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The past few years have witnessed the rise of financial technology (Fintech), including innovations in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. However, blockchain and cryptocurrency are still not widely or systematically understood by the general public and many don’t realise exactly how these innovations can help them or their businesses. Hence, whether you are a multinational conglomerate or an up and coming start-up; a branded video may just be the next step you need to reach your target audience.

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We are a video production company with a focus on corporate clients. About 95% of our portfolio consists of work with MNCs and government agencies. Creative agencies also partner with us to deliver works for their clients.

Green Screen Studio Filming

Green Screen Studio Filming

We have a green screen studio within our office, this studio is reserved exclusively for our clients. Providing you with high availability.

Types of Blockchain Video Production

The great thing about video content is that it can take many different forms and this article will explore the different types blockchain video productions that were done by organisations.

For clarification, the below video references are not produced by our team. They are sourced from public web pages.

Block Chain Product Explainer Video

The Product Explainer like it’s name suggests, provides an explanation of what your company could offer the audience. Pain points are integral in such videos, which in Hedera’s case concerns issues with distributed ledger going mainstream. Indeed, there is no better way to catch the attention of your target audiences than to point out a pressing problem that they face. With their attention at hand, they would be more responsive to hearing the solutions that you could provide.

Crypto & Blockchain Informational Video

A informational video’s primary purpose is to convey valuable knowledge or information, that is not brand focused to the viewer and is supported by subtle branding. In this series titled “Crypto 101” done by the exchange platform Kraken, we see Co-founder & CEO Jesse Powell explaining the ins and outs of Bitcoin. Other videos in this series include “Why is Bitcoin so volatile?” and “Is the Bitcoin Blockchain secure?” Choosing to address general concerns regarding Bitcoin is a good subtle way to promote the company as added confidence in Bitcoin may lead to more people picking up the exchange platform to trade.


The world of cryptocurrency trading can seem daunting and complicated to the uninitiated, which is why tutorial videos exist. Tutorial videos are instructional videos that are often used to teach a process or provide step-by-step instruction. Here we have exchange platform FTX giving a step by step walkthrough of their Quant zone feature. The choice to have the presenter on screen throughout the video also provides a sense of assurance and human touch; rather than simply having an unseen narrator talk over the graphics which may seem distant as the viewers don’t know who they are listening to.

Crypto & Blockchain Interview Video

This video features an interview with the Co-founder & CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong. The public wants to know the person behind the name, to connect a face with the brand. Interview videos are a great way to allows the audience to get a glimpse of the faces behind the brand and hear from them first hand. They’re also a great opportunity to share the emotion behind a brand, as well as its mission, vision and values. Hence, these videos can make you and your company more relatable and humanistic. It is a simple yet effective way to engage your audiences.

Crypto Round Table Discussion Video

The Round Table Discussion format is similar to the Interview video with the added bonus of featuring more individuals. Participants agree on a specific topic or theme to discuss and debate, thus, the audience is able to get a hear on the many various perspective and ideas from the participants. In this video, Coinbase’s co-founder Fred gathered some of his ex-employees, all of whom went on to have great successes. Together they shared experiences and favorite memories from their early days with the company. This is a great way for smaller companies and startups to feature employees and shed a light on their side of the story.

Crypto Webinar Video Recording

Webinars are a efficient and pragmatic way to engage your audiences. They can be about anything regarding your company and can be of any duration which is why they are highly flexible. In this Binance webinar, viewers get to hear real stories from everyday Binance users; they touch on why they got into crypto in the first place and how it helped them find new opportunities and overcome financial challenges, providing tips along the way.

Crypto & Blockchain Video Podcast

The Podcast is very much like a interview but much more light hearted and of a more casual setting. Podcasts allows for long in-depth conversations that mostly go on for over an hour or even two or more. The guest and the host are lost in the conversation, no breaks or retakes to break their momentum. As a listener, this gives us a feeling like we are a part of the conversation; it feels pretty much like a dinner conversation.

Blockchain Testimonial Video Production

In this video, we get to hear first hand from top executives of leading automotive companies on how they work with the XCEED blockchain project to certify the compliance of all vehicle components, from design to production. Nothing is more powerful than hearing one of your customers (top executives, no less in this case) explaining how your product or service solved their problems and helped them achieve their business or personal goals. Testimonials are a great way to gain trust from potential customers who may be feeling conflicted.

Crypto Brand Story Video

This is another example of a video that doesn’t just center around a product, but the feeling and brand mission which will make people flock to you. Right now, having a cause and a belief can be a selling point for businesses, and it can help set you apart. “The Tipping Point” is a year end video released by Binance in 2020, when the pandemic was just ravaging the world. The video highlights the struggles that everyone went through and how cryptocurrency can help everyday people achieve freedom over their money, offering solace in times of hardship when money is an issue for many.

Blockchain & Crypto Commercial Video Production

The age-old commercial video is undoubtedly the face of brand videos and they are often the most interesting and viral. In this video by FTX, our protagonist takes interest in a fellow conventionist but hesitates to go up to her. In a twist of events, another gentleman approaches her first and things escalates to the point where they get married on the spot; much to the bewilderment of our protagonist. The video concludes with the slogan, “There’s a price to waiting, especially when it comes to crypto.” Subtle is the new clever.

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Our team consists of videographers, video editors, photographer, designer & project coordinators. We work together to deliver end-to-end video productions. Our scope includes pre-production such as conceptualisation and storyboarding, filming and post-production

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