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FinTech Video Production in Singapore

FinTech Videos often prove to be powerful marketing tools that enable brands to heighten customer engagement, nurture client loyalty, or rapidly expand their existing client base.

What is a FinTech Video?

A FinTech Video refers to a short video that features a FinTech company or brand and endorses its products and services while describing in detail, the company’s innovations to potential clients. Many FinTech start-ups take advantage of videos to showcase the features of their FinTech platform or to guide their users on how to use their FinTech systems more efficiently.

Demonstrate practical application uses of your FinTech

Most FinTech companies depend on the content on their website’s landing page to deliver information about their products. Stand out – rather than just describe the functions of your products, demonstrate the applications working in real-time.

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Our team works primarily with corporate clients to produce corporate videos for internal & external communications. These include CEO speech videos, interview videos, office tours, video presentations, remote filming, and event video production. We also work with customized requirements, depending on your business objectives.

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Upon contacting us via email, our project coordinator will discuss with you your project requirements. Then provide you with a proposed quotation for review and approval. Depending on the complexity of your shoot, pre-production services such as scripting, conceptualization, storyboard, and location sourcing may be required.

We advise 3 weeks lead time for straight-forward video shoots, and 4-6 weeks lead time for video shoots requiring pre-production services.

FinTech Video References

In this section, we share some examples and comments of fintech videos produced by brands, companies, and organizations in Singapore.

PLEASE NOTE: The videos referenced in this blog article are not produced by Vivid Snaps. The videos are sourced from publicly available websites.

FinTech Transformation Video

Video reference from MAS YouTube Channel

In this video, we see the extensive use of motion graphics, like graphs and text overlays to illustrate key messages. Also, stock videos are used as fillers throughout the video. When selecting stock assets, it is important to shortlist assets that are relevant to your target audience. In this case, we see that much of the stock footage is set in an Asian context.

Investment Platform App Demo FinTech Video

Video from Syfe YouTube Channel

Syfe is a digital wealth manager built for investors who expect greater transparency, smarter portfolios, and better returns. The candid dialogue exchange that is featured in the FinTech Video, between the two investment managers, highlights the massive investment growth or returns potential that is accessible through the use of Syfe. Within seconds and hours, their investment returns grow exponentially, illustrated through animated graphs and growth charts, with vast reach to global markets, illustrated through global maps.

CEO Interview FinTech Video Production

Video from Plug and Play Indonesia YouTube Channel

Coinhako is a leading FinTech company that provides trading, exchange, and next-generation financial services powered by blockchain technology. The CEO of Coinhako speaks, in the FinTech Video, with great authority and sincere conviction, about Coinhako’s mission to make blockchain technology accessible to all in Asia, especially in Singapore and Indonesia. The FinTech Video demonstrates visually the ease of making currency exchange transactions and cash transfer transactions through the use of the Coinhako money transfer, a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Digital Payment Demo FinTech Video Production

Video from DBS YouTube Channel

PayLah! is the Ultimate Everyday App for making payments. The FinTech Video delivers a compelling visual demonstration of the ease of making payments through Paylah! to get rides, book tickets, order meals, and more. The lively music and graphics that animate the video additionally make the use of the PayLah! app to seem like great fun, a breeze, and a joy to shop with.

FinTech Client Reviews Video Production

The FinTech Video visually demonstrates the efficiency, effectiveness, and usefulness of the platform as well as the ease of use, personalized service, and accessible app navigation use. The FinTech Video appeals to the viewer’s desire for a reliable way to build retirement funds by featuring a platform user who has successfully used Stashaway to build his retirement funds securely, the same way his father saved for retirement by making sound investments. More users testify about how effective Stashaway has proven to be for building up and growing their housing mortgage savings funds and university attendance fee savings funds for their children, in an enthusiastic, affirming tone, appealing to the viewers’ desire for a secure, reliable investment platform.

FinTech Client Testimony Video Production

Endowus builds systems that allow people to take ownership of their financial well-being. The FinTech Video demonstrates how the Endowus app meets the clients’ needs with such immense satisfaction that they testify that Endowus is ‘Great for us.’, ‘All about us.’, ‘Perfect for us.’, ‘It’s all about us.’ This video illustrates to viewers that Endowus clients unanimously agree that the app is client-centered, profitable, and beneficial to their financial well-being.

Payment Gateway & Platform FinTech Video

FOMO Pay is a one-stop digital payment service provider that businesses can work with or subscribe to. The FinTech Video visually demonstrates the ease of making a payment on the FOMO Pay terminal, within a KTV booth, simply by scanning a QR code in order to access multiple modes of digital payments that are available in the market in a single wallet, such as Alipay, Netspay, and Grabpay.

FinTech Payment Gateway Merchant Story Video

FavePay is a mobile payment method that allows customers to pay for their transactions on a merchant’s online store/website. Through many one-on-one interviews with merchants featured in the FinTech Video, like noodle hawkers, electric bicycle retailers, lingerie retailers, and chocolate pastry retailers, who all enthusiastically affirm the ease of making payments and the efficacy of the Favepay platform in nurturing client loyalty with their cashback rebates, the video demonstrates that it is a highly effective, reliable payments platform, well-received, especially by small business owners who wish to nurture client loyalty.

FinTech Webinar & Online Conference Video

Assurity empowers your business and provides your customers in Singapore with a unique digital identity (certificate). The FinTech Video demonstrates the accessibility, and ease of use of the Singpass identity authentication, saving time and trouble. Through a webinar conference with managers from GovTech, the video effectively demonstrates the multiple uses that Singpass may be applied for authentication, as well as displays real-time demos of the 2-Factor authentication methods, to help viewers to understand how to use the app, how accessible and easy it is to use, or even, how to enable face verification, to avoid having to log in with difficult to memorize passwords.

Narrative Digital Payment FinTech Video

Singtel Dash – the all-in-one mobile e-wallet that lets you pay, remit, and get rewarded from one app. The FinTech Video effectively demonstrates the ease of paying dining bills with Singtel Dash, simply by tapping the phone once. The FinTech video visually demonstrates how the dilemma of footing your dinner date’s bill is effectively resolved by simply tapping once with Singtel Dash, rather than fumbling around with credit cards or checking banking account balances.

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As we see from all the above references, videos are increasingly used for communication of a company’s vision, business trends, app features, client testimony, and knowledge sharing. Our team is specialized in the production of videos for businesses.

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