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Event Setup Time-Lapse Videography

Event setup time-lapse videos are a popular type of event highlight video production. Many events shoot such videos to showcase their event venue and the behind-the-scenes work of preparing the venue for the event. 

Read on to find out more about event set up time lapse videography.

Event Setup Time Lapse Photography & Videography

A time lapse is actually a photography process of taking photos from a fixed position at a regular interval. These photos are then stitched together to form a sped up video.

While having a time lapse video of the event set up on its own is impressive, many businesses choose to incorporate the time lapse sequence into their event highlight video.

Shooting an event setup time lapse is a popular choice for events that have massive venues or have built their venue from ground up. Concerts, trade shows and company D&D events usually film event setup time lapse videos.
Event setup time-lapse video filming at Resorts World Sentosa ballroom
Video taken from Brinno Inc.

Event time lapse videos are also suitable for pre-event marketing to generate buzz amongst the audience.

For companies who hold large-scaled events, shooting time lapse videos help to establish their presence in the industry. Event companies can also use a time lapse video to show their event planning capabilities.

Calculating Shots Required for Time Lapses

There are a few key elements of the time lapse that the videographer needs to understand before shooting a time lapse:

  1. Clip length, which is how long the final time lapse sequence will be.
  2. Event duration, which is how long the photographer has to film the time lapse.
  3. Frame rate, or frames per second (fps), which indicates how many shots are showing in 1 second.
  4. Shooting interval, which refers to interval between each shot taken.
  5. Number of shots required to form a cohesive time lapse video.

For event setup time lapses, the clip length and event duration might already have been set by the client.

The fps is usually dictated by local tv broadcasting standards. In Singapore, the default frame rate is 25fps.

Shooting intervals and the number of shots required need to be calculated manually. To simplify this process, videographers can use online time-lapse calculators like Photopill.


Once these key values have been sorted out, the videographer can start shooting the time lapse.

Multiple Angle Event Time Lapse

Shooting a time lapse from multiple angles helps to make the time lapse video more engaging as it offers different perspectives to the event setup. Otherwise, the time lapse might look boring if only one side of the venue is being shown.

Additionally, you will always have a backup camera shooting the setup as the camera might be blocked by a contractor, or accidentally shifted by a working crew.

Our team always adopts a multiple angle event time lapse when shooting time lapses for our clients.

Engage Our Event Setup Time Lapse Videographer Today

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo
Team photo of media professionals at Vivid Snaps

We hope that you have learnt more about event setup time lapse videos.

Time lapse photography is not an easy technique to execute. This is why you should engage a professional videographer who is able to deliver a high quality event set up time lapse for you.

At Vivid Snaps, we are constantly looking for opportunities to challenge ourselves and refine our videography skills. Our videographers are ready to help you work on your event setup time lapse video. 

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