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Troubleshooting Video Production in Singapore

Troubleshooting video production is essential to companies and brands which market products that may require further instructions or tutorials for proper consumer usage of the goods. These videos can help to reduce the strain on your customer support team.

Read on to find out more about troubleshooting videos and the workflow of troubleshooting video production.

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Troubleshooting Video Production

What is a Troubleshooting Video?

A troubleshooting video, also known as a tutorial or instructional video is a video that is made accessible to consumers who want to learn more about the usage of a certain product. Troubleshooting videos are important to products that require guidance to use or products which require troubleshooting due to a problem.

Troubleshooting videos could be the answer to many consumers’ problems with their products. These videos can help ease the strain on a company’s customer support team, where consumers with the same problems can be directed to the respective troubleshooting videos.


How are Troubleshooting Videos Used by Companies?

Troubleshooting videos can be made available customers in a few ways. The first being in a CD format, where customers receive a disk along with the product in the packaging with the necessary troubleshooting videos installed for easy access when required. The second is an online method which many companies use nowadays. Posting the troubleshooting videos online or on the company’s website enables consumers to have access to the troubleshooting videos anytime and anywhere.

Troubleshooting videos are important to companies as it is a form of customer service which is a promise that is made to customers before and after purchase. Brands that keep a good customer service protocol and more likely to gain the support and trust of their consumers in the long run.

Troubleshooting Video Production

How Does Troubleshooting Video Production Work?

Troubleshooting videos that are professionally produced by a corporate videographer and editor establish a more professional impression for the company. Troubleshooting videos that are planned and structured well are also more likely to effectively demonstrate the tutorials and instructions in a clear manner.

Here are some things you should consider when producing your troubleshooting video:

  • Make a Separate Video for Each Respective Troubleshooting Problem: Creating specific videos for a range of different troubleshooting problems can help consumers to easily find the video that they are looking for to solve their problem.
  • Follow a Step-by-step Format: Adopting a step-by-step format for the troubleshooting videos enables consumers to understand and follow the instructions clearly and avoid any confusion during the process.
  • Use Captions and Illustrations Throughout the Video: Using captions and illustrations helps viewers understand the instructions more clearly as well and creates a more conducive troubleshooting video.
  • Use a Real Life Example: Using a real life example and a talent to follow through with the steps and instructions makes the troubleshooting video easier to follow and ultimately creates a better experience for consumers.
  • Follow Up With Examples on How Consumers can Prevent Similar Future Problems: Following up by giving advice on how consumers can avoid and prevent the same future problems could be a permanent problem solving solution for them.
  • Make the Video Easily Accessible to Consumers: Lastly, making the video easily accessible to consumers is important. The troubleshooting video can be uploaded to the company’s website or on a page dedicated to the product. Troubleshooting videos can also be made accessible to the consumer when the purchase the product as part of the packaging.

Ideas for Troubleshooting Videos

1)Wall Bed King Troubleshooting Video

2) Water Heater Troubleshooting

Engage a Professional to Produce Your Troubleshooting Videos

We hope this article has been insightful to you on troubleshooting video production. If you would like to engage a professional to produce your videos, you can get in touch with our project coordinators who will be happy to help.

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