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Employee Feature Video Production in Singapore

Employee feature video production is common among companies which focus on employee morale and company culture. Employee feature videos are the best way for a company to affirm its employees and attract new ones by showcasing its culture and values.

Read on to find out how employee feature videos are produced and how these videos can impact a company.

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Employee Feature Video

What is an Employee Feature Video?

An employee feature video can come in a few forms. The basic purpose of an employee feature video is to highlight the working experience and morale of employees, as well as feature high performing employees and highlight their achievements and contributions.

The most common types of employee feature videos are company culture videos and employee highlight feature videos. Company culture videos aim to capture the employee experience, ultimately giving the viewers an insight to the work-life of an employee in the company. Company culture videos also explore the values and culture of the company, which could have a similar purpose to a recruitment video.

An employee highlight video is a video that aims to celebrate and recognise outstanding staff in a company. These videos are used by many companies to raise employee morale and encourage their employees to continue to strive for excellence within the company.

Employee Feature

Why Companies Should Feature Their Employees in Corporate Videos?

There are a few reasons why featuring employees in corporate videos are totally advantages to companies. Firstly, many companies feature their employees as talents in their corporate videos. This helps to put a face to the company’s name by getting employees to speak to the consumers firsthand through corporate videos. These videos help to humanise the organisation by enabling the the consumers to get to the know a company’s employees on a more personal level.

Companies which focus on employee morale and company culture are more likely to keep its employees happy and highly productive while working under the company. Recognising high performing employees in employee feature videos can encourage them to strive to be better and also feel that theirs efforts are being appreciated.

Companies which showcase their employees in these feature video also dip into public relations, by providing an insight to consumers on how the company runs internally and how its employees are being treated, which in turn gains the trust and support of the consumers.

How Does Employee Feature Video Production Work?

Employee feature videos which are produced professionally with a corporate videographer are highly encouraged as it brings out the professionalism of the company to the viewers.

There are many different ways a company can feature their employees in video production. Here are some examples:

  • Have an Award System Which Recognises the Efforts of the Employees
  • Feature High Performing Employees and Highlighting Their Efforts
  • Feature Employees in a Company Culture Corporate Video
  • Feature Employees as Talents in Corporate Videos
  • Showcase Employees in the Workplace Working
  • Interview Unique and Interesting Employees

Ideas for Employee Feature Videos

1) Employee Spotlight Video by DMCEngineering

This is a good example of an employee feature video. DMCEngineering aims to highlight unique employees and give insights to consumers on the people behind their team. This helps to humanise their organisation and introduce their employees to their consumers in a creative way.

2) Netflix Culture by WeAreNetflix

This company culture video by Netflix features its employees expressing their views and experiences in a short 3 minute video. The employees featured in the video is given time to explain their roles and the impact that they have on the company. This video is a good example of a company culture video where the spotlight is focused on the employees.

3) Porsche Centre Vancouver Employee Feature

This is a fine example of what an employee feature video should cover. With just a short 1 minute, Porsche employee Joey Huang was able to share more about his story and his experience being employed by Porsche.

Engage a Professional to Produce Your Employee Feature Videos

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