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How Lawyers Market Their Services With Videos

Lawyers and videos correlate in a number of ways. It is a way for them to promote your services, connect with clients, and share legal information and updates. In a world which is getting smaller due to technological advancements, you will need to be able to make use of the new resources available in order to boost your clientele.

In this article, we look specifically at how videos can help you market your services to your potential clients.

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Why Do Lawyers Market With Videos?

With the digitalisation of many industries, we have seen the law industry scaling up their outreach, tapping on current trends to gain a competitive edge. On top of being something that someone would not engage in every day, practitioners in the world of law would need to figure out ways on how to market their services and what they provide to their clients.

We searched social media for videos related to law practice that could serve as inspiration for your next video production. Take a look at the following video!

The Law Society of Singapore Video Reference, Not Produced By Vivid Snaps.

Methods Lawyers Can Use To Market Their Services With Videos

PLEASE NOTE: Some videos referenced in this blog article are not produced by Vivid Snaps. The following videos are sourced from publicly available websites, such as YouTube.

With creativity being an open concept, it is up to the lawyers to decide how they would like to showcase their videos. As law is something that not everyone can understand entirely, it is important for lawyers to ensure that regardless of how the video is executed and presented, the message must be straightforward and easily understood by viewers from all backgrounds.

You can consider giving tips and ideas regarding the legal system in your videos, like some of the examples below.

Mini Documentary Video Reference

Norton Rose Fulbright Video Reference, Not Produced By Vivid Snaps

With certain law firms targeting their services towards larger companies, or MNCs in general, it is important to play their cards right in their video in order to get the attention of their potential clients.

This video took the approach of that of a mini documentary, which elaborates the situation in a professional and informative way, further highlighting the possible scenarios that the law firm can combat and take on

This shows the competency of the law firm, being able to identify future problems that may occur in MNCs, and also stand out amongst the other competition as well.

Law Firm Corporate Video Reference

Martinelli Law Firm Corporate Video Reference, Not Produced By Vivid Snaps

Sometimes a corporate video is what it takes to help boost the credibility of legal practitioners. The video above is from one of the largest law firms in Brazil. The video highlights the capability of what the law firm can provide to its clients, alongside the number of clients they have served, and the various different types of cases they are specialised to handle.

This video uses a mix of live-action footage, interviews and animation to further elaborate their message, alongside keeping in line with their company branding of being a major law firm in the Brazilian legal system.

Attorney Profile Video Reference

Nussbaum Law Group Attorney Profile Video Reference, Not Produced By Vivid Snaps

This video has a similar purpose as to the previous example, but the approach taken is different. This video takes a more cinematic approach, detailing why the attorney-at-law has taken this career route as a personal injury lawyer and how he wants to help his clients. The monologue of the lawyer, accompanied with the impactful music and cinematography, give the entire video a more emotional and thrilling vibe. It may seem like a contrast considering this video is a profiling of a lawyer, but it helps in pulling viewers closer as their heartstrings are pulled by the emotional impact designed in the video.

Case Study Talking Head Video Reference

Anthony Ler Trial Lawyer Video Reference, Not Produced By Vivid Snaps

Using previous well-known cases can also help to boost the credibility of the lawyer’s capability and professionalism. The reference above shows the lawyer talking about how he handled a murder case that made headlines in Singapore media outlets.

This is one good method to garner client confidence. Having the lawyer narrate a recount of the events that happened, and how the situation was handled, along with the aftermath, is a good way to promote their services. However, it is important to keep in mind what may be considered sensitive and confidential. Not everything can be showcased on video, just like the sample above, where no visual aid was used, such as photos or videos of the trial. This is mostly due to legal confidentiality, or to conceal the identity of the perpetrator.

Vox Populi Video Reference

Latham & Watkins Video Reference, Not Produced by Vivid Snaps

Latham & Watkins, one of the largest law firms internationally, took a vox populi approach, which means individually interviewing employees and associates, and using their candid to string together the flow of the video.

This approach is useful in order for potential clients to feel welcomed, regardless of whichever walk of life they come from, as using candid answers give the video an entirely wholesome and approachable vibe to it. Alongside the video’s constant use of smiling faces, it also prints a caring and loving image of the law firm.

TikTok Law Tips Video Reference

Law By Mike TikTok Video Reference, Not Produced By Vivid Snaps

The reference above is an example of how lawyers can take advantage of the rising trends of social media and use it to gain accreditation for what they can do.

Law By Mike is a lawyer by profession that uses TikTok to educate the masses on what is right and wrong in the eyes of the law, the situations of the law and what to do. With a fast pace and easy-to-digest content, these videos can easily garner the attention of anyone wishing to learn more about the law. More so, the creative camera work and the delivery alone can get the attention of any user of TikTok, regardless of whether they have an interest in the legal system.

Lawyer Q&A Video Reference

Syariah Divorce Lawyer Video Reference

This video showcases how lawyers can interact with their potential clients or those who wish to learn more about the law using video and social media. All the lawyer needs to do is gather some questions that an everyday man would ask and answer them all in one video.

The video reference above uses Syariah law as an example, which is the law used for legal jurisdiction and matters for Muslims. Generally, practitioners of any legal system can do this, and they can keep it fun and entertaining while highlighting certain areas of the law that experts can thoroughly answer. It helps educate the masses while maintaining your credibility and expertise.

Criminal Lawyer Reacts Video Reference

CLR Bruce Rivers Reaction Video, Not Produced By Vivid Snaps

What the lawyer does in this case is that he reacts to the recording of a court proceeding, and using his professionalism and knowledge, gives his analysis on the situation and how the case should be tackled from his point of view.

He also analyses what the convicted person has done wrong and what are some of the legal actions other law practitioners should take as well.

Overall, this is another way to show potential clients about being able to walk the talk, showing one’s expertise in serious cases and how it should be handled. This would boost one’s credibility and recognition, and more clients are more likely to engage.

Contract Law Talking Head Video Reference

Lavocat Law Video Reference, Not Produced By Vivid Snaps

The above example is a simple video that is straight to the point and precise with the message of what it wants to bring to viewers. This video disregards any fancy animation and graphics and instead uses an interactive speaker that delivers good information that can benefit anyone that is under these predicaments.

The video above is just one of a series of similar videos, each tackling different aspects of law and disputes. Being able to generate such content improves the credibility of oneself and the law firm, which in turn improves customer confidence. As the saying goes, “you need to be able to walk the talk.”

Lawyer Animation Video Reference

Lawyer Singapore Call-to-Action Video Reference, Not Produced By Vivid Snaps

This video uses animation to market their services, accompanied by voice-over, detailing the services this particular law firm provides.

Animation is one of the more efficient ways in delivering content. Keeping the animation sleek and cute shows the friendlier side of the law firm but also allows easy digestibility of content for the viewer.

At the end of the video, there is a call to action for viewers to engage in their services should the need arise. This is a good way to engage potential customers. Have them watch a video and understand what the problems that they could be facing, and follow it up with a simple solution.


Videos are now essential in helping to promote a service today. Videos are powerful tools that can help you in communication and outreach. 

Using videos to promote your legal services, you will be able to showcase your expertise and promote your services to potential clients and explain legal concepts and procedures in a clear and easy-to-understand way, which can help educate clients and build trust.

Overall, videos can be a valuable tool for you to communicate effectively, connect with clients, and let potential clients connect with your brand.

Vivid Snaps Video Production Team

Group photo of the Vivid Snaps video production team

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