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Corporate Individual Group Photo

What is a corporate individual group photo? Doesn’t it sound like a paradox?

The pandemic situation in 2020 has gotten us to rethink about many conventional photography processes. With safe distancing measures in place, even small gatherings can be difficult.

As such, we can compose a corporate group photo for you by combining individual professionally taken and edited images.

Taking Portraits Individually

Coordinating a common schedule for top-level management is a challenging endeavour. Hence, finding time for a group photo can put you in a stressful position.

With some planning, our photographer will create a setup to photograph your subjects individually. Some careful considerations will have to be made when creating this setup for the final group photo to turn out flawless.

This way, your subjects can have their individual photo taken at a scheduled time that is convenient for them.

Your formal group photo can also be used in your annual reports for Singapore listed companies.

Digitally Composed Corporate Group Photo

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo
A corporate group photo taken individually in a studio with safe distancing

After the individual portrait photos have been taken, our photographer will touch up every individual image. After which, the individual portrait photos are combined to compose a corporate group photo.

The final group photo is expected to look like they are taken together at the same time.

A.K.A Composite Group Photo

A corporate group photo taken and composed as such may also be known as Composite Corporate Group Photo by other professional portrait photographers.

COVID Group Photo Taking

And more candidly, some refers to this photography method as COVID group photo taking, because the pandemic has made this photography style necessary. Using this method of group photo taking, we can adhere to safe management guidelines set forth by authorities. Minimising group interaction and limiting the group size per day. We can also stagger different photographers with intervals between segments of your team.

On-site Individual Group Photo Shoot

Our team can create the backdrop and lighting setup at your office location, as long as space permits. The shoot can be done across a single day or multiple consecutive days in consideration of your schedule.

A photo shoot like this requires a relatively large space, and not every office would have a suitable vacant area. Which brings us to our next offer.

High Resolution Company Group Photo

Due to the nature of this composite photography method, you get an exceptionally high resolution group photo. Every individual is taken at the full resolution of our DSLR camera, and these high resolution images are combined for the final company group photo.

Unlike the conventional group photo, where a larger group means a lower resolution for each individual. The megapixel occupied by each individual remains the same regardless of the group size, to a reasonably limit of course.

Corporate Group Photo Studio

Photography Studio in Singapore
Our photography studio reserved for our clients

When you have difficulty finding a suitable area for your department corporate group photo, taking it in a studio might be the most straight-forward option. And because our corporate photographers are the most familiar with our studio setting, you can expect a faster turnaround during the photo shoot.

Complimentary Photography Studio Rental & Usage

Best Photo Studio in Singapore 2021
Our photo studio arranged for individual portraits

Our in-house studio is reserved specially for our clients, providing the best possible availability rates. This is really helpful when arranging your schedule for bigger group sizes, or scheduling your management group photo.

Company Photo Shoot Booking System

In the event if you need to organise a large group for corporate portrait or company group photo. The photo shoot will span multiple days. Our Project Managers & Photography team can arrange for automated self-booking system for your colleagues and employees, allowing them to make bookings for a time slot most convenient to them. Nonetheless, expect some outliers to require additional prompting, it is not a magical solution.

Shoot Your Corporate Individual Group Photo With Us

If you would like to engage in our individual group photo service, drop our project coordinators a message today and we will get in touch with you.

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