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Corporate Group Photo in Kuala Lumpur

We are happy to be travelling to Kuala Lumpur to support our client’s event. For this trip, we had been tasked to provide instant on-site printing of corporate group photo for a group of about 40 business attendees. The photo of a small garden you see above is the location within Grand Millennium Hotel that we had chosen as the background of the group photo. Our team arrived early for setup and preparations prior to the photo shoot. After the shoot, our editing artist edited the photo on-site and printed the photos in 8R for all recipients.

As our team had arrived Kuala Lumpur a day earlier, we took some time to explore the iconic city centre. With the limited time we had, we managed a little shopping and some good food. Below we share some of our experiences.

Japanese Food Photography KL Malaysia
Japanese Food at Sushi Zanmai (Plaza Low Yat)

Our first stop upon reaching Kuala Lumpur, we looked around for decent dining place for lunch. We settled for Sushi Zanmai and it did not disappoint. The restaurant served delicious sushi options at an acceptable price point. Definitely worth checking out when you are in KL.

Street Food Photography KL Kuala Lumpur
Street Food at Jalan Alor (Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur)

If you are staying the night in KL, this will be a good destination for dinner. You will find an array of local dishes, but be warned that some dishes we had did not live up to our expectations. Nonetheless, these 2 are our favourites:
Recommendation 1: Dim Sum – Yam Siew Mai (Purple)
The Siew Mai in this place comes in many flavours, something that we have not seen in Singapore. Our favourite was the Yam flavoured one for its prominent taste.
Recommendation 2: Coconut Ice-cream
Nothing too special, just good tasting coconut ice-cream. ūüôā

Ramly Restaurant Malaysia
Ramly Restaurant Once Again

We had stopped over at the Ramly Restaurant during our journey once again, as one of our team members had not been here before. He eventually concluded that he prefers the Ramly burgers offered on the streets.

Hotel Room Photography KL Malaysia Card Key
Hotel Room Key Card Wall Slot

It is quite common to find key card wall slot in Malaysia’s hotels. These aren’t the old school slots where you can trick them with a business card. You will need a chipped card, of which you should have a couple in your wallet anyway. Try your EZ-Link, Kopitiam card or other membership cards you may have. Just don’t use your credit card (for obvious reasons).
Disclaimer: We use this only to keep the wall socket going to charge our portable power banks. We switch off all other electrical devices before leaving the room.

Light Painting Photo Booth, Malaysia, Photo Booth, Photography, Singapore

Light Painting Photo Booth Singapore

Firstly, we would like to congratulate the winners of SPH iink Awards 2016! To complement the scale and grandeur of this occasion, Vivid Snaps set up a unique light painting photo booth for the event guests.

The event has been a huge success and a grand visual treat. With an amazing stage backdrop and several light show performances, it was a dazzling night!

Malaysia, Photo Booth, Photography, Singapore

Choosing A Wedding Photo Booth in Singapore

Greetings from Vivid Snaps!

When planning for your big day, you will be searching for programmes to keep your guests entertained. An instant photo booth is a good option, and it has always been a popular hit at any wedding!

When you are about to engage a photo booth, you might search online for photo booth reviews and realise how little information you can find on Singapore photo booth vendors. In this blog post today, we will offer our perspective on what to look out for when choosing a photo booth for your big day!

Choose Your Favourite Print Size

You may already hold a ton of 4R photo booth prints from all the previous weddings you’ve attended. Why not go for something different at your wedding? A professional photo booth vendor should be able to provide you with various options for your print size. At Vivid Snaps, we provide 4R, card-sized and photo strip prints.

How Many Hours Should I Engage?

Our most common wedding bookings are 2 or 4 hours. Typically, our busiest times will be during the cocktail reception and after the first dish. Nonetheless, we will always recommend taking up 4 hours should budget permits. Extension hours are really affordable and there¬†will always be guests slipping out to take a photo throughout the entire wedding celebration, so don’t disappoint them! Ensure that you receive maximum value with our next tip.

Maximise Your Engagement Time

In order to ensure that you maximise your photo booth engagement, have your emcees announce about the photo booth and its operating times at regular intervals. So guests are always reminded to drop by and have their photos taken.

Does your guests receive their photos eventually?

There are already plenty of things to worry about on this busiest day of your life. The last thing you need is to hear your guests complaining that they did not receive their photos from the photo booth. Photos should be printed as fast as possible and effectively distributed to respective guests. With our SSD-fitted computers and fastest available lab quality photo printer, we are able to present the fastest possible instant photo booth in the market. Our staff are also dedicated to making sure your guests actually receive their photos. Why else would you engage a photo booth then, right?

Customised Photo Border Design

Many photo booth vendors are experts in their craft, and they capture amazing photos. Beyond that though, you should also look at the next most important factor that makes the photo prints outstanding Рthe photo border design. A good photo booth vendor would have an in-house designer who can customise a unique design for your wedding.

Animated GIF Photobooth Singapore Malaysia Johor KL Kuala Lumpur
Special Feature

Check with your photo booth vendor if they offer any special add-on for your instant photo booth. It is not a must, but who doesn’t like freebies? At Vivid Snaps, our animated GIF add-on brings a second round of fun and excitement when your guests are viewing the photos after the occasion.

Appropriate Customer Service

Your esteemed guests deserves to be well-respected. Just as important as delivering high quality photo prints, your photo booth vendor should be polite and friendly to your guests.


By now, you should have a better understanding of wedding photo booths. We hope you will enjoy the journey of planning for your big day, and may your wedding celebration be the most precious memory of your life!

Vivid with Love Wedding Photo Booth

We have launched a new photo booth brand specially for wedding couple, head over to Vivid with Love to learn more about our wedding photobooth with boutique backdrop selection!

Corporate Event Photo Booth

For corporate and dinner & dance, contact us to discuss about your requirements or learn more on our instant photo booth page.

Malaysia, Photography

Instant Roving Photography, From Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

Over the weekend,¬†we have the pleasure to be part of a grand wedding ceremony of a wonderful couple and many amazing guests at¬†Mandarin Oriental¬†in Kuala Lumpur. Our Singapore crew¬†joined our Malaysia team in the road trip from Johor. ūüôā

As a member of our crew was also the driver for the trip, we had to stay a night to recoup some energy before driving back¬†to Johor. There wasn’t a lot of time for play, but we certainly did not leave with an empty stomach. And we have some recommendations:

vivid snaps instant photography kl kuala lumpur malaysia nadeje crepe cake
Nadeje @ Mid Valley Megamall

If you are a sweet tooth like most of us here, the crepe cakes from Nadeje is a must try!

Vivid Snaps Instant Photography Kuala Lumpur KL Malaysia Ramly Burger Restaurant

Ramly Burger Restaurant Along North-South Expressway

We stopped by a special fast food restaurant that you would not find in Singapore, while we were on our way to KL.

Kuang Fei Tangkak Beef Noodles @ Tangkak

And finally, a beef noodles shop requires no introduction. It is already famous amongst many locals and Singaporeans. You will definitely not be disappointed. ūüôā

That’s all we have for now, till the next trip, see you with amazing event photography!

Malaysia, Photo Booth, Photography, Singapore

Instant Photo Booth with Animated GIF

In the beginning of 2016, we have quietly launched our Animated GIF instant photo booth and we have met with so much excitement from our clients and guests!

With the enthusiastic feedback from our valued clients, we are pleased to announce the official launch of our new Animated GIF add-on for our instant photo booth packages.

Since this is an add-on to our current instant photo booth packages, that means guests still receive their instant photo prints before leaving our photo booth – double the joy!

To find out more about the Animated GIF or book us for your events, get in touch with us through email or simply give us a call!

Psst! For wedding couples looking for wedding photo booth with animated GIFs, head over to Vivid with Love for packages designed specially for weddings.

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Instant Print Photography for Event in Tokyo, Japan!

It has been our pleasure to be part of our client’s event in Tokyo, Japan this year! As always, we would like to share our experience that we hope would help you in planning an upcoming trip!

Airport Transfer to Shinagawa

Taxi is notoriously expensive in Tokyo. Our trip from Haneda Airport to Shinagawa, just shy of 20km, costed us ¬•5000 which converts to about S$60. The return trip costed a little more at ¬•5800, S$70. So if you don’t have a bunch of luggage to manage, try taking the train and save the money for a good meal.

Free Wi-Fi Hotspot in Tokyo

We would be spending most of our waking hours clicking shutter and pushing buttons in Photoshop, hence we didn’t subscribe to any mobile data package for our trip. Instead, we relied on free public Wi-Fi hotspots when we were out and about. We were surprised by the speed and availability of these hotspots, that were averaging 10mbps.


Connecting to Public Wi-Fi Hotspot

We used Travel Japan WiFi app, and you can find this in your iOS App Store or Android Play Store. As we flew with Japan Airlines for our trip, we were issued premium code for more extensive Wi-Fi hotspot coverage. The app wasn’t flawless on Android though, we had to close the app completely and re-open it each time we connect to a new hotspot. And when it still doesn’t work, we rebooted our phones and re-opened the app, which would solve the problem.

Conversing in English

We could not speak Japanese and we survived just fine. We are not going to lie that we feel alienated at times, because not only does everyone around you speaks Japanese, the signs and poster ads are in Japanese too. The locals generally understand English but would still respond to us in Japanese. Leaving us to figure their intention through facial expression or otherwise.

The Railway Map of Tokyo

Some railway stations have hard-copy of the train maps that you can pick up to keep. We have linked a high-res copy of the map for your reference. Navigating the railway routes will surely appear daunting at first, but if you’d just spend a little more time to cross reference the maps at the railway stations, you will master it very quickly.

Tokyo Subway Railway Train Map


Our team was really happy to have been part of a successful event. Schedule was really tight and we didn’t have too much time to travel around for sight-seeing, but we still enjoyed the trip with amazing photography. We are excited to visit Japan again!

Malaysia, Photography

Instant Print Photography in Langkawi, Malaysia!

I am starting this blog post by thanking our lovely client for choosing us in their annual dinner! And a big thank you for providing our team with 5-star accommodation at The Westin, Langkawi.

While it was only a night’s event, our team arrived 1 night earlier. We had planned to reach a day earlier for ample time to respond in case of delayed baggage, or malfunctioning equipment. Spare equipment was prepared but we can never be too sure, right?

In keeping ourselves fit for the event, our team had avoided street food on our first 2 days. There was not too many street food tempting us near The Westin to be honest. If you prefer to eat something outside the hotel, it’s a 10 ~ 15 mins walk to the Jetty Point. Where you will find a local food court and some fast food restaurants.

We are writing this blog post to share some essential information we have learnt in our trip.

Traveling & Taxi

Travelling around Langkawi was hassle free. Unlike some tourist destinations where taxi fares are unpredictable, Langkawi taxis have fixed fares based on the specific location and number of passengers. You could even find a rate chart outside few restaurants. No haggling of pricing was required. If you are taking a taxi from the airport, you just have to approach the counter and will be quoted based on a standard rate, paid to the counter.

Renting a Car

If you might be travelling around a lot, renting a car would make sense. Rentals are very well-priced, we were quoted RM210 for 4-day rental of a Perodua Myvi at the Langkawi Airport.

Kuah Town

On our first day, we visited Kuah Town, this was about 15 mins drive from The Westin. Taking a taxi costed us RM12, which was reasonable. Here you will find many Chinese seafood and cooked food restaurants. They are generally open air restaurants, and one that we visited surprised us with great tasting dishes. Other than that, you will find an electronic appliance store, and many shops serving the local community.

Pantai Cenang

During our short stay, this was our favourite place, which we had attributed to the liveliness of the area and the atmosphere. Crowded with tourists and wide variety of restaurants ranging from Malay food to Italian cuisines. Street stalls are selling grilled corn, fried ice-cream, Ramly burgers and Chendol. You will definitely find something that suits.

Duty Free Products

In Langkawi, you will find no shortage of shops selling chocolates, beer, cigarettes and cigars. If you are someone who likes to indulge in any of these, you are in for a treat. A can of 500ml Carlsberg is as cheap as RM2.30 and box of cigarette starts at RM2.

It has been a pleasant trip and an overseas photography job well done! We are looking to many more.


How to Fix FTP Transfer Issue on SingTel AzTech DSL8800GR(S) Wireless Router

You may have been here because just like us, you have received a new wireless router from SingTel and transferring files locally on FTP is extremely slow or completely impossible. We made numerous phone calls to SingTel, but they refused to acknowledge this issue. The technician who came down understood our problem but he was not able to convince SingTel to provide any remedy. Fortunately, AzTech technician was able to provide a workaround.



The fix:

Go to ‘’ using your browser (The IP address is different if you have changed it)

Click ‘Advanced Mode’ on the top right corner

Click ‘Advanced Setup’ on the left panel

Click ‘Quality of Service’ on the left panel

Uncheck the box that says ‘Enable QoS’

Now save and reboot your device, and your FTP should work properly


We hope this guide helped you save several hours in troubleshooting. Cheers!

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