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Wireless Live Feed Videographer Singapore

There are many event videographers but not all event videographers have the capability to provide wireless video live feed for your event. Wireless video live feed is a niche. Our team has the equipment and expertise to support your events.

Live Feed vs. Live Stream

Live feed and live stream refers to 2 completely different services.

Live feed is where a videographer transmit his signal locally, usually from his camera to a vision mixer handled by an AV crew. The video signal is then projected onto venue projector screen or more recently, LED backdrop has become a common place.

Live stream on the other hand is usually referred to online video live streaming. Common free-to-use live streaming platforms are YouTube and Facebook.

Wireless Video Live Feed is usually used in a live stream production when mobility of the videographer is required.

What Is The Wireless Live Feed Range?

Wireless live feed videographers rely heavily on their wireless transmitter and receiver to get the job done. These are usually high performance wireless transmitter capable of transmitting from range of 100M to 1000M.

Most commonly, you will find wireless live feed videographers using transmitter capable of range between 100M to 200M. This is usually sufficient for a stable transmission within a hotel ballroom.

Transmitting high resolution video signal requires a very high bandwidth. The transmission signal can be affected by obstacle such as office partition walls or glass panels and other wireless devices.

When Do You Need Wireless Live Feed Videography?

Wireless Live Feed Videographer Singapore
Static camera filming angle during a hybrid event

Most professional live feed videographers will recommend you to use SDI cable for video transmission. As this would ensure a most stable signal. However, SDI cable tend to degrade signal beyond 150M. Hence, wireless video live feed with a long range can be used to overcome this.

There are situations where laying a cable may also proves to be challenging, such as video live feed across 2 buildings.

At event venues, cable can also be a tripping hazard when not managed carefully. This is another situation where wireless video live feed can be a solution.

Camera For Wireless Live Feed Videography

Not every event videographer will possess the right equipment for wireless video live feed. Primarily because the service is not in high demand.

Many event videographers today are using mirrorless camera that is light enough to be mounted on an electronic gimbal stabiliser. These mirrorless cameras are usually not suited for continuous long-duration operations.

Multi Camera Live Feed

If you event calls for video live feed of multiple camera angles, you will need a video switcher to mix and output the different sources. Your AV crew may have the capability to provide the video switcher equipment and expertise. Otherwise, the vision mixer and cable laying can also be provided by our videography team, and output to your AV crew for projecting to the venue projector and LED walls.

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