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ESG Investing Video Production Singapore

Incorporating ESG Investing segments into your corporate video production is becoming increasingly essential. This article explores some references of ESG investing corporate videos we have found online.

What is ESG Investing?

While many companies have corporate social responsibility efforts for the past decades, its importance has grown. Today, ESG is a key pillar for businesses. As defined by CFA Institute:

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. Investors are increasingly applying these non-financial factors as part of their analysis process to identify material risks and growth opportunities. ESG metrics are not commonly part of mandatory financial reporting, though companies are increasingly making disclosures in their annual report or in a standalone sustainability report. Numerous institutions, such as the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) are working to form standards and define materiality to facilitate incorporation of these factors into the investment process.

ESG Investing and Analysis, CFA Institute

Corporate Social Responsibility Video by Vivid Snaps

Corporate Social Media Video for Parkway Parade

Brief Description: Parkway Parade celebrates Christmas by delivering Joyful Presents to its shoppers and community. Having a Christmas celebration in the midst of the pandemic meant having to reinvent and redesign how they celebrated it with the safe distancing and safe management measures in place. However, this did not stop Parkway Parade from keeping the spirit of giving as they gave shoppers a chance to adopt a child’s wish.

Video Style: This video takes on a form of commercial as it features a talent walking around Parkway Parade as a shopper to showcase the initiatives planned by the mall such as adopting Christmas wishes and redeeming exclusive deals. It also made use of casual interviews with the children who got their wishes adopted as they thanked their “Santa Claus” and Parkway Parade.

Corporate CSR Event Video Highlight for Extra Space

Brief Description: Extra Space makes good use of the Christmas season to do good as part of their extraspacecares initiatives by bringing elderly from The Society for the Aged Sick out for a day at Gardens By The Bay. With elderly ranging from their 70s to their 90s, they were given a chance to spend a day out instead of in their home to see and experience things they have never.

Video Style: This video is that of an event style video with good use of interviews and b-rolls. Having an event like this, the viewer would better understand the events happening when they hear from both the organisation and the beneficiaries involved. This was also made better as the sound bites from the interview was also used along with b-roll from the event to showcase more instead of just having the soundbites during the interview which would lead to too much screen time on talking heads.

Vivid Snaps Video Production Team

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ESG Investing Video Production References

We searched online for good examples of ESG Investing Video Production from companies, businesses and government agencies. To provide you an easy way to reference the different content.

For clarification, the below video references are not produced by our team. They are sourced from public web pages.

Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment – Singapore’s Climate Change Efforts

Video taken from Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment’s YouTube channel

Brief Description: Singapore Government Agency, Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment talks about its efforts in combating climate change alongside the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. Since it is by a Government Agency, its sustainability goals is in line with that of the Singapore Government which is in line with the United Nations hence the emphasis on the 2030 Agenda which was made in September 2015.

Video Style: The video makes great use of stop motion animation among other forms of animation for this educational style video. It was shot in a studio as a top down shot with most of the props seen to be real and not animated. This style of video is useful for educational videos when the subject is not easily captured on camera.

Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment – Singapore’s Green Plan 2030

Video taken from Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment’s YouTube channel

Brief Description: Singapore Government Agency, Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment talks about the importance of sustainable development and its efforts to combat climate change. The Green Plan 2030 is a plan which is in line with the United Nations 2030 Agenda and was set in 2020 as a ten-year plan.

Video Style: This 15 minute video makes very good use of multiple interviews with different subjects to tell a whole story. With 5 Ministers from a different Ministries, they are brought together very well to represent and be the voice for their respective Ministry. This video also makes use of kinetic typography animation and b-roll which helps to highlight important key visuals, words or phrases.

Singapore Airlines – SIA Cabin Crews visits Community Cares Video

Video taken from PixelMusica’s YouTube channel

Brief Description: Cabin Crew from Singapore Airlines pay a visit to a community care facility to give back to the community by giving the children gifts and organising games for them. This is part of their corporate social responsibility initiatives, #SIAcares which aims to give back to the community. 

Video Style: This event highlights style video, like every good event video was able to showcase the event both concisely and comprehensively and this format is best used during events where many things are happening. Some key elements that made this video a good one was its focus on establishing shots, human interaction and emotions which really brings life to the events happening and draws the viewer in.

OCBC – Netatech, Farming Technology Video

Screenshot taken from OCBC’s YouTube channel

Brief Description: OCBC showcases how Netatech, a pioneer in farm technology makes use of unused urban spaces to produce food. This is in line with their efforts towards food safety in Singapore as they promote their OCBC SME Sustainable Finance Framework. Alongside this, OCBC also has various other corporate social responsibility efforts such as playing a part in the fight against climate change.

Video Style: This video makes use of an interview showcase format which features Netatech, a company under OCBC’s SME Sustainable Finance Framework. This format is usually used for testimonial or feature videos to showcase partners or clients.

Families For Life – Social Efforts Event Video

Video taken from PixelMusica’s YouTube channel

Brief Description: Families For Life showcases its #FFLShareTheCare event highlights which is designed to provide a space for families to step out of the house together and engage the community.

Video Style: This video was filmed as an event highlight video and made good use of audio-visual matching to tell a story. This is mainly through the use of the speech being used as voiceover for some parts of the video being matched with a good variation of b-roll to showcase different aspects of the event. As mentioned before, a good event video always captures the essence of human interaction and emotions and that is another aspect that this video has done well in.

HSBC – Mobilising the global transition towards net zero

Video taken from HSBC’s YouTube channel

Brief Description: HSBC’s Group’s Chief Executive shares the importance of reaching Net Zero by 2050 and the actions HSBC is taking to reach the goal such as funding investment programs to rethinking business models. This video is part of HSBC’s “Mobilising the transition to net zero” series on YouTube which currently has 16 videos. HSBC also has other series which touches on other corporate social responsibility topics such as its “Achieving a sustainable world” series.

Video Style: This interview style video was filmed in an office with some b-roll to substantiate the interview segments and was presented along with a good variety of stock videos to better explain the topics discussed. Interview videos are commonly used in corporate videos to have people of importance address the audience

Capitaland – #MealOnMe

Video taken from Capitaland’s YouTube channel

Brief Description: As part of Capitaland’s #Mealonme campaign, 30,000 meals and 6,000 food bundles were delivered to vulnerable children, elderly and community care staff affected by COVID-19. This later evolved to include partners who wished to do good with Capitaland such as ABR Holdings, Creative Eateries Group, Katrina Group and The Minor Food Group.

Video Style: This video was made to be very comprehensive, fully covering every aspect of the #MealOnMe initiative from the delivery of food to houses to interview videos of the food recipients all through to the behind the scenes of food preparation and planning. This video is a very good example of storytelling in a video making use of voiceover sound bites and various b-roll to bring the whole story together.

Apple – Inclusion and Diversity Video

Video taken from Apple’s YouTube channel

Brief Description: Apple features 68 of their employees from different races, beliefs, disabilities and cultures who have all come together and are accepted as they are. This is something Apple strongly believes in along with many of their other corporate social responsibility efforts such as their aim to have every one of their product be carbon neutral by 2030 and global feminism. These are all found on their YouTube playlist “Brand Values”.

Video Style: This brand video is more creative in its nature as it does not feature the usual interview + b-roll format or an event style but rather uses visuals and a voice over to tell a story. One good aspect of this video is its use of visuals to explain its content such as muslims at a mosque at “embrace faiths” and also the use of many different employee shots to showcase the companies diversity and inclusion in its hiring decisions.

Coca Cola – Sustainable Packaging Video

Video taken from Coca Cola’s YouTube channel

Brief Description: VP of Environment and sustainability and Sustainability Manager shares the efforts Coca Cola has been making to make their packaging sustainable. Such efforts include the use of bio-plastics and its partnerships with various organisations such as Keep America Beautiful’s for their Bin Grant Programme.

Video Style: Coca Cola features its employees in this video sharing about their sustainable packaging efforts. However, this video is unlike the usual video as their employees are subjects in the video instead of just a typical interview format and it is mainly substantiated with b-rolls to visualise the talking points. The video also makes good use of b-roll choices and shots.

Nike – Sustainable Innovation Video

Video taken from Nike’s YouTube channel

Brief Description: Nike talks to its employees about sustainability and innovation and how Nike ties them both together. One of the terms mentioned is ‘Circularity Design’ which refers to thinking about each and every product from its development stage all through to when an athlete is done with their product.

Video Style: This video made good use of fast cuts to match the audio with the visuals and also to keep the video energetic which is in line with Nike. They used these to supplement the use of interview videos where their employees shared about Nike’s efforts in sustainable innovation. The overall mood of the video is upbeat and fun allowing more creative shots to truly portray the values of Nike.

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