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Full Package: Corporate Portrait, Makeup & Styling Services

Here at Vivid Snaps, we provide professional corporate portraiture photography for clients in both public and private sectors. You can expect an all-in-one package — a high quality corporate portrait, as well as makeup and styling services.

Read on to find out about our package details, cost and additional services.

Vivid Snaps is collaborating with makeup artists and stylists from Makeup Doyennes for our corporate portraits. Our clients can look forward to an all-in-one package at a special discounted price now. Note that limited slots are available, so don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you are interested in this package.

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Why Having a Corporate Portrait is Important

Makeup Doyennes Singapore Corporaate Portrait
Work by Makeup Doyennes

A professional portrait is not a privilege reserved for higher ranking individuals. Furthermore, when every member of your organisation has a profile photo, it creates a more personable relationship within and beyond your organisation. 

A corporate profile portrait can be used in many ways on your digital & offline communication. The impact is noticeable regardless of your organisation size.

Company Website

Displaying corporate photos on your website allows your prospective customers to better identify with your company.

LinkedIn and Social Media

People often want to see the person behind the service they are receiving. You may use your corporate portrait for your own personal LinkIn or social media account as well. A profile photo with descriptive text can give clarity to your business.

Email Signature

Displaying a profile photo makes you more easily identifiable. Additionally, including a corporate portrait in your email signature would be especially useful when reaching out to clients or other organisations.

Putting a Name to Your Organisation

professional corporate portrait connects with your prospective customers. It also makes you appear more personable.

Employee Portrait Photography

Vivid Snaps Collaboration with Makeup Doyennes Singapore

Corporate Portrait, Makeup & Styling Services

Affordable Corporate Portrait Makeup Styling Services

Our Package Includes:

  • 1 x highly retouched image.
  • 20 x Complimentary basic edited images.
    *Extra photos will be at additional cost.
  • Makeup & Styling services.

Cost of Package:


Total Duration:

1 hour (minimum) – 2 hours.

The Importance of a Makeup Artist & Stylist for Your Corporate Shoot

The role of a makeup artist goes beyond polishing the final look and appearance in corporate portrait photoshoots. Other than ensuring that all clients have neat and proper hair and makeup, they also adapt their work according to the setting.

Strong lights are usually used in professional portrait photoshoots. Hence, to prevent you from looking washed out in the photos, they use camera-suitable makeup and pro application techniques. 

They also create optimal volume in your hair and tame down any frizziness to make the entire look more appealing for the photos. This is something that can be very difficult to achieve on your own.

Makeup & Styling Services

Available Makeup Styles

For corporate portraits, individuals tend to opt for more natural looks. However, for other types of shoots, our makeup artist is able to deliver bridal makeup, avant-garde and even special effects makeup.

Prices will differ depending on the style of makeup you choose. If you are unsure, feel free to let us know what you have in mind! Otherwise, if you opt for natural makeup and hairstyling, it is included in our package.

Duration of Makeup & Styling

Simple corporate touch-ups for those who have already prepared their own makeup will span about 30 minutes. Full male styling usually takes 45 mins, while female styling can take 1-1.5 hours depending on hair length.

As for bridal makeup or more complex styles, it could take 2-3 hours.

Hairstyling & Makeup Portfolio

Makeup Styling Professional
Photo courtesy of Makeup Doyennes

To view more examples of past work, you may refer to @theyueqi’s Instagram. She is one of the resident makeup artists and stylists at Makeup Doyennes.

Do note that her Instagram profile features a wide range of makeup styles. Upon request, we can provide you with more examples of corporate portrait makeup and hairstyling.

For more information regarding makeup and styling, you may visit the Makeup Doyennes website, their Instagram page @makeupdoyennes or head over to their Facebook page.

Service for Your Convenience

Photo Editing

You will not have to worry about this step. Photos taken by our corporate photographer will be edited before delivery. Edits include adjustments of brightness, contrast and colour correction.

You may request to view samples of the photos taken before we present the final product.

Photos Tagged With Staff ID

For large organisations with hundreds or thousands of employees, having to tag your photos to individual employees can be a hassle. 

Our photography workflow allows us to tag every photo taken to your staff’s name or other forms of identification. This will save you time in tracing the photos after receiving the soft-copy. 

This service is available as an add-on to our standard packages.

 Mobile Studio for Ultimate Convenience

When you engage our professional photographers for corporate photography services, location will not be an issue. You will have the choice of having your photos taken at our studio, or at your office location. For smaller groups, we recommend coming over for the shoot at our studio. This is because we will be able to provide a more elaborate lighting setup for the best possible image quality. 

This is not to say that larger groups will not expect the same results. Our team will also be able to shoot at your convenience, while delivering great results.

Additionally, you can view your photos on the spot and indicate your preference.

Vivid Snaps Makeup Doyennes Styling Makeup
Photo courtesy of Makeup Doyennes


Backgrounds Available

We are able to provide the standard black, white and grey backgrounds. You may also opt for a background with a customised design at an additional cost.

Types of Corporate Portraits

  • Board of Director
  • Business Portrait Photography
  • Annual Report Photography
  • CEO Portrait Photography
  • Department Group Photo
  • Corporate Photo Shoot
  • Individual Profile Shot
  • Linkedin Photo Shoot
  • Corporate Head Shot
  • Staff ID Photo Shoot
  • Corporate Headshot
  • Half Body Portrait
  • Full Body Portrait
  • Executive Portrait
  • Studio Portrait

All-in-one: Corporate Portrait, Makeup and Styling Package

If you are looking for an all-inclusive package for your next corporate portrait, get in touch with us. With expertise gained from years of experience and quality equipment, we assure you satisfactory results.

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