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Headshots Photo Booth for Conferences & Sponsorships

Headshots Photo Booth are designed for corporate events and conferences. Our headshot photo booth adds value to your event and sponsors by creating touchpoints for your brand. Photo booths are easily one of the most interacted activities at any events, creating talking points for your event guests and boosting networking opportunities. 

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We Serve Corporate Clients

Vivid Media Company Group Photo Singapore
Group photo of the Vivid Snaps video production team

Our team has been providing high-quality event media services for over 10 years, making us a trusted and experienced partner for your corporate events and conferences. We pride ourselves on having a full-time, in-house team of media professionals, allowing us to align our mission of serving our clients well and delivering a seamless experience. 

Our experience in the industry has helped us to perfect our customer service and provide a level of service that meets your expectations. We leverage our experience to ensure that every client’s event is a success.

Professional Headshots At Your Conference

Corporate Professional Portrait Photo Booth in Singapore
Reference images of headshots photos taken at past events

A headshot photo booth provides attendees with a fun and convenient way to get professional headshots. Professional headshots can enhance the attendees’ online profiles, resumes, and other professional materials, creating a lasting impression.

Offering a headshot photo booth service at your conference can increase attendee engagement and satisfaction, making for a more successful and enjoyable event.

How Does It Work?

Professional headshot photo booth setup at an exhibition in Singapore
Professional headshot photo booth setup at an exhibition in Singapore

Our team will setup a backdrop, lighting, camera and a few essential computer peripherals. Your guests can visit our booth during the engaged duration to have a professional headshot taken. This headshot will then be immediately available for download via a QR code. 

Customised Branding Overlay

Passport Resume Headshot Photo Booth for Events with Customised Branding
Headshot photo booth with customised branding designed with a minimalist approach

The portrait images from your headshot photo booth can be customised to match the conference branding, or your sponsor’s branding. This helps to create a cohesive and memorable experience for attendees, reinforces branding, and adds a level of professionalism to the event.

Instant Download via QR Code

Within a few moments after the headshot is taken, the images will be available on an iPad that we will provide. Your guest can proceed to select their best shot, and a QR code will be available immediately. Your guest will scan the QR code with their smartphone to receive a soft-copy of their professional portrait instantly.

Sustainability Focused Approach: No Printing

Headshot photo booths are a sustainable option for conferences that prioritise environmental responsibility. Our digital-only approach eliminates the need for printing and reduces paper waste, aligning with the growing trend towards sustainable practices in the events industry.

Privacy Oriented: No Personal Data Collection

With no personal data collection, attendees can feel comfortable using the headshot photo booth. This is in contrast with many existing photo booth solutions where photos are sent via email, social media platforms or WhatsApp. With our QR Code Download workflow, attendees’ privacy is protected, which is essential in today’s digital age.

Conference Sponsorship Opportunity

The headshot photo booth can provide additional value to your sponsors, and in your process of connecting with sponsors at your conference. Customised branding can be added onto every photo.

Unique Guests Experience

The use of corporate portrait photo booths at corporate events is a growing trend, but the market has not yet become oversaturated. This presents an opportunity to offer this service at your event, providing your guests with a unique experience that they will surely appreciate.

Attendee Engagement Activity

A professional portrait photo booth increases attendee engagement at your corporate event. It provides a fun and interactive activity that attendees can enjoy between sessions or during breaks.

Value-added Service

Offering a headshot photo booth is a value-added service that attendees will appreciate. It provides an opportunity to get a professional headshot without having to schedule a separate photoshoot. It’s a smart and convenient way to add value to the conference.

Good Customer Service At Your Event

Event Photographer Singapore, Clinton Lee, Vivid Snaps Photography
Profile shot of our photographer Clinton Lee

We believe that good guest experience at your event starts with good customer service. Our Headshot Photo Booth at your event will be managed by a professional photographer and an assistant.

The professional photographer will help to guide and direct your guest during the photo taking. While the assistant ensure that your guests are attended to throughout the process.

Testimonials From Our Clients

This is the second time we have engaged vivid snaps for corporate photography and video services. The team is passionate and provided great insights in ensuring the photo and video shoot process was done timely and professionally. Steven, our photographer was a great asset on set, in directing our talent and capturing a good variety of photo ops.

Jialin (on Google reviews)

Shine & Steven are really helpful and responsive before, throughout & after the corporate event we had. Kudos to the team’s professionalism!

Jesslyn (on Google reviews)

A professional team that ensures your event goes well. They are able to take requests for customisation and onsite they have enough crew members to handle large numbers of people. Their photo quality is also great!

Nate (on Google reviews)

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