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Short Story Video Production in Singapore

A well-crafted Short Story Video can help to showcase your company profile along with the products and services offered by your company. It is a truly emotional, affective, moving, visceral, and compelling way to reach more clients and customers or to create a vivid, enduring impression of your brand and products.

Short Story Video Production

Short Story Videos are brief, compact videos that do not stretch long enough in running time to be considered feature film-length videos. Short Story Videos usually last for 40 minutes or less and can even last for just 30 seconds.


Before shooting a short story video, you need to prepare a formal script, write up a budget, then assemble the cast and crew.

Write the script

The script is of critical importance. It determines the stage settings for the short story video project – it will set out most of what you would need to shoot the short video, including the number of actors, locations, and more.

A ten-minute video might require a script that is about 7-8 pages long. Use more visuals instead of adding excessive dialogue to enhance the viewer experience. Use more visuals and symbolism, also, try to avoid adding too much dialogue to enhance audience appeal. The dialogue should be one of the last things you add to a video script.

While it may seem rather daunting to craft a script all from scratch, you are working on a short story video. This demands less content (more straightforward writing). Short Story Videos should contain a beginning, a middle, and an end.


Craft a storyboard in the early stages, no matter how rudimentary your artistic skills are. Let the crew view these and reference the storyboard sketches in the shoot.

Storyboards refer to a graphic illustration of every scene, shot-by-shot, according to the instructions provided in the script. It resembles a comic book.

Pre-Production Steps

Before casting actors/actresses in the short story video, you need to assemble the crew. This includes the producer, 1st AD (first assistant director), cinematographer, director, editor, and sound technician.

Once you have finished the pre-production work, it is about time to film the video. But before you assemble your camera for real-time video filming, you need to actively scout for locations.

Also known as recce (pronounced ‘Rey-key,’ it is a short form for surveillance), site survey, or tech scout, the director and cinematographer will search for potential locations to shoot the video. When choosing a location site, you must check if the place is suitable for shooting and if there are risks of lighting and sound-related issues.

It is also necessary to obtain formal permission to shoot if you are shooting in a public location setting like a playground. You also must obtain permission from the people who might get captured on film in the background.

Production Time

Plan the filming schedule

The schedule needs to cover all details of your short story video as there must be a fixed time frame for how many days and hours of the shoot, whether you are shooting scene(s) during the day or night, and registering slots for the availability of cast, and crew.

Plan the shooting order

You can shoot out of the order of the scenes in the script if you shoot in multiple locations to avoid going back and forth between different location sites. Ensure you have a fully charged camera and enough memory storage space to capture all the shots.


Get the actors to rehearse the scenes before filming. Shoot more scenes than you need. Take extra shots, including close-up angles that you can include while filming the Short Story Video. Always shoot more shots than the intended scenes because you could eventually include loose frames for enhanced video aesthetics.


Post-production refers to the editing segment of the filmmaking or video production process. During this process, the post-production crew not only pieces together raw footage, but adds visual effects. This is when the film finally comes together into a single cohesive visual narrative, rather than remaining as a random collection of fragmented shots.

Short Story Videos References

In this section, we share some examples and comments of short story videos produced by brands, companies, and organizations in Singapore.

PLEASE NOTE: The videos referenced in this blog article are not produced by Vivid Snaps. The videos are sourced from publicly available websites.

Airport Brand Story Video

Video from Jewel Changi Airport YouTube Channel

Paradise on earth- this might sum up Jewel Changi’s brand story, a compelling visual feast of the urban cosmopolis fused with splendid retail therapy, and a stunning garden paradise all under one roof, which brings out the best of Singapore’s urban experience as a Garden City. This video employs the use of abstract scenes to evoke a myriad of emotions in the viewer. This is followed by a display of scenes from the actual Changi Jewel location. This effectively creates a sense of positive vibes associated with the Changi Jewel brand.

Short Story TVC Production

Video from Love, Bonito YouTube Channel

To illustrate its commitment to customer engagement, Love Bonito empowers the modern female fashion client. They know women are capable, stunning beings; they just do not see enough women strutting around like they display this knowledge. They understand looks; dressing improves esteem. For them, dressing well is just a means to an end, fashion leads to self-authentication. The video delivers the message that dressing empowers, liberates, and authenticates.

Remote Filming Short Story Video

Video from IKEA Singapore YouTube Channel

At this time when more of us are adopting flexible working patterns and changing our working environments, it has never been more important to have a place in the home where they can concentrate and feel comfortable. IKEA has plenty of office furniture, and ideas to help you get inspired, and organized. The video conveys the message that most action now revolves around the home environment, in post-pandemic circumstances, and that IKEA furnishing is able to enhance home aesthetics, experiences, working life, and home memories.

Animated Short Story Video

Video From Singapore Airlines YouTube Channel

The boy scribbles with a pen and the wish is fulfilled subsequently: the plane, dog, and greeting from a stranger materialize after he sketches on the pad with his magic pen. Then the boy wishes that his father would return and it is captured by his mother on the phone with a snap, which in turn compels his father to physically return from abroad, thus conveying the message that Singapore Airlines can effectively turn dreams and wishes into reality.

Mobile Filming Short Story Video

Video from Apple Singapore YouTube Channel

Social media, mobile technology, has democratized the flow of information so everyone can replace mainstream media with their own celebrity without the hassle of having to sign on to a studio or media contract with its requisites of being extraordinarily beautiful, talented, or glamourous. This video is captured on the Apple iPhone 13 Pro but has all the trappings of a glamorous big studio film. The actors are ordinary village folk who film their escapade to Mars with professional, glamorous ease. Technology has democratized film-making by turning the mundane into the spectacular, the peasant villager into the blockbuster celebrity.

Village Documentary Short Story Video

Video from Grab YouTube Channel

Candid, first-person interviews provide testimonies of how Grab Pay has enabled many small business owners to streamline payments, thus enabling their business expansion, consolidation, and operations. The candid, honest, warm interview testimonies effectively communicate how Grab Pay empowers the small business owner, enabling each client’s business expansion, also streamlining payments while improving overall operations and efficiency.

Drama Narrative Short Story Video

Video from DBS YouTube Channel

With the heartwarming narrative of how a cafe owner took a chance on an unemployed orphan girl in dire straits, the Short Story Video conveys how DBS is not just a loan provider, but an enterprise enabler as well as a family rather than just a faceless, anonymous bank, lending a human face to DBS Bank. The human touch is brought out through the sense of compassion, care, and trust, while each bank employee, cafe employer, and cafe employee extends human warmth, care, respect, compassion, and assistance to each other, emphasizing human relationships, and care, trust, empathy, as DBS Bank’s foundational working ethos.

Short Story Video Production Crew in Singapore

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Short Story Video Production is one of the many corporate video production genres that our team produces for our clients. Our team specializes in producing corporate videos intended for internal and external communications.

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