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Corporate Christmas Video Production 2020

Are you looking to produce a Corporate Christmas Video for your business? We think that is a perfect choice for businesses in 2020. With so many limitations in social interaction, sending a video is an effective mean to connect with your customers.

Why Shoot a Corporate Christmas Video?

1. Connect With Your Customers

Christmas is situated in the year-end, a period when most people kick back and relax, taking a break from work. Making this the best time to connect with your customers on a more personal level.

2. Step Up From Your Competitors

Despite the accessibility of creating a Christmas greeting video, you will be surprised that not many businesses are doing it yet. Many businesses are still creating cheesy Christmas greeting graphics from stock images and mass sending them via email.

Sending a video instead will definitely leave a deeper impression on your recipients. Do it before your competitors catches on with the new trend.

3. Cost-Effective PR

As compared to many traditional means of sending a Christmas greeting, a video is extremely cost effective. The production cost for a Christmas greeting video is only marginally higher than doing a greeting graphic.

Since the delivery cost of the graphic or video stays the same, why not deliver a video that will leave a deeper impression on your clients?

Show Your Face, Make a Connection

Corporate Christmas Video Production

Animated videos are adorable, but they don’t help you connect any better than a short message would. We suggest to feature key figures of your business for your Christmas greeting video. This could be a sales director, relationship manager or CEO.

We have seen greeting videos putting a smile on people’s faces, because they relate with the person in the video.

If you would like to add an animate portion to your video, we have an annual subscription to stock photos and videos that you may use when you engage us to shoot your Christmas video.

How To Reach Your Customers

There are many ways to share your corporate Christmas video.

Most businesses use an email marketing software to send Christmas Greetings in bulk, because it is easy, but that can come across as being less sincere.

We recommend sending your Christmas greeting video via more personal means. This could be via a popular instant messaging app, which would be WhatsApp if you are in Singapore.

How To Produce A Corporate Christmas Video?

When you engage our team to produce a Christmas greeting video for your company, you have 2 options.

  • Filming at your office
  • Filming at our studio

Our team can bring our equipment to your office for the filming. Otherwise, you can also use our studio equipped with a green screen backdrop.

Vivid Snaps green screen studio.

You will have to come up with a script for narrating on the video. We recommend keeping the script to a just few sentences.

When the filming is done, our team will edit your video and add Christmas effects and background music.

Unsure of how you want your corporate Christmas video to turn out? Here are 5 types of Christmas greeting videos that you can consider filming.

What Do You Get From A Professional Video Crew?

Our crew uses professional equipment and workflow along with our expertise to deliver a professional video for you.

  • Sharp and good colours with our professional video cameras
  • Beautiful aesthetics with professional LED light panels
  • Clear audio from our high-end clip-on lav mic
Vivid Snaps Christmas E-greeting 2020.

Engage a Professional Videographer for Your Christmas Greeting Video

At Vivid Snaps, corporate Christmas greeting videos are just one of the many corporate video production services that we offer to our clients. Our experienced and dedicate video crew is ready to help you get started on filming your corporate well-wishes for this festive season.

If you would like to engage our video production services, drop us a message via the contact box today and we will get back to you.

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