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Event Management Internship 2022 (Virtual/Hybrid Event)

Vivid Snaps is a media company with professional videographers, photographers, video editors and project coordinators. During your event management internship with Vivid Snaps, you will gain many new experiences. 

This particular interview with Valerie, an Event Management intern, we will give you an insight into some experiences Vivid Snaps can offer when you join as a project coordinator intern.


ITE Event Management Internship with Vivid Snaps 2022
Behind-the-scenes of a virtual event live streaming

Hi there! I’m Valerie Yeo, a Year 2 Event Management student from Institute of Technical Education (ITE). As it is mandatory for all Year 2 students to intern at a company, I joined Vivid Snaps as a Project Coordinator intern in hopes of picking up relevant project management skills.

My Experience as a Project Coordinator

With little to no prior experience, I’ve been given many opportunities to try my hand at planning for events, helping out at filming sessions and learning the full flow of how events run behind the scenes.

Here’s how it went!

Role of a Project Coordinator

Live Streaming at St. Regis Caroline Mansion Hybrid Event
Behind the scenes of a hybrid event

Being a key player in the team, a Project Coordinator will have to take charge of several events as they are the key point of contact with the clients.

Here are some basic tasks a Project Coordinator will tackle:

  • Communicate with Clients
  • Project Management
  • Provide Quotations
  • Manage Timeline for Video Editing

What To Expect As A Project Coordinator

As mentioned earlier on, I have attended various sorts of events. This not only gave me an idea of how events are being planned and managed but also gave me the hands-on experience to handle the different equipment needed and used at various events. Despite being only an intern, I have been given tasks quite similar to a full-time project coordinator. This allowed me to gain a full behind-the-scenes experience and gave me a better insight on how to plan for events of different types, such as corporate events and even hybrid events.

Why Vivid Snaps

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo
Office group photo of the Vivid Snaps team

When you join Vivid Snaps as a project coordinator, you can expect to help out at all sorts of events. Being the main person in charge of liaising with the client, project coordinators would normally be present at various events they’re in charge of.

As an Event Management Student, I was looking forward to tackling a more event-planning and project management job scope while also picking up new skills that will be useful in the future of events.

My Most Memorable Project

Event Management & Video Production Internship Singapore
Assisting at a video production shoot

Throughout my event management internship with Vivid Snaps, I have taken part in tons of live streams, filming sessions, hybrid events and out of those projects, my most memorable one was planning for and helping out to shoot for an ASMR filming project.

As an events student, I rarely receive a chance to work on filming or shooting a video. However, after joining Vivid Snaps, I was able to help out at filming sessions and it had truly opened my eyes to the world of videography.

For this particular project, I had to work with my colleagues to create similar-sounding audio to relate to the clips of the video. It was not only my first time recording audio for ASMR, but was also my first time trying my hand at trying out different equipment to create different, yet similar sounds for the video.

My Reflection

My Biggest Achievement

One of my biggest achievements was being able to plan a shoot list for a filming session.

Despite having learnt the basics of planning a timeline for an event or filming session, I never had an opportunity to put my skills to the test until my internship with Vivid Snaps. Being a project coordinator gave me several opportunities to plan for different sorts of projects. 

It was my first time planning a shooting schedule for a shoot, and it had been really fun, yet challenging at the same time. Planning the schedule myself had been a great experience as it not only allowed me to apply what I’ve learnt in my course but also allowed me to better understand the flow of filming for a shoot. 

Not only have I received constructive feedback from the team, but the shoot went generally well.

What I Love About Vivid Snaps

Group photo taken at the end of a virtual event live stream

Being a part of Vivid Snap’s team for 20 weeks has given me more than just unique experiences. 

You will not only be given many opportunities to help at various events, but they’ll also give you constructive feedback based on the work you’ve done and let you know what they think you can improve on. This has positively impacted me and pushed me to do better throughout my internship period.

One Tip For Future Event Management Interns

As you complete your internship with Vivid Snaps, you’ll be required to pick up new skills you may have not learnt in school. This will mean that you’d need to be open when it comes to learning new skills, adapting to their culture and workflow and most importantly, understanding and abiding by their rules, which are not too strict at all.

A Day In The Life Of A Event Management Intern

Event Management & Video Production Internship Singapore
Behind the scene of a speech video filming

As the company mainly handles live streams and such, it is not uncommon for an intern to be heavily involved in planning, coordinating and even carrying out certain tasks at an event. There are many other roles you can choose to apply for when joining Vivid Snaps for their internship program. Such as:

  • Videographer
  • Video Producer
  • Video Editor
  • Graphic Designer
  • Photographer

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