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Tips For Best Poses At Event Photo Booths!

Love photo booths but the idea of getting the perfect picture scare you? Well, not to worry, here are some common mistakes and tips to help you ace your next instant photo booth.

Tilt Your Glasses down

If you’ve got glasses you’ll totally understand what I’m talking about. The ugly green reflection your glasses give off when you take pictures with a flash. It is really annoying and it makes you look very crazy.  Well, here’s the secret to solving all the issues you’ve been having with your glasses. It’s simple, all you need to do is to tilt your head down slightly, but not all the way! You gotta make it look natural. Of course, if you’d want to totally solve the issue, you could take off your glasses for the photo. Don’t worry about not being able to see for a few minutes. Your pictures will still turn out great! You just gotta look in the general direction and you should be good to go!

Tilt the props down

Another common issue people face at photo booths is their cardboard props being whitewashed. This is due to the light from the flash bouncing off the cardboard cut-outs. The fix is simple, just tilt your prop down just a little. Just a little tilt can make that much of a difference in your pictures!

Stand at the Optimal Position

Many people who come to the instant photo booth don’t realize how much their standing position affects the quality of the prints. The camera’s optimal position is altered to the position of the footprint sticker, that’s where the best lighting and focus would be. If you stand too far forward you will look overexposed and out of focus because you’re standing too close to the flash. Too far back and you might find yourself disappearing because you will look underexposed. To get the perfect picture you will need the flash to be able to nicely graze your face so that you’ll be perfectly exposed. So when your photo booth assistant tells you to stand at a certain spot always listen to her. She really gives you the best tips for perfecting your print!

Think about your poses before entering the Photo Booth area

I totally understand your struggle when it comes to posing at photo booths. But never go into a photobooth not knowing what poses to do. Have at least one or two up your sleeve because you wouldn’t want a boring looking printout. If there isn’t any variation in your poses, the print out wouldn’t look as good. Filling the frame with your poses also makes the print out look more interesting and fun!

Don’t look at the Screen, look at the camera lens

This is most probably the most common mistake at photo booths. Everyone wants to look good but once you position yourself nicely in the center of the screen don’t forget to look back up into the camera lens! It prevents weird awkward photos of you not looking into the camera.

Don’t forget to collect your Prints!

Photo booths are loads of fun but after having fun at the booths don’t forget to collect your prints! From time to time, we get people who run off right after taking their photos at the photo booth without collecting their prints and we always try our best to find our best to run after them. We believe that these are your memories that you should cherish and keep, so we would want any of our customers to leave their print behind. So don’t forget to collect your prints!

So with that, these are all the common mistakes people make at photobooths! So try your best to avoid them and that’s the key to nailing every photo booth you visit!

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