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Insurance Agency Video Production in Singapore

Producing videos is an ideal way to create an identity for your insurance agency. It enables your team to connect with your customers on a more personal level and earn their trust.

In a time when physical interactions are limited, remote video production is also an option for creating training videos for the organisation or virtually celebrating year-end awards ceremonies.

Keep reading for some examples of insurance agency video productions!

Types of Insurance Agency Video Production

We explore the different videos we have created for our clients, and also many other examples of insurance-oriented videos that we have found online.

Insurance True Story Video

For this project, our team was tasked to produce a narrative video based on a true case study. We opted for a montage style video which enables us to fit an otherwise lengthy story into a more condensed and impactful 4 minutes.

Insurance True Story Video 2

Like the previous video, the team undertook another project where we had to adapt a true case study into a narrative video. In this particular video, we decided to stick with a more conventional storytelling style. These two videos serves as an example of the many different ways one can approach telling a story.

Insurance Claim Narrative Video

In this video we sat down with some experienced agents to hear them talk about their regrets regarding past claims they’ve taken on. The moody lighting creates a more serious and melancholic atmosphere which sets the tone for the video.

Insurance Critical Cover Video

In this informative video, our team covered pre- to post-production. Starting from conceptualisation, storyboarding, location and props sourcing. In the production phase, our team directed, filmed and edited the video.

Agency Festive Greeting VideosInsurance Chinese New Year (CNY) Greeting Video

Screenshot of agency festive CNY Greetings video by Vivid Snaps

In this video, top leaders gathered to send Chinese New Year greetings and messages to all of their department colleagues. It was shot against a green screen, allowing us to customise the background to fit the theme.

We provide a complimentary green screen studio for clients who engage any of our videography services. For more details, do contact our friendly project coordinators.

Insurance Corporate Video

Corporate and branding videos are created to communicate the values of the insurance companies. Many of the values are also tied to emotional needs, hence corporate videos can also contain emotional appeal.

We are FORWARD – Insurance Corporate Branding Video

Video extracted from FWD Life PH YouTube channel

This video takes us on a journey through FWD’s history, from its inception to its current level of success. To keep the video interesting, it uses large text overlays that match the beat of the background music.

Cathay Life Insurance Corporate Video

Video extracted from 國泰人壽 YouTube channel

This video aims to promote Cathay Life insurance and raise overall brand awareness. There are interesting motion graphics in this video that visually present important facts and information that the company is attempting to convey.

Insurance Employee Feature Video

Insurance employee videos celebrate the achievements of individuals, and at the same time these videos serve as inspiration to many more aspiring agents.

We Do MDRT by Prudential, Insurance Inspiration Video

Video extracted from Prudential Singapore YouTube channel

This video showcases the lives of four Prudential Singapore Financial Consultants as they share their journey to achieve MDRT. The use of superimposed text and graphics makes it easier for viewers to absorb important messages or information.

A Day in the Shoes of Insurance Agents

Video extracted from Asia Advisers Network YouTube channel

Just like the previous video, this uses text overlays to make the video more understandable and dynamic.

Featuring one of Prudential Singapore’s top rookie agents, the “day in the life of” concept is popular because it adds a personal touch to the video. This could strengthen her customers’ trust and make them feel more at ease with her.

Insurance Commercials Video

Commercials are advertising videos crafted to drive action and ROIs, usually produced to the highest quality.

FWD Cancer Insurance YouTube Ad Video

Video extracted from FWD Singapore YouTube channel

Instead of hard-selling, this humourous commercial by FWD has an unsympathetic superhero portray competing cancer insurance policies.

Manulife SingaporeIf we only knew! (早知道)

Video extracted from Manulife Singapore YouTube channel

This commercial reminds Singaporeans not to be complacent in life and to always plan ahead and prepare for retirement. The repeated use of the popular Chinese catchphrase (早知道) by the characters hits home and fits perfectly in our local context.

Insurance Event Video Highlight

Event video filming usually covers the key activities during the event. An interview can also be arranged to include participant feedback, or a message from the management team.

Insurance Incentive Trip Event Concept Video

Insurance Incentive Trip Event Concept Video by Vivid Snaps

A beautiful juxtaposition of images and video footage from the multi-day event, a concept video like this encapsulates the best moments of a celebratory event. The smiles and happy moments, reignite the excitement long after the occasion.

Insurance Roadshow Video

Insurance Wellness Event Highlight by Vivid Snaps

Usually created to be posted on social media, a short minute-long video presents the key moments of an insurance roadshow. Post-event highlight videos can be posted on social media to engage participants who may have missed the event, giving them a glimpse of the activities. Who knows, they will be sure to attend the next event!

Insurance Gala Dinner Video

Insurance Promotion Night video highlight by Vivid Snaps

Upbeat and full of energy, an event highlight can be produced to commemorate the event after it is over. Or like this express video highlight, it was shot and edited on the spot. The event video highlight was played to kick off the event, hyping up the event guests.

Insurance Training Video

Insurance training videos are created to engage fellow agents. Prior to the pandemic, some of these trainings take the format of a seminar, small and large scale events.

Insurance Agency MDRT Training Video

Best Insurance MDRT Video Production Singapore
Screenshot of training video filmed & edited by Vivid Snaps

This episode features respected MDRTs from the insurance agency discussing how effective time management has helped them in their careers. There was also a panel session where submitted questions were answered.

By filming with multiple cameras from different angles, it makes the insurance training video more engaging to watch.

Insurance Agency Customer Engagement Video

Insurance Company Training Video Production Singapore
Webinar video filmed & edited by Vivid Snaps

In this webinar, experts were invited to share their views regarding how to navigate the road ahead in a vaccinated economy. 

The video was filmed in a green screen studio, allowing for any background image or video to be displayed behind the presenters. This is similar to Zoom’s virtual background feature but at a much higher quality! With a green screen, you can travel the world from the comfort of an indoor studio.

Insurance Campaign Video 

Insurance Career Video

Video by Vivid Snaps

This video was made to encourage people to pursue a career with the insurance agency. It includes custom graphics and Instagram story templates that will appeal to social media users.

Insurance Incentive Trip Video Montage (Convention)

Incentive trip teaser montage video production

The purpose of this teaser is to generate buzz and promote one of the upcoming conventions in Hawaii. To provide more information about the qualifying terms, the overall video was edited with motion graphics and overlaying text. To get people excited about the video, it is accompanied by upbeat music.

Insurance Virtual Awards Video

Award ceremony videos are usually more light hearted, they are created to celebrate the outstanding individuals. Or maybe to thank and acknowledge a high performer.

Insurance Agency Awards Ceremony Video

Video by Vivid Snaps

Celebrate your employees’ successes by creating a congratulatory video like this!

An awards video like this requires a greater amount of editing. Consider engaging our video production services 1-2 months ahead of your event to ensure ample time for post-production.

Insurance Agency Sing-Along Video

Insurance Agency Sing-a-long Video Production
Screenshot from Top Financial Services Director video by Vivid Snaps

This special tribute video is made up of professionally filmed footage, past footage, and self-recorded singing footage for a unique visual and musical result.

Such a video requires meticulous coordination, planning and production. Should you be interested in our professional video production services, do drop us a message in the contact form on the right.

Our Video Production Team

Insurance Agency Video Production Team in Singapore
composite group photo of our team

Our team at Vivid Snaps can support you in the video production from start to end, our team consists of producer, director, videographer, video editors and other supporting crew. And we can cover the following scopes in your video production:

  • Pre-production
    • Conceptualisation & storyboarding
    • Location & props sourcing
    • Talent sourcing
  • Production
    • Directing & filming
    • Props, location, logistics
    • Make-up artist and talent management
  • Post-production
    • Video editing
    • Motion graphics

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