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FAQ Video Production in Singapore

FAQ video production is where companies and businesses produce a video to answer frequently asked questions about their products and services from customers and clients.

Read on to find out how FAQ video production works and how it is used by companies as part of customer service.


What is an FAQ Video?

An FAQ video is a video usually not longer 10 minutes. This video is meant to cover answers for important questions and enquires from existing and potential customers. The questions are usually targetted at businesses which provide services or sell products that require further explanation or calrification.

FAQ videos are great for answering any common pressing questions which consumers may have during the decision stage of the customer’s journey. This means that FAQ videos seek to answer any misconceptions of products and services, and clarifies any grey areas that consumers may encounter. FAQ is not part of marketing, and should not be used as a form of advertisement for products.

FAQ Video

How are FAQ Videos Used by Companies?

FAQ videos are a form of customer service. FAQs are usually in the form of a page on a company’s website or illustrated through video. The repository of answers to the commonly asked questions is crucial because it reduces the number of enquiries companies get through other platforms like email or through hotline.

Consumers can refer to the FAQ videos or pages to get the answers they need. This is a form of customer service. It ensures that customers are satisfied with the products and service they receive and can avoid misconceptions by studying the FAQ.

FAQ Video Production

How Does FAQ Video Production Work?

FAQ videos are often produced with a corporate videographer. This is to ensure that companies have a presentable impression to their consumers. Here at Vivid Snaps, our professional team can help you with your FAQ video from conceptualisation to post-production.

Here are a few steps you can follow to ensure that you have an FAQ video that is adequate and can fulfil its purpose well.

  • Gather the Questions You Will Answer: You can gather the questions from several sources. This includes online surveys, common email or social media enquiries or the common questions asked through email or hotline. Gather a list of the most commonly asked questions and ensure that there are no repeat questions.
  • Prepare a List on Answers: Ensure that the answers are easy to understand and clear. The purpose of an FAQ is to answer commonly asked questions, so keep that in mind when crafting your answers. Providing sources and links to further elaborate will help to avoid misconceptions and misinterpretations.
  • Talent and Location: Securing a suitable spokesperson for the FAQ video is the most important step. It could be a employee, a manager or even the CEO of the company. FAQ videos are usually shot in the company’s premises or in a studio.
  • Shooting and Editing: A good FAQ video is usually shot professionally by a video service provider. The editing process comes hand-in-hand with the filming of the video. It is best to keep the video below 10 minutes as consumers may find it hard to find the answers they need if the video is too long.
  • Uploading and Sharing: FAQ videos can be uploaded to a company’s website, social media pages, as well as part of an on-boarding series for customers who have already purchased your product or service.
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What to Include in an FAQ Video

Here’s a list of things you should include in your FAQ video:

  • Clarifying grey areas
  • Clearing up of misconceptions
  • Answering commonly asked questions
  • Linking of tutorial videos and on-boarding videos

Here’s a list of things you should NOT include in your FAQ video:

  • Product advertisements or plugs
  • Other announcements regarding sales and events
  • Persuading customers to purchase products and services
  • Make sure the answers are addressed to questions that are frequently asked by customers, not just the things that you want to intentionally tell them. Keep the focus of the FAQ video on-topic and customer focused.

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