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8 Best Event Photographers in Singapore

We have gathered 8 of the best event photographers in Singapore to share insights of their profession and the industry. You can learn more about what makes a good event photographer, the challenges they face and how they overcome them.

Read on to learn about their experiences!

Best Event Photographers in Singapore

The Best Event Photographers in Singapore

Event PhotographerSpecialisation
Steven WongCorporate & Commercial
Clinton LeeCorporate & Commercial
Abdul HafizCorporate & Portraits
Jamie YeoCorporate & Photoshoots
Alex YeeCorporate Events
Alvin HoMusic & Corporate Events
Timothy YapCorporate Events
Boris KuekCorporate & Weddings

Event Photographers You Can Trust

Every event is different and every photographer takes a different approach in their craft. It is no wonder finding a photographer for your event can sometimes be a stressful process.

In most cases, an experienced photographer can ease uncertainty. We have gathered some of the best corporate event photographers for this article. We hope to shed light on the profession and make the process of choosing a photographer less stressful.

* Note that this is not arranged in any particular order.

Best Event Photographers: Their Experiences and Tips

We interviewed our resident photographers and our partnering photographers to for a quick introduction and their tips for delivering the best possible customer experience.

Steven Wong, Senior Event Photographer

Senior Event Photographer, Steven Wong, Vivid Snaps Photography
Best Event Photographer in Singapore, Steven Wong from Vivid Snaps

Steven Wong is the most requested event photographer in Vivid Snaps, a title he always shrug off, and says he is just doing his best.

Steven started out his photography journey as a hobbyist. You would find him at Sungei Buloh wetland reserve with a huge telephoto lens. Waiting patiently for the right moment to capture images of the beautiful rare bird sightings.

After gaining a wealth of experience in the service industry, he made a new commitment to pursue his passion by taking on his career in photography. Steven has been a professional photographer for over 6 years and he has never looked back.

Event Photography Tips

Pack smart

When preparing for a shoot, it is important to anticipate what is going to happen at your event. It is a good practice to do a little bit of research on the location of your event. Google Maps is easily and readily available. This gives you a good gauge on how your event venue would look like.

However, a little hack that I love to use for indoor events is the Instagram location function. This allows you to see other photos that have been taken at the event location. With this, I like to gauge the lighting conditions at the event venue and bring extra equipment if needed. If you are unsure, always bring extra just to play it safe. I also like to carry an extra camera in my camera bag in case anything happens to my main camera. 

Edit images individually

Edit every photo individually! I cannot stress this enough. It is common to find photographers who batch edit their images by using presets. Editing images individually allows me to fine tune the details. It takes much more time, but my clients get great quality images.

Testimonial from Client

This is the second time we have engaged vivid snaps for corporate photography and video services. The team is passionate and provided great insights in ensuring the photo and video shoot process was done timely and professionally. Steven, our photographer was a great asset on set, in directing our talent and capturing a good variety of photo ops.

Jialin Chia

Clinton Lee, Event Photographer

Event Photographer Singapore, Clinton Lee, Vivid Snaps Photography
Event Photographer in Singapore, Clinton Lee from Vivid Snaps

Clinton is a Professional Event Photographer in Singapore. He started his professional career early as an Actual Day Wedding Photographer. Stepping into the world of professional event photography was a decision he made, as a challenge to himself and to expand his portfolio. Today, Clinton possessed more than 4 years of corporate photography experience with Vivid Snaps.

He believes that mastering more niches in the photography industry help him to balance his perspective. Moreover, should any niches get affected by the economy, he will be well positioned to focus on other niches.

Event Photography Tips

Streamline Your Editing Workflow

Very often, a new event photographer takes 2 to 3 times the time to edit the same set of photo. One way that you can cut down on the photo selection process is by giving different ratings 2, 3 , 4 or 5 stars for images that are to be used for different purposes, right during the initial selection. This way, you save time from having to look through the images multiple times.

Understand Your Event Nature & Dress For The Occassion

Find out a little more information about the event that you are heading to, so you can dress appropriately for the event. Not only does this portray a good impression of yourself, it also helps you blend in with the event guests when required.

Testimonial from Client

Clinton did an exceptional job at our event. He was tasked with taking all of our speakers, even though we had multiple sessions running concurrently. Not only did he deliver on his promise, but he was also able to adjust his time according to the flow of each room. He made sure to get shots of all of our speakers in every room, even though the rooms were at least 5 minutes away from each other. This was especially impressive given that there was a point where there were 3 speakers speaking concurrently, and they only had 15 minutes to present on all 3 separate stages!

Joel Gan

Abdul Hafiz, Event Photographer

Abdul Hafiz, Event Photographer Singapore
Event Photographer in Singapore, Abdul Hafiz from Vivid Snaps

Abdul Hafiz was a Mass Communication graduate, and during his course of study, he fell in love with design and photography. His fuelled his passion for creating visuals in the beginning through his school clubs and external organisation. He also did freelance Wedding Photography as well as Event Photography on the side while studying.

Hafiz is constantly finding ways to perfect his craft, meeting other photographers, videographers and creatives, sharing and learning, trying different styles so that he is able to adapt to anything that is required.

Event Photography Tips

Service with a Smile
  •  I think it’s an believe part of being an event photographer, or even a photographer in general. Smiling makes a whole world for those around us. It makes the person being all the more comfortable and happy to be photographed. Another additional step I would do is to commend them on how they look and give them a quick compliment so that they feel good. Breaks the ice instantly.
  •  Anyone can take pictures for events, but it’s really the experience we provide as professional event photographers that leaves a mark on people, be it the client, participants or even other vendors there at an event. So make that mark a memorable and pleasant one that will leave them wanting more.
Pace Yourself
  • First things first, do check with the client on the essential shots that are needed. So with this you know what to shoot and what is not necessary.
  • Once you have that, don’t spam your shots and be too trigger-happy. Do it at a pace that you’re comfortable with, because at the end of the day, as much as you have a lot of options, the excess of photos also means more time will be wasted on the selection and edits of the additional photos.

Jamie Yeo, Event Photographer

Event Photographer, Jamie Yeo, Freelance Photographer
Freelance Event Photographer in Singapore, Jamie Yeo

Graduating with a diploma in 3D Animation, Jamie found herself having a 360-degree career change when she decided to follow her passion for event photography. Being a female photographer in the male-dominated career path has definitely brought about many questions. As I got the chance to sit down and have a chat with her, she shared her struggles in being a female photographer in Singapore.

She commonly gets passing remarks such as “Woah, very rare to see a female photographer” or “Are those gears too heavy for you?” Personally, she feels that the weight of the gear shouldn’t be an issue just because she is a girl. She hopes to encourage young aspiring female photographers to join her in their photography journey, she always believes that the fear of judgment shouldn’t hold anyone back because fear is an illusion. “Always be confident in your works.” 

Event Photography Tips

Always include a variety of angles in your shots

When shooting speakers for events. Many event photographers would photograph the individual from one to two angles and call it a day. Personally, I prefer experimenting with my shots, taking the same subject from different angles.

If you’re thinking of trying out event photography, try experimenting with five different angles. With each angle, shoot one tight shot, one medium shot, and one wide shot. This will give you about 15 different shots you can play with. This is a great way to learn and find out more about which angles you prefer, especially if you are just starting out. 

Observe and feel the vibe of the event

Another tip would be to be observant and attentive to your surroundings. I love capturing the “moment”. Well, the “moment” to me is the vibe of the event. This include shots of people smiling, laughing, conversing and overall having a great time.

These shots act as memories for your client and they would definitely appreciate such shots in the mix of all the other shots. I believe that the photos produced should always reflect the overall vibe of the entire event – a romantic scene for weddings, blowing candles for birthdays and crowds cheering for concerts, etc. 

Alex Yee, Senior Event Photographer

Senior Event Photographer, Alex Yee, Epixfoto
Senior Event Photographer in Singapore, Alex Yee from Epixfoto

Having been a photographer for more than 20 years, Alex has already established and built a name for himself in the event industry. Throughout the decades, he always remained humble and believes that there is always more to learn! He added that as long as he has enough money to get by, he is contented. His passion for photography has indeed stood the test of time!

Event Photography Tips

Arriving early

Arriving early is something that many photographers take for granted. Always arrive at least an hour before the event. The extra time ensure that an unforeseen traffic jam or a difficult-to-find venue does not stop you from arriving punctually.

Familarise with the venue

Arriving early also has additional perks, it gives you time to familarise with the event venue. This includes identifying the entrance where GOH or VIP will be arriving from. The client will also have more time to brief you on the event requirements.

Boris Kuek, Senior Event Photographer

Senior Event Photographer, Boris Kuek
Senior Event Photographer in Singapore, Boris Kuek

Boris discovered his photography passion in 2009, capturing the beauty of different moments, breathtaking landscapes and stillness of nature. He believes in constant self-improvement, and noted that the photography community is constantly learning and improving by learning from each other.

Since then, he has racked up a number of accomplishments for himself, the proudest moment for him was being featured on in the local Chinese newspaper, LianHeZaoBao as part of an expedition team called Urban Explorers of Singapore. Boris is now a full-time professional photographer specialising in events and independent photo shoots.

Event Photography Tips

Know your client

You can have the best images, the most beautiful and creative shot. But if you aren’t able to capture what the client wants or require, no amount of beautiful images can save you from being eliminated from the client’s list of ‘go-to’ photographers.

Don’t take the trust for granted

When client engage our professional service, they are putting a great deal of trust on us. A missed moment may mean a missed opportunity for the future. Always double check with clients on the requirements and important moments before the event starts and keep watch of the schedule. Some events run really quickly, and an important segment could be over in the blink of an eye.

If you are not present at the right place at the right time, you missed your chance. Try your best to keep in mind what the next program is, so you won’t be surprised by the swift turn of events. Sometimes, last minute changes are inevitable, so always be on the lookout and keep yourself alert. You will never miss a shot if you are mentally prepared.

Timothy Yap, Senior Event Photographer

Senior Event Photographer, Timothy Yap, Blackwater Photography
Senior Event Photographer in Singapore, Timothy Yap from Blackwater Photography

Timothy is the kind of guy that had always loved event photography as a kid. But he never got the chance to pursue it until 2008. He was handed a camera during his internship to capture the vibes of different events. That kick-started his photography journey and he moved on to work with commercial photographers at a creative agency.

After years of hard work, he managed to save enough money to buy his own camera. During then, he would shoot and upload his works on social media, and a year after, he started receiving enquiries to render his services. In 2009, he made the decision to jump into doing photography full-time and there was no turning back for him. 

Event Photography Tips

The technical know hows

When you are shooting for events, the lighting conditions are unpredictable. If it is an indoor event, there might be bright lights and lighting changes throughout the event. On the other hand, if it is an outdoor event, the sun and the clouds are going to be your worst enemy because the atmospheric lightning is going to be constantly changing. So being proficient with technical skills can really give you an edge when shooting events.

Events are usually very fast paced, so you need to work quickly when changing your settings to make sure you don’t miss your shot. Knowing the right shutter speed, aperture, ISO to use will allow you to easily and swiftly change the settings according to the surroundings. Sometimes, I do like to say that there is a little bit of luck involved as well. If you’re lucky, the atmospheric lighting can work in your favour as well. For example, if it is consistently cloudy throughout you wouldn’t need to change too much of your settings. So yeap, I would say the most important tip is to know your camera well, but don’t worry this definitely comes with time and experience as well. 

Alvin Ho, Music Event Photographer

Music Event Photographer, Alvin Ho, AlvieAlive
Music Event Photographer in Singapore, Alvin Ho from AlvieAlive

Alvin has a passion for both photography and music. He loves to combine both of his passions into one, so you’ll commonly find him photographing music festivals or concerts. He loves capturing live music moments and the atmosphere and vibe of each venue, be it an intimate music showcase or a sold out concert arena.

Tips as an Event Photographer

To prepare myself for a concert shoot, I tend to review live videos from recent shows that the band I’m shooting has played. I take mental notes of anything unique that the band has a tendency to do while performing live, for example, a particular moment in a song where a member of the band will come out to interact with the crowd. Everything else after that is a balance of both the vibe of the whole show as well as the anticipation of what could happen during the performance because concert photography is, after all, fairly unpredictable and always get ready to be surprised

Tips for beginners

Don’t burst your shots, it lengthens your editing process. Practice shooting single shots. When you first start out you tend to shoot everything, its good but don’t stick to the same style, experiment with your shots. So for the next event, challenge yourself to shoot only photos you think you would keep.

Being in the industry for so long, I too am constantly learning and improving myself. So always remember to say humble and learn from others. Don’t be afraid to ask fellow photographers, you’ll soon come to realize they are the friendliest people you’d meet, just show them respect and they will be more than happy to show you the tricks of their trade!

Erratic uncontrolled lighting conditions, unpredictable movements, and loud music are what you get when photographing a live concert. Also for most concerts, the usage of flash is not permitted as it is distracting for both the audience and the performer. As a concert photographer, you definitely have a job to do but the show will always go on as long as the performers are on stage and fans are in attendance. You should never get in the way of either of them.

Best Event Photographers in Singapore

We hope that you have a better idea of how event photography works from the tips shared by these experienced event photographers in Singapore.

How Much Do Event Photographers Charge For Transportation Fee?

Many common event locations in Singapore are quite accessible and are connected to MRT stations via sheltered walkway, allowing event photographers to travel with ease. Nonetheless, you may be charged a nominal transportation fee if your event location is not easily accessible. This fee typically range from $30 to $60 for a 1-way trip.

A location that is easily accessible is usually defined as a 5-minute walk from an MRT station and covered with sheltered walkway. The reason a sheltered walkway is necessary is to avoid travel disruption during wet weather.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of locations that an event photographer may charge for transportation fee.

  • Chin Bee Drive
  • FOC Sentosa
  • HortPark
  • Red Dot Design Museum
  • Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa, Singapore
  • Shangri-La Singapore
  • Singapore Cricket Club
  • The Alkaff Mansion
  • The St. Regis Singapore
  • Tuas / Tuas South
  • Victoria Concert Hall
  • York Hotel Singapore

How Much Do Event Photographers Charge For Early Morning Reporting Fee?

When you engage our event photography service with a reporting time of 8.30am or earlier, we have a nominal early reporting fee in place.

This fee is our commitment to promoting a healthy work-life balance and considering the well-being of our event photographers. We understand the strain of early morning commitments, especially after a demanding schedule the night before.

The fee helps cover transportation costs, allowing our event photographers to reach your event venue comfortably without the hassle of peak hour train travel. This way, we support our team’s mental and physical well-being, ensuring they can give their best during your event.

The early reporting fee covers for the photographer’s transportation and typically range from $30 to $60 for a 1-way trip. This fee should not overlap with the transportation fee. Which means, if the transportation fee has already been charged, you should not be charged again for early reporting.

Our photographers will typically report about 15 mins prior to your event engagement time.

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