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Shopping Mall Photographer in Singapore

Our shopping mall photographers deliver a wide range of photography production for our clients. We regularly deliver works for corporate clients and we are familiar with the requirements of corporate organisations and businesses.

Shopping Mall Facade Photography

Facade of YewTee Point captured by photographer Steven Wong

During the shooting process, a photographer will consider a few aspect before committing on a shot. For instance, a slower shutter speed it to be used to blur the shoppers in this image. In some cases, sky replacement is necessary to achieve the perfect skyline to complement the image of your shopping mall exterior.

Multiple images may also be combined for the perfect scene where there is not too many shoppers that it covers the facade of your mall. Nor too little shoppers that it looks empty.

Meanwhile, during the editing process, the photographer will also consider if certain objects should be removed. Some examples of these objects that are digitally remove includes, sewage cover or trash bins. In some cases, if the scene shows a competitor branding, it has to be worked on as well.

Shopping Mall Night Scene Photography

A night scene of the shopping mall facade

Your shopping mall facade can take on very different vibe during the day in the evening. Having a variety of shots and angles allow you to be flexible when using them in your future marketing materials.

Night Time Building Photography Singapore
A night scene of Suntec City during anti-drug campaign

More than a dozen of building and landmarks lit up in teal in celebration of the CNB Anti-drug Campaign in 2019. Our team of photographers were stationed at these locations to capture the iconic event.

Shopping Mall Timelapse Photography

PLQ time-lapse video in Singapore
Time-lapse photography & videography of shopping mall facade

When your mall features a gorgeously lit facade, you could consider a night shot of your shopping mall. To take things a little further, a shopping mall time-lapse is used for PLQ mall. To achieve this, the time-lapse was shot at a traffic junction opposite the mall during dusk.

Time-lapse are created by taking a series of photos, and in this case hundreds of photos. You will need approximately 25 to 30 images to make up 1 second of footage. Hence a pre-shoot calculation is done by our time-lapse photographer, to achieve time-lapse footage of an adequate duration and effect.

Shopping Mall Retail Shops Photography

Food retail interior photo by Steven Wong

Shopping Mall Retail Interior Photography

An interior photo of shopping mall taken by photographer Steven Wong

Human subjects in shopping mall retail interior photos can be blurred to maintain privacy. This is achieved using long exposure or edited in post.

Shopping Mall Service Photography

Photo of a shopping mall customer service counter

Customer Service Photography

Customer Service Photography Singapore
Customer service stock photos for businesses

On top of the building and environment shots, customer service with human subjects are also crucial for connecting with your shoppers.

Shopping Mall Video Production

In addition to our team of photographers, our video production team work on Shopping Mall videos. This covers end-to-end video production beginning from conceptualisation, pre-production planning, filming and post-production.

The video production works we have done for shopping malls and businesses includes, brand and promotional videos for social media, festive celebration videos, CSR videos and event video highlights.

Commercial Building Facade Photography

Commercial Building Photography
Photo of commercial building shot by Steven Wong

Aerial & Drone Photography of Commercial Building

Drone Building Photographer
Aerial photo of commercial building

Our Shopping Mall Media Production Team

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo
Group photo of the Vivid Snaps team

Our media production team consists of photographers, video professionals and account servicing managers. We are happy to be acquainted with you and we look forward to be part of your next media production project.

To start a working relationship with us, get in touch with our Project Managers using the contact us form on this page, or visit our Contact us page to explore other communication options.

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