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10 Most Successful Kickstarter Videos

A Kickstarter project is an option for entrepreneurs or small businesses to consider when looking to raise support and funds for a new product. To do that, a successful Kickstarter project is usually supported by a strong story, told through a well thought out video production.

Today, we will take a look at the most successful Kickstarter videos out there. And by breaking down the elements in these videos, we will understand how these founders used their strong narrative and a well-produced video to garner support from hundreds and thousands of supporters.

Read on as we analyse many Kickstarter videos, and give you essential tips to succeed.

What Aspects Does A Good Kickstarter Video Have? 

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The Introduction  

Every good Kickstarter video begins by introducing themselves to their viewers. This is to familiarise the viewers with their brand and instill confidence in them.  

Introductions can also work as attention grabbers. They can start with an intriguing question or a bold statement that piques the viewer’s interest.  

Identify The Problem  

Kickstarters are made when innovators aim to release products that solve issues. But to gain people’s attention, they must first convince people that a problem exists.  

The problems being tackled must be general and faced by the majority of people. This helps with the relevance of the products, as people will become welcoming to solutions for these issues.  

Present A Solution  

Now that you have the attention of these people, it is time to present them with a solution. The solution could be anything from a gadget to an accessory, or maybe an application.   

The most important part of all of this is how you present the solution to the viewers. It must be convincing, clear, and straight to the point.   

The solution must be demonstrated to the viewers as well, again and again, to put emphasis on the product’s efficacy.   

Showcase Features  

Your product may bring about solutions, but it has to be enticing and competitive as well. Showcase features of your product that stands out from its competition.  

The audience must know that what they are buying is better than what they already have, and there is a clear benefit to getting the product.   

Include clips in your video that demonstrate such features and show them that it works effectively.  

Call to Action  

The video must end with a call to action; encourage them to take action. Be it pre-ordering the product or pledging to make the product a reality, tell your viewers what they should do.  

Giving your viewers a clear direction on what they can do; should they be convinced by the product, is the most important part of a Kickstarter.   

The video could be extremely convincing, or it could also pique no interest. However, none of that would matter without a proper conclusion, the call to action. 

List of The Most Successful Kickstarter Videos  

There are various types of product Kickstarter videos in this list that have garnered a huge amount of supporters and funding to make their projects come to life. They range from wallets to 3D printers, or even a bird feeder.

One thing they have in common is that their Kickstarter videos all managed to convince their viewers. Hence, let us break their videos down and see how they have managed to do it.

1. Pebble Time

Video From Pebble YouTube Channel

Released in 2015, Pebble Time is the most successful Kickstarter project ever on the platform. A total of 78,471 backers pledged $20,338,986 for the project to come to fruition, to which it did.

The video is simple and follows the key principles of a good Kickstarter video. This is different, however, as they already have a community of supporters from that previous project where they released the world’s first smartwatch.

This project is an upgrade to that project, bringing an updated version of the previous Pebble watch. The video wastes no time and gets into the features of the watch. We are shown b-rolls of people using the watch in their daily lives, making their lives easier.

The creator and narrator of the video also join in and demonstrates the features of the watch. We then see a short tour of the office, packed with employees working hard to make the watch come to life.

As the creator walks into the office, everyone gathers behind him. The video ends with the entire office celebrating the launch of the project, sending viewers the message that ‘It’s Time’, a pun relating to what they do.

The video is fun and simple but gets the job done as Pebble is an established company with a following. Viewers know exactly what they need to do as they watch the video; to pledge and support the project.

2. Coolest Cooler

Video from Coolest Cooler Kickstarter page

The Coolest Cooler is one of those Kickstarter projects that are simple and effective because it might be one of the coolest coolers out there. The project had 62,642 backers that pledged $13,285,226 to make this project come to life, way beyond its goal of $50,000.

The video is colour graded with a film vibe, giving it a dated type of look. The families and their children going out for a picnic match the colour grading as well.

The creator’s narration manages to explain the product well, in terms of its features and what problems it manages to solve. From it being a makeshift picnic basket to having a speaker and charging port built-in, the features seem to be endless.

The video production is professional, with proper camera work, although slightly generic at times. There was a good use of match cuts at 2:08, where you see the cooler being filled up while the cooler stays still. The framing and compositions of the shots in the video are well thought out as well.

The video ends with the creator assuring the viewers that the product is ready to be manufactured and will be of the best quality it can be. However, it can only be done with their support. This is a great call to action and ends off the video with a good conclusion.

3. Pebble Time 2

Video From Pebble YouTube Channel

In a more recent project by Pebble, they’ve given their most successful smartwatch a refresh. Not just that, they now have 2 variations for consumers to choose from.

This time, their product launch video is of higher production quality. The project managed to attract 66,673 backers who pledged a total of $12,779,843.

There is a good use of time-lapse videos and slow-motion videos, giving the video more dynamic range. The features of the watch are well demonstrated, with actors shown using the watch in their daily lives.

Compared to their previous Pebble Time video, this video is produced much better with good exposure and colour grading.

The editing and graphics clearly show the features of the products, and the camera work in the video is smooth and professional. The transitions are smooth, with the use of masking in one of the shots at 3:50, simple but effective.

This Kickstarter video managed to showcase their product well, and the call to action was short and confident. The creator thank the viewers for their support beforehand, confident that the viewers will support the project.

4. Peak Design Travel Tripod

Video from Peak Design YouTube Channel

Peak Design is a company that produces all sorts of camera gear for enthusiasts or professionals. In 2019, they revealed their travel tripod that rounded up 27,168 backers pledging $12,143,435 to the project.

This Kickstarter video has a unique take on an introduction. Brookes Fletcher, presumably an employee of theirs, gives testimony and introduction to the product. The idea is that you must be able to bring a tripod with you anywhere you go.

This is where the product comes into play. The travel tripod is compact and removes dead volume, maximising portability.

They then show shots of the product in a dark environment, using a lighting arrangement that makes the product pop out from the dark backdrop.

We then see the tripod being utilised by various people, all using it for different purposes. The versatility and quality of the travel tripod is clearly shown.

The video production of this video is professional, as expected from a company created by camera experts. The shots are smooth and framed well, and slow-motion shots are used adequately.

They then end the video by thanking the supporters for making their dream a reality. Although there is not a direct call to action, the viewers understand the point of the video and know what to do to support the project.

5. BAUBAX Travel Jackets

Video from BauBax YouTube Channel

Introduced in 2015, BauBax released their project on Kickstarter to make the best travel jacket ever. The project eventually raised $9,192,055 from 44,949 backers.

The video starts off with a confident introduction of the product, introducing the world’s best travel jackets, ‘PERIOD.’. But their claim is soon to be justified.

Throughout the video, we see 4 actors wearing 4 different types of travel jackets: the blazer, the windbreaker, the bomber, the blazer, and the sweatshirt. All the different designs, although contrasting, packs the same 15 features included.

These features are showcased throughout the video as our actors travel via plane. The jacket has everything one needs while traveling, from built-in gloves to an inflatable neck pillow!

BauBax managed to identify issues many people face on their travel trips and consolidate all the solutions into one product that costs way lesser.

The video production was simple, but it managed to showcase all of its features convincingly. They even ended the video by telling their viewers to make their video viral by sharing it online; after pre-ordering the jacket of course.

6. Snapmaker 2.0

Video from Snapmaker YouTube Channel

Snapmaker released their Snapmaker 2.0 project in 2019, gathering $7,850,866 from a total of 7,388 backers.

Snapmaker 2.0’s video is one of those Kickstarter videos that has the style of an industrial corporate video. They start off by introducing the success of their first version of the Snapmaker, before introducing their new and improved product.

The product shots in the video are well shot, using a low aperture lens for more bokeh in the background, bringing attention to the product itself.

At 0:37, we see an underwater shot of the product being anodized, with all the bubbles in the water floating up to the surface. This video makes use of what they have to create interesting shots throughout the video.

Although a 3D printer is not something everyone needs in their daily life, Snapmaker’s success comes from the fact that they made 3D printing and laser cutting much more accessible to everyone than ever before. It is not a solution, but an innovation.

The video ends with a short and sweet call to action, asking people to join them and back them on Kickstarter today.

7. Fidget Cube

Video from Antsy Labs YouTube Channel

This interesting product called the Fidget Cube managed to get 154,926 backers to pledge a total of $6,465,690. What exactly is a Fidget Cube?

This Kickstarter video for Fidget Cube is an interesting one, starting off with a more comedic take on an advertisement for the Fidget Cube. We see a character being unable to stop fidgeting, and obsessed with bubble wrap as solemn music plays in the background.

The solution? Fidget Cube, a cube that you fidget with.

The creators of the fidget cube then come in with a more serious explanation of their product, mentioning that fidgeting actually helps people to better focus on tasks at hand, keeping ‘floating attention’ off.

The production value of the video is nothing spectacular, but it is simple and gets the job done, there are nice shots of the product being used, and there were definitely some creative and dramatic shots in the comedic advertisement.

The Fidget Cube brings a simple solution to a simple problem, and its popularity is well understood.

8. Bird Buddy

Video from Bird Buddy Youtube Channel

Bird Buddy launched its smart bird feeder in late 2020, which was being funded till early this year. A total of 22,925 backers pledged €4,190,158, approximately $4,989,321 to support this project.

The product is interesting, a bird feeder that has a camera built into it. A camera, that has the ability to alert the owner when a bird comes by for a visit and even identifies the type of bird it is by its chirping.

Birdwatching is definitely not a common hobby, and failing to take photos of birds is definitely not a common struggle. However, the success of the project could be due to its Kickstarter video.

The video is a short story of a bird-loving elderly man that cannot seem to take proper photos of the birds that come by his house.

The video is well-produced, with a darker and more contrasted colour grading, that slowly shifts from a cooler tone to a warmer tone as the man’s life is improved by Bird Buddy.

The set design and shot compositions are aesthetic and beautiful, especially the wide shots such as at 0:32 and the overhead shot at 0:46.

Overall, the video is well-produced and the call to action is clear at the end; get your fellow bird lovers a Bird Buddy by supporting them on Kickstarter.

9. Pimax 8K

Video from Pimax YouTube Channel

In 2017, Pimax introduced the Pimax 8K VR that managed to attract 5,946 backers to pledge $4,236,618 for the project.

To begin with, Pimax 8K VR aims to bring VR to the next level, making VR more immersive by mainly introducing a wider view in their headset.

The video production of this Kickstarter video is very simple, with mainly a compilation of people speaking about the product in an interview filming format.

The product shots are simple, with a black backdrop and professional lighting that brings out every detail of the product as a macro lens is used to showcase it. There are also shots included of people demonstrating how the product would be used.

The video is simple and understandable. Although VR is not an innovation everyone is concerned with, it is a huge part of digitalisation as we move into the future. It is not a shock to see the amount of support for a product like this.

The video ends with a simple call to action, with the ending animation encouraging people to find out more at their website.

10. Arsenal 2

Video from Ryan Stout YouTube Channel

The Arsenal 2 is a product launched in 2020 that was funded by 21,339 backers who pledged $4,243,975 in total. Arsenal 2, is an AI assistant for your camera.

The video starts with Ryan Stout introducing himself as a software developer and a photographer, who is obsessed with getting the perfect photo. This is a great introduction, as it hints at what the product is going to be.

The shots in this video are beautiful, to begin with. The video starts off by showing Ryan in various locations through a wide shot that dwarfs Ryan while showing us the beautiful landscape.

There is a good use of time-lapse and slow-motion shots as well, used sparingly to keep it fresh. The product shot at 0:35 seemed to be shot with a robotic arm, due to the extremely smooth camera movement that makes the product itself look surreal.

As for the product itself, it is a camera assistant that handles all the technical aspects of your shot, from the exposure to the shutter speed and etc. With all that, all you have to think about is the composition of your shot.

The features of the product are well presented, with videos of the Arsenal 2 in action. We are then shown the beautiful results, assisted by the Arsenal 2.

The call to action is great as well, encouraging the viewers by telling them that they cannot wait to see what the supporters can make with Arsenal 2.

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