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Talking Head Video Production Singapore

What comes to your mind when you are tasked with a marketing video for your company or organisation? Most people would think of talking heads before anything else and it makes perfect sense. How else would you best tell a story without it.

However, its effectiveness and use case also means that every other company and organisation is producing such videos in today’s saturated online world. So how does one create a talking head video that stands out for both B2B and B2C audience? That’s what we will be discussing today.

What is a Talking Head Video?

A talking head video refers to a video where the main focus is the interview format which features a subject either talking into the camera or off-camera. This is usually substantiated with b-rolls, graphics, stock footage and more to showcase and help the audience visualise the topics discussed.

Teleprompter for your Talking Head Video

A teleprompter, also commonly known as a prompter or an autocue is a device that prompts the presenter with his or her script and is commonly used for Talking Head Video Production. This allows the presentations to be more natural and fluid as it removes the need for presenters to consult their written notes or wreck their brain memorising a script. If you are interested to learn more, click here.

Talking Head Videos by Vivid Snaps

Here at Vivid Snaps, we have years of expertise and knowledge to produce talking head videos that helps you stand out from the crowd. Take a look at some of our past works.

Talking Head Video Production for SUV launch

This talking head video produced for Toyota is a great example for those who wishes to showcase a product or asset for sale. These can include cars, property, gadgets and much more. It gives the talent the flexibility to manoeuvre around to showcase the many features available while also making use of b-roll.

Talking Head Video Production for Engineering Firm

This branding video for Vision One makes use of its talent as a talking head to talk about the advancements and technology used by the company to stay ahead of the curve. Featuring the talent as she walks down Marina Bay Sands, this is a good way to “take the audience on a journey” instead of the typical sit down talking head style.

Talking Head Video Production for Office Launch

Office launch videos can be run-of-the-mill, but not this one. This office virtual tour video makes use of talking heads creatively as host and talents pass the time to each other to take over the explanation for each individual segment thereby showcasing the collaborative and exciting atmosphere in the office.

Talking Head Video Production for Financial Firm Awards Video

MDRT is a prestigious award for financial advisors all around the world. This awards video for AIA MDRT award recipients truly showcases its employees success stories through a simple standing talking head video. However, what makes this video truly unique is its creative editing which adds much more dimension to it.

Talking Head Testimonial Video Production for Local Community

This is a typical seated talking head video and is commonly used to evoke a certain emotion. This video in particular evokes that of a touching and inspiring emotion for its viewers to relate to the topics discussed. Song choice for your video’s background music also plays a big part in supporting the emotional factor of the video

Talking Head Video Production for Medical Industry

Just as how we talked about the emotional factor of a video, this video makes use of the same concept to show professionalism and seriousness. Such videos are best for corporate or B2B audiences where the topics discussed are on a serious note commonly relating to business.

Talking Head Video Production for Food Technology Industry

This product showcase video addresses concerns that product owners have and it does so well by going through the steps to take to achieve the goal with this standing talking head video.

Talking Head Video Production for Public Organisation

If you’re wondering why this video looks different from all the others, that’s because it is. This standing talking head video was filmed in a green screen studio which gives great flexibility to the background used be it a graphic, a blue sky or maybe even Marina Bay Skyline.

Talking Head Video Production for Public Organisation

This congratulatory message video makes use of a talking head format as Minister and President of SINDA, Indranee Rajah addresses the 650 award recipients. The use of colours in this video from the outfit choice to the background helps to relate to the culture of the indian audience.

Talking Head Video Production for Hair Products Company

This video is fun and creative in its nature as it showcases a hairstylist performing a makeover for the talent on screen. This is often used for more creative videos which showcases creation such as a chef, a hairstylist or maybe even a fashion designer. As seen in the video, many b-rolls are used on top of soundbites from the interview which allows the audience to better visualise the topics discussed.

Vivid Snaps Video Production Team

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo
Office Group Photo of the Vivid Snaps Team

Our team work primarily with corporate clients to produce corporate videos for internal & external communications. These include CEO speech video, interview video, office tours, video presentation, remote filming and event video production. We also work with customised requirements, depending on your business objectives.

Our Expertise

  • Corporate Video Production
  • Virtual Event & Live Streaming
  • Event Photography & Videography
  • Corporate Photo Shoot

Upon contacting us via email, our project coordinator will discuss with you on your project requirements. Then provide you with a proposed quotation for review and approval. Depending on the complexity of your shoot, pre-production services such as scripting, conceptualisation, storyboard, location sourcing may be required.

We advise a 1-2 weeks lead time for straight-forward video shoots, and 4 weeks lead time for video shoots requiring pre-production services.

Green Screen Filming Studio

2 person interview at green screen studio Singapore
Reference setup of a 2 person interview video filming at our green screen studio

For the convenience of our clients, we have a small green screen studio at our office, suitable for video filming with 1 to 3 on-screen subjects. The studio rental is usually offered as a complimentary add-on when you engage our corporate video filming services.

And because our in-house green screen studio is exclusively reserved for our clients, and not available for standalone rental. We can offer high availability, providing you with greater flexibility in filming schedule.

Talking Head Video References

We looked up some of the best Talking Head Videos produced for companies, organisations and government agencies to provide you with some examples and inspiration for your next talking head video.

For clarification, the below video references are not produced by our team. They are sourced from public web pages.

Audi – A story of progress: Rae

Video from Audi Singapore’s YouTube channel

With great progress in technology comes new and improved ways of marketing. This video features Rae, an AI influencer as she talks about technology and how innovation is a never ending journey. This influencer is perfect for the video and she does not talk about the car nor its features at all. But rather, b-rolls of the car and her using the cars features is shown as she talks about advancement and driving progress.

Nike – Circularity: Guiding the Future of Design

Video from Nike’s YouTube channel

This brand video by Nike features a seated talking head style and is made unique with the expressively shot b-roll which makes use of fast cuts and movements. This is in line with Nike’s brand values and branding which ultimately is a sportswear company. It also packages a whole storyline with more than one talent on screen talking about each of their respective specialisation.

Singapore Airlines – New In-flight Safety Video

Video taken from Singapore Airline’s YouTube channel

This in-flight safety video which is played onboard every Singapore Airlines flight makes use of a very interesting and creative concept. Though it is still a talking head video, most of the shots used are in fact b-roll and what makes it even more interesting is its use of personification such as using chairs in a Peranakan house lined up like and aircraft etc. However, this filming style is not unseen of as it was first seen from a video by AirNZ.

Singapore General Hospital – Campus Corporate Video

Video taken from Singapore General Hospital’s YouTube channel

This talking head video is a corporate video produced for Singapore General Hospital which is very professional. One of the ways the video was made to look professional was the use of colours. During the talking head segment, few colours were in the shot and that meant fewer distractions. The video also made use of many b-rolls along with text graphics when soundbites are not used.

DBS – Singapore Country Head provides update on disruption in digital banking services

Video taken from DBS’s YouTube channel

This address video by DBS is also one that is professional and it can be seen from the use of few colours as before. This video is different from the previous however, as the talent is standing instead of sitting and this is often done when the topic discussed is of a more serious nature or of great importance.

LKCMedicine – Research Spotlight: Molecular Keys to stop viral infections by Asst Prof Luo Dahai
Video taken from LKCMedicine’s YouTube channel

LKCMedicine showcases its Asst Professor in this video as he talks about molecular keys to stop viral infections. Such videos are often times targeted at a certain niche or field such as the medical field for this instance. Since the topics he touches are complex, b-roll is even more necessary to show the medical or lab procedures he talks about in the sound bites.

Temasek Foundation – A good idea takes root: How a youth call-to-action seeds a shared future

Video taken from Temasek Foundation’s YouTube channel

Temasek Foundation showcases two young adults who responded to a call-to-action to act and address societal challenges within Singapore. Since the video features two young adults, the target audience would naturally be of the younger audience. The b-roll used are more creative shots with simple movement making use of a natural light look since the topic discussed is closely related to nature.

Gush – Indoor Voices by Gush: A space that supports me

Video taken from gush’s YouTube channel

Featured here is a walk-through talking head video as the talent brings the audience around her shop. Talking head videos are usually guilty of being labelled as boring, but this walk-through style video brings fresh perspective to a talking head video. For example, the use of animated neon lines helps draw the viewer’s focus to the subject matter, a simple but thoughtful editing trick.

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