bar, and lastly its must-try food from Po Restaurant. With these affable guests singing such praise to their experience at The Warehouse Hotel, many potential customers may be induced to book their next staycations here.

M Social’s Guest Review Video, Singapore

M Social’s Guest Review Video, Singapore

This guest highlights M Social’s lofts and amenities, including a pool and a gym. Next, she features a perfume workshop at M Social where she may craft a scent that is uniquely hers. At M Social’s Beast and Butterflies restaurant, she is even able to customise her own drink!

JW Marriott Hotel’s Guest Review Video, Singapore

JW Marriott Hotel’s Guest Review Video, Singapore

This hotel guest exclusively reviews about JW Marriott Hotel’s deluxe suite room, bringing into attention its Smart TV, spacious bathroom and more. Potential guests who are looking to immerse and relax in hotel rooms may look fondly at JW Marriott Hotel after watching this guest review video.

Hotels’ Guest Events Videos in Singapore

Showing how your hotel has the capacity and capability to host large-scale events may draw relevant guests to yours truly!

Mandarin Oriental Hotel’s Wedding Events Video, Singapore

Mandarin Oriental Hotel’s Wedding Events Video, Singapore

Mandarin Oriental Hotel’s events video exhibits how they have implemented stringent social-distancing measures, as well as stepped up their hygiene regime in a wedding event. Guests who are apprehensive of holding or attending events in hotels might be relieved after watching this video.

W Singapore Hotel’s Wedding Events Video, Singapore

W Singapore Hotel’s Wedding Events Video, Singapore

W Singapore Hotel’s 1 minute video succinctly conceptualises how weddings will be like should they be held with the hotel. With an upbeat tune, they show their guests having a blast on paradise island with W Singapore Hotel. Potential guests who are looking for a fun wedding night they wouldn’t forget might love this one.

Hotels’ Employees Videos in Singapore

A video where you feature your hotel’s employees adds a human element to your hotel. Potential guests can see that your hotel is alive and vital, not just a building with rooms. Giving a voice to your excellent staff also gives your team a platform to speak about how notable your hotel is.

Mandarin Orchard Hotel’s Inclusive Employee, Singapore

Mandarin Orchard Hotel’s Inclusive Employee, Singapore

This video features how Mandarin Orchard Hotel employs inclusively. The employee with special needs articulates how much he enjoys his job at Mandarin Orchard as a driveway ambassador. It is heartwarming to see Mandarin Orchard encourage inclusive employment in Singapore. Compassionate humanitarians may look in favour of Mandarin Orchard Hotel after watching this video.

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