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Corporate Documentary Video Production

A corporate documentary video is the best way for a company to express their brand story and image to their consumers. A corporate documentary umbrellas the idea of the brand’s history, present and future plans, in hopes to educate the audience on everything they need to know about the company.

Read on to find out how corporate documentary video production is done and how it can impact a company’s brand image.

Corporate Documentary Video Production

What is a Corporate Documentary?

A corporate documentary is a corporate video created to share a company’s story and showcase the brand image and values to the consumers in a documentary format. A corporate documentary includes an overall storyline which umbrellas a series of interviews and b-rolls that are put together to form a sequence.

Filming a corporate documentary is a great way to express a brand’s story and form a deeper connection with the consumers and audience. Creating a documentary adds depth and authenticity to a brand’s image and presence in the market. It allows businesses and companies to gain the understanding of the consumers and tell their stories in their own unique ways.

Corporate documentaries can range from less than 10 minutes to about an hour long for more precise and detailed documentary. It depends on the contents covered in the documentary, the talents involved and the depth of the interviews and stories covered.

What are the Impacts Corporate Documentaries can have to a Company?

Corporate documentaries are very beneficial to organisations and companies of all sizes. Besides forming a more personal connection with the consumers as a brand, corporate documentaries allow the consumers to get to know the staff and employees behind the brand as well, through the interviews and stories told.

Corporate documentaries have the power to convert a brand story into a powerful marketing tool. Consumers who understand the history and story of a brand are more likely to trust the brand when the purchase a service or product from them. Consumers who can relate or find familiarity with the brand story are also likely to form a bond with the brand which helps the company to gain their loyalty.

Corporate Documentary Workflow

How Does Corporate Documentary Video Production Work?

A corporate documentary which is produced professionally with a corporate videographer and editor is highly recommended as the workflow behind it can be extensive and require you to work with an experienced team.

Here is a rough idea of the video production workflow behind a corporate documentary:

  • Create a storyboard and a script: This is an important step as companies should plan out how they intend to showcase their company through a documentary. Communication is key, where companies should work closely with the corporate videographers and editors to work towards the end product.
  • Ensure that there is a flow and storyline: All documentaries have an arch to them, where it subtly follows a storyline which includes the beginning, rising action and challenges and how the company solved them to get to where it is.
  • Getting suitable talents: Choosing the right employees and staff to feature in the documentary is crucial to the contents of the corporate documentary. Choosing employees with inspiring stories or those who have a positive working experience ensures that they successfully convey the positive message of your documentary.
  • Tell the company story in full: It is important to be honest with the consumers. Letting them know about the challenges and failures faced along the way humanises the brand. Stating falsehoods might lead to distrust and consumers unfollowing the brand.
  • Engage a professional to film and edit your videos: As stated earlier, engaging a professional is crucial to a company’s brand image. This gives the company to present themselves in an appropriate and professional way to the consumers and audience.
  • Editing is key: Editing is important. The editing process should be taken into consideration while filming. This way, the editors can have a good flow to the final documentary video.
  • Be consistent and update regularly: Creating public relations videos and uploading them on platforms regularly enables a brand’s audience to be informed about on-going matters.

Ideas for Corporate Documentary

1) Microsoft Corporate Video

Video by Microsoft.

2) CNA Documentary on Apple Inc

Video by CNA.

3) Google Intern’s First Week Documentary

Video by Google.

4) Singapore Documentary by NatGeo

Video by National Geographic.

5) Prudential Documentary

Video by Prudential.

6) WEG Corporate Video

Video by WEG.

7) BNP Paribas Real Estate Documentary

Video by BNP Paribas.

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