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Setting Up Kiloview KIS Intercom on AWS Lightsail

Kiloview Intercom System (KIS) can be very useful for live streaming production, and can replace the conventional hardware intercom systems. Saving you considerable cost and logistics. We share the simple steps to install KIS on an AWS Lightsail instance.

Kiloview KIS Deployment Video

Kiloview KIS Intercom Deployment Video by Simone Messina on YouTube

Before we proceed to the contents of this article, we want to give a big shoutout to Simone Messina on YouTube. He has provided a command line that worked for our AWS Lightsail KIS implementation. The default command lines that were provided by Kiloview did not work for our AWS Lightsail instance on our first few tries.

Setup An AWS Instance

Kiloview KIS on Lightsail 2021
Screenshot of the instance creation page on AWS Lightsail
  • Signup or login to your AWS Lightsail account
  • Create a new “OS Only” instance with Ubuntu
  • Assign a Static IP to your instance
  • Open all network ports in the configuration page of your instance
  • Connect via SSH or Console, then follow through with the below commands

We will not be covering every step of setting up the AWS Lightsail instance. The process is well documented by AWS support pages and other discussion boards. These resources can be found by doing a Google search of any specific topics you may not be familiar with.

Install & Run KIS on AWS Lightsail

The commands provided here are slightly different to the instructions provided by Kiloview on their official site, as at the date of writing this article, Nov 2021. As the default commands prompted an error message when logging in to KIS portal. Presumably due to network port issues.

Switch to root user

sudo su -

Install Docker

curl -fsSL | sh

Set Docker service to start automatically

systemctl enable docker.service

Install & run KIS

(This command line was provided by Simone Messina on YouTube)

docker run -d --restart always -e MINPORT=50000 -e MAXPORT=55000 --name kvaudiosvr --privileged=true --net=host kiloview/kvaudiosvr:latest

Login via your service IP address


The default username & password is “admin”.

What is AWS Lightsail

AWS Lightsail is a simple way to setting up a Virtual Private Server (VPS). You can also use other AWS services to setup the Kiloview KIS server. For instance, AWS Fargate, ECS, EKS and App Runner.

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