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Corporate Q&A Interview Video Production

A Q&A style interview video is an effective way to communicate key messages to customers and stakeholder of your business. Interview and corporate speech videos are also referred to as Talking Head Video Production in some cases.

Corporate Interview Video Filming (Q&A Style)

Reference of a 2-person video interview filming

This interview video uses an informal Q&A style, which makes the subject more approachable. As a filming style like this allow the subject to reply to the question in an impromptu manner.

Remote Corporate Interview Video Filming

Remote Video Production Singapore
Reference of a remote filming done in a studio with overseas interviewee

In this professionally managed remote interview filming, we have a presenter and professional setup at our green screen studio. While the remote interviewee logs on remotely. This was produced during when travel was restricted, and the final video was aired during a hybrid event at Suntec City.

Fireside Chat Interview Filming & Video Production

Reference of a fireside chat interview video production

Recruitment Interview Filming & Video Production

Reference video of a recruitment interview video production

Office Interview Filming & Video Production

Office interview video production reference by Vivid Snaps

Client Testimonial Interview Filming & Video Production

Reference of a client’s testimonial interview filming and video production

Studio Interview Filming & Production

Reference of a studio interview video filming & production

In this video interview series, 3 outstanding subjects were featured and sharing their thoughts about volunteer. We setup a studio in the client’s office, using white background and coloured lights, we created a different background colour for each subject.

To make the video more interesting, 2 camera angles were used. And photos from an existing library was added to bring context of their interview content. Our video team had also filmed B-rolls of the volunteers in action to complete the story.

Using Teleprompter for Speech Video Filming

Teleprompter used for speech & interview video production
Reference photo of a teleprompter suitable for speech filming

For scripted interview and speech filming, a teleprompter is almost always necessary. The teleprompter helps to keep the speaker’s focus on the camera lens. Which results in a final video that appears more sincere and engaging.

A teleprompter is not a smart or automated device, and it requires an operator to scroll along when the speaker is making his or her speech. When you engage our teleprompter service, it will always come with a teleprompter operator.

Green Screen Studio For Corporate Interview Video Filming

Best Green Screen Studio
Reference photo of the Vivid Snaps green screen studio

When you are coordinating a video production, you know that the multiple moving parts make logistics a nightmare. We have therefore setup a green screen studio within our office, reserved only for our clients. Which means, we can provide high availability to you. And not having to coordinate separate parties for studio and video production team will save you some hassle.

Our green screen studio is suitable for corporate interview filming of up to 2 persons. Many of our clients have also used this green screen studio for corporate speech video filming.

We have also written a couple of article of the different green screen studio or furnished studio, for when you need them for specific requirements.

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Corporate interview filming & interview video production company in Singapore
Corporate group photo of the Vivid Snaps video team

Our team works primarily with corporate clients for corporate interview video production and other communication videos. We will be happy to leverage on our experience to explore new possibilities with you. For a cost estimate of your project, drop us a message with your project details.

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