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Corporate Sustainability Video Production in Singapore

Corporate Sustainability Video Production are an excellent medium for communicating the goals and achievements of a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative to both internal and external audiences. Using video to communicate your CSR involvement can help you attract and retain top talent, improve customer loyalty, and foster healthy relationships with regulators and key stakeholders.

It gives you the potential to capture the real-life stories of your initiative’s beneficiaries and communicate them in a compelling way that will resonate with your intended audience. A video can also disclose your CSR involvement to audiences who might not be aware of your company’s work otherwise.

What is CSR?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a self-regulating business model that helps a company be socially accountable to itself, its stakeholders, and the public. By practising corporate social responsibility, also called corporate citizenship, companies can be conscious of the kind of impact they have on all aspects of society — including economic, social, and environmental.

Our Corporate Video Production Team

Video Production Team for Corporate Sustainability Video
The Vivid Snaps video production team

Our team works primarily with corporate clients to produce videos for stakeholders and customers. For video production, we can assist from pre- to post-production. This includes conceptualisation, storyboarding, location sourcing, shoot planning, filming production and video editing.

Corporate sustainability video production is one of the many corporate videos we produce for our clients.

For corporate virtual events and hybrid events, our team supports you in the live streaming production. We have supported virtual events on multiple online event platforms.

Examples of Corporate Sustainability Videos

ExtraSpaceCares (Singapore CSR Video)

Video shot by Vivid Snaps

Extra Space Asia chose to bring elderly friends from Society for the Aged Sick (SAS) to bask in the Christmas festive spirit within the beautiful nature at Gardens by the Bay for their 2019 CSR initiative. The special day has been memorialised with this video highlight. After the event, SAS elders and Extra Space volunteers gave their thoughts about the experience so that viewers could understand how meaningful and rewarding the activity was.

#ARecipeForChange by Temasek

Video extracted from Temasek Digital YouTube channel

This is a wrap-up video about the month-long campaign by Temasek’s Ecosperity platform called #ARecipeForChange. Its aim is to raise awareness about food sustainability and encourage viewers to take part in the initiative.

Pioneers of Sustainability by Grand Hyatt Singapore

Video extracted from Hyatt YouTube channel

Through interviews of six of their employees, we learn about the numerous ways the Grand Hyatt hotel in Singapore is practising food and environmental sustainability.

The Positive Cup by Nespresso (Recycling Video Production)

Video extracted from Nespresso YouTube channel

Nespresso is most popular coffee capsule brand in offices and homes around Singapore. And Nespresso have been playing an active role to make sure that used capsule do not end up in landfills. Aluminium are infinitely recyclable, hence they partner with local recycling companies, to give a second life to the coffee grounds and aluminium materials.

This recycling video features motion graphics to explain the processes, stylised scenes of the capsules and the capsule recycling processes.

Stories of Change by Adidas

Video extracted from Adidas YouTube channel

This video concentrates on the scope of plastic pollution and describes what adidas is doing to help end plastic waste. It evokes a strong emotion within viewers to reflect on their actions by using a mixture of solemn music, narration and stock footage that show the consequences of waste. Driving the message home at the end of the video is a large text overlay calling for watchers to “JOIN THE FIGHT”.

Delivering Sustainable Impact by Frasers Property

Video extracted from Frasers Property Limited YouTube channel

Frasers Property explicitly listing their sustainability goals in this video holds them accountable to the community. Using text and graphic overlays in their corporate colours (red and white) also establishes trust and familiarity.

Conservation International Commemorates Starbucks

Video extracted from Starbucks Coffee YouTube channel

Conservation International, an American nonprofit environmental organisation, produced this video to mark Starbucks’ 15-year journey towards 100% ethically sourced coffee. The voiceover makes it easy for viewers to understand the purpose of the video. The creative use of motion graphics not only presents important statistics, but transforms an otherwise ordinary shot into an interesting one.

Free Food For All x Wok Hey (F&B Industry CSR Video)

Video shot by Vivid Snaps

Free Food for All is a registered charity in Singapore that aims to provide halal meals to those in need while minimising food waste.

In an effort to give back to the community, they collaborated with Wok Hey to distribute delicious stir-fry rice and noodles to beneficiaries across 7 respective zones.

The first half of the video where the meals are being prepared was filmed more unconventionally. Coupled with sound design using audio captured on location, the dynamic camera movements and in-camera transitions produce a stylised video that is popular on social media nowadays. For the second half of the video, we chose to shoot in an observational manner that allows viewers to appreciate the hard work of the volunteers. 

Centre for Liveable Cities Webinar

Sustainability Live Streaming & Virtual Event via Zoom Webinar
Screenshot from CLC Webinar series supported by Vivid Snaps

A webinar is a fantastic way of connecting with shareholders and keeping them informed of your company’s sustainability efforts. There are also webinars dedicated to the topic itself, such as this one about food sustainability produced over Zoom.

Produce Your Corporate Sustainability Video Production with Our Team

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo
Company group photo of the Vivid Snaps team

We hope you have taken away new knowledge about the many types of corporate sustainability video production and the important role they play in businesses.

If you are interested in creating your own corporate sustainability video, we have a team of video production professionals happy to assist you with that.

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