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Host A Corporate Office Live Stream

Having trouble finding a suitable studio space for your live stream? Why not consider live streaming from the comfort of your corporate office space?

In this article, we share how events can be live streamed from your corporate office and what are some things to note when your organisation is considering to host a corporate office webcast.

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What is a Live Stream?

A live stream typically involves live broadcasting to a virtual audience in real-time. The online streaming media can be simultaneously recorded and broadcasted, allowing viewers who missed a live stream to view it after the session is over

At Vivid Snaps, we are a live webcast vendor providing professional live stream production services for multiple types of live streams: Remote Live Stream, Virtual Event, and Hybrid Event.

As more companies switch to live streaming as a medium to engage with their audiences during this time of physical distancing, we have noticed that live streams are becoming increasingly professionally produced. If you would like to produce an engaging live stream that stands out from the crowd, we highly recommend that you engage a professional live streaming service provider.

Things to Consider When Hosting A Corporate Office Live Stream

Filming your corporate live stream at an external studio space might take up unnecessary spending costs that could potentially be used for other purposes. Using your office space can not only save studio rental costs but also allow your colleagues and presenters to feel more relaxed when they are operating at a familiar place.

We break down 4 areas to consider when you host a live stream in your office.

(1) Does your office have adequate space for a live stream set-up?

An important point to note should you wish to host your live stream in an office would be to ensure that there is adequate space.

There should be a proposed “stage” area for your emcee and/or presenters, not to forget your supporting staff and the live streaming crew for your event.

Any space smaller than 6m by 6m would be difficult to host a live stream.

Typically, a site-recce will be carried out to determine if the office space is suitable for hosting a live stream. In terms of technical aspects, the technical crew will require space to set-up equipment such as lighting equipment, desktops, laptops, video cameras, audio equipment, etc.

If you would like to have a virtual backdrop for your live stream, we can set up a green screen or blue screen studio at your office space. During the live stream, our team will be able to use chroma key to remove the green or blue backdrop and add in a graphic overlay.

Our team is also capable of designing unique graphic overlays like virtual backgrounds and lower-thirds to promote your corporate branding.

(2) Discuss with your production vendor on the exact requirements of your live stream

During the pre-production stage of planning for your corporate live stream, you should go through your programme flow with your live stream production vendor who will be assisting with the technical aspects of the live stream. This is essential as your vendor will be able to advise you on things you might be unsure of, such as the recommended number of video cameras for the filming.

At Vivid Snaps, our project coordinators and crew are equipped with knowledge on the ideal set-up of a corporate office live stream and will be able to provide you with helpful information depending on the requirements of your live stream.

Live Streaming Live Webcasting Provider Singapore

With a professional live stream production vendor, you need not worry about the different types of equipment needed to stream a live stream to the platform of your choice as they will take care of this. All necessary equipment will be transported to your office venue.

(3) Will your live stream require the sharing of presentation slides?

Based on past experiences, we would recommend allocating one dedicated laptop and personnel to control the presenting of slides. Exporting your slides as a PowerPoint presentation is ideal.

This arrangement can allow you to achieve a better resolution for the content of the slides when live streaming to your virtual audience. Depending on the platform you are live streaming on, the resolution of the slides might get downgraded, potentially affecting the virtual experience for the audience viewing your live stream.

(4) Does your office space have a LAN port for stable live streaming?

For a stable live streaming, we would advise that your office venue have LAN ports that our technical crew can connect our devices to. However, if your office does not have a LAN port, fret not!

At Vivid Snaps, we are equipped with 4G data routers/modems subjected to availability. These routers are able to support the recommended bandwidth needed to live stream, providing good data coverage for your event.

There might also be new buildings or certain regions in Singapore that do not have access to any 4G signal. This would affect the possibility of live streaming from that venue as it would not be suitable. In this case, alternative arrangements would have to be made.

Engage a Professional Live Streaming Service Provider Today

We commonly see live streams in the following event types:

  • Webinar / Seminar
  • Panel Discussion
  • Product Launch
  • Awards Ceremony
  • Lifestyle and ecommerce content

We encourage you to consider live streaming as a virtual solution to your organisation’s needs in these uncertain times.

At Vivid Snaps, we provide professional live streaming services. Our professional live streaming crew helps you to take the uncertainty out of your live stream. If you would like to explore the option of live streaming, do not hesitate to drop us a message vis the message box at the side of the page!

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