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Cafe Video Production in Singapore

Cafe video production is one of the fundamental forms of marketing for any cafe business. There are many different types of corporate videos that cafe owners can include as part of their marketing strategy.

Read on to find out the different types of video production cafe owners should consider and how each of them can impact cafe businesses.

Pop-up Cafe Video Production

Molang x Kumoya Pop up Cafe Video Production

Snippets of footage we filmed & edited for Molang pop-up cafe in Singapore

What is Cafe Video Production?

Cafe video production covers several different types of corporate videos that are effective for cafe marketing. Video production is a key factor in terms of consumer interest. Compelling videos bring out emotion and excitement that will make prospective consumers show more interest in the business.

Videos can be targetted towards existing and potential consumers. Cafe video production can spread informative messages and also serve as content to keep consumers interested in the brand or business.

Find out more about corporate video production in our previous article and the ways it can impact your business’s growth.

How is Video Production Used in Cafe Marketing?

Cafe video production is a dynamic way for cafe owners to showcase their business in a new light. These videos can highlight many different aspects of their business and reach out to their consumers on a personal level. Videos gain the understanding of consumers by showing and instead of telling.

Video production harnesses an important factor of customer interaction where business can interact with their consumers through video content. These videos also carry an entertainment factor where consumers can be engaged through the business’s online content.

Types of Cafe Video Production

There are several different types of cafe video production that cafe owners can consider for their brand. Each video production has its individual purpose and will be explained down below.

  • Staff Introduction and Feature: Customers expect excellent customer service when they dine in cafes. Customers can learn about how employees feel about their jobs when watching these videos. If the employee is happy with their job, customers are more likely to trust that they will have positive interaction with the staff when they visit the cafe.
  • Customer Testimonial:  Good reviews are always trusted by consumers. A customer testimonial video gains the trust of consumers by letting them hear good reviews from other consumers. Consumers are more likely to trust what other consumers say about the cafe.
  • Promoting the Menu: Promoting the menu is an important video for cafe owners to consider having. Capturing snippets of the chef in action and the end products of freshly cooked food is definitely a way to lure customers in to the cafe. This video can also be used as a promotional video for a cafe’s new menu.
  • A Day-in-the-life: A day-in-the-life videos are a very good storytelling example. Showing consumers how the cafe operates from day to day can enlighten them on what goes on behind the scenes. The video can consist of how the ingredients are sourced, to the preparation pre-opening, and during the peak hours of service. This can give consumers an idea on how the cafe operates and the work that goes behind the operation.
  • Public Relations: A public relations video is one of the most important videos for any business. These videos are designed to showcase what the cafe is doing to give back to the community. It is crucial to building brand loyalty among consumers and gaining the support of potential consumers.
  • Event Highlight: An event highlight video is a highlight reel of video clips from an event that are usually not longer than 5 minutes. Cafes which hold events regularly can consider hiring an event videographer to film and produce an event highlight video. These highlight videos can be used as publicity on the cafe’s social media and website.
  • Recipe Videos: Recipe videos are a good form of content for a cafe’s social media and website. These recipe videos can attract online attention and potential customers to be interested in the cafe. Recipe videos can also be used as a form of entertainment for the existing consumers of the cafe.
  • Social Media: A social media video is any video content that is created to be shared on social networks. These videos can be uploaded as regular posts, ads, stories, cover videos and profile videos. These videos are crucial in terms of engaging a cafe’s followers social media platforms.
  • Q&A Sessions: Q&A sessions are a versatile form of video production. It could be categorised as entertainment content, or can be used as marketing material, depending on the aim of the Q&A. Ultimately, Q&A videos aim to answer questions from consumers who are curious about the business. These Q&A videos enable cafe owners to engage with their consumers on a personal level.
  • Cafe History: A cafe history video is a form of storytelling which seeks to educate the consumers on the history and story of the cafe. Consumers who understand and are educated on the history of the cafe are more likely to enjoy their overall experience at the cafe.
  • Cafe Tour: A cafe tour is a more laid back introduction of a cafe to its consumers. Showing the consumers are the cafe through a video is a good way to promote the space and location. This could lure customers who are looking for a cafe with good ambience.

How Does Cafe Video Production Work?

Cafe videos which are usually produced by a corporate videographer are more likely to be well received by the consumers. Videos that are filmed and edited professionally leaves consumers with a good impression.

Here are a few factors to consider when producing a cafe video

  • Decide on a type of video or theme of the video
  • Get the right talents or spokesperson
  • Hire a professional to film the video
  • Be involved in the editing process
  • Share the video on various social media platforms and websites

Things to Include in Cafe Video Production

  • Create Videos that will Interest Potential Customers: Choose a form of content that will best interest potential customers. Aim to be informative and entertain them. The main purpose of cafe videos are to market the cafe and gain online interest.
  • Aim to Showcase What You are Strong at: Choose a video that will showcase what your business is strong at and let it shine. Promote your cafe’s best dish in a menu showcase or beautiful layout in a cafe tour.
  • Understand Your Consumers: Understand what your consumers want to see. Create video content that engages your audience and keeps them interested in following your cafe.
  • Be Personal: Do not be afraid to put a face to your organisation’s name. It is crucial to let the consumers know who is behind the work and learn more about the employees in the cafe.
  • Be Genuine: Do not over promise in the videos and aim to be 100% honest and genuine in the videos. The last thing consumers want is to be promised something and having the cafe under-deliver.

Engage a Professional to Produce Your Corporate Cafe Videos

The Vivid Snaps team posing for the camera for a group photo
Composite Corporate Group Photo of The Vivid Snaps Team

Now that you have an idea of what cafe videos should be like, why not take the next step to produce a professional cafe video. You can contact our project coordinators who will be happy to get in touch with you.

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