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Singapore Live Streaming Crew Capabilities

Our crew started offering live streaming production services since 2018. We shifted our focus from event photography & video production services to live streaming in 2020. As of August 2020, our team is completely focused on live streaming production services in response to the pandemic situation.

This article serves as a comprehensive guide for our clients to understand our live streaming capabilities. We hope you will find us a good fit for your live streaming events.

Team Members

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The Vivid Snaps full time team consist of about 13 members. With job roles ranging from camera operator, vision mixer technician, audio technician, graphic designer, video editor and project coordinator.

We also regularly work with trusted camera operators for larger scale projects or when we see multiple projects on a single day.

Camera For Live Streaming

Our primary camera system for live streaming are professional broadcast camcorders from Panasonic. These camera supports digital SDI output for high bandwidth, low latency video transmission over longer distances up to 150 metres.

In some situations, we also work with professional mirrorless video cameras for specific purposes.

Multi Camera Live Streaming

Having 2 or more cameras is very common for live streaming. 1 camera will show a wide view of your stage while the other displays a close-up view when a particular presenter is speaking.

Roving & Wireless Video Live Stream

Our team is equipped with a low latency professional wireless video transmitter. This is useful for when a roving angle is required during a product demo or cooking show live stream. Our wireless video transmitter is also useful at office event venues where SDI cable laying is not convenient.

Our in-house wireless video transmitter has a range of 600 feet, approximately 200 metres. We do not advise using this for range of more than 100 metres, to avoid any interference from interrupting the transmission. If a longer range is required, our team can arrange rental of wireless video transmitter with range of 1000 feet, approximately 330 metres.

Wireless video transmitter has some limitations. These transmitters broadcast digital signals and its range can be affected by other digital signal like Wi-Fi. It also requires line-on-sight, hence unsuitable for environment with many obstacles.

Long Distance Live Video Feed

Our team have also encountered cases where the video camera is required to be positioned at a much longer distance. For instance, a manufacturing plant with office and warehouse at separate buildings.

We can tunnel our live video feed over the Internet from the camera position to our switching station. There are multiple methods for achieving this. Transmission via an Internet LAN cable is the preferred option and when that is not possible, Wi-Fi and 4G mobile data are the alternatives.

This requirement can add significant cost to the production.

Live Streaming With Remote Presenters

Connecting remote presenters from overseas has become very common since the start of 2020, when the pandemic situation has restricted traveling between countries.

Our system can support up to 8 remote parties, but we highly recommend to plan for up to 7 remote parties only. Keeping 1 connection for backup.

If your live stream event require more than 8 remote parties, we have workaround solutions to achieve this for you. We have also successfully connected presenters from China.

Remote Control PowerPoint Presentation For Live Stream

An issue that arises with connecting a remote party is the ability to control their own PowerPoint slides. We are able to arrange for remote party to control their own slides. Alternatively, the slides can also be controlled by an assistant who is physically present with our live streaming crew.

Smartphone Live Streaming

While we do not recommend doing this, a smartphone camera can be integrated into our live streaming system as an input. This can be a vert cost effective method for streaming a remote angle, when quality is not the paramount concern.

*A regular 4G mobile data connection is not considered a stable connection for live streaming.

Wireless Microphone & Audio Mixer

Our in-house equipment include high-end wireless microphone system. Handheld or clip-on options are available. Our standard audio mixer can take up to 6 inputs. Our audio technician will monitor and adjust the audio throughout your live stream.

For more complex setup, such as physical venue speakers, audio input for musical instruments and vocals, a dedicated AV crew will be required. The AV crew can be engaged by us or by you.

Professional LED Video Lights

We use LED panel for lighting the video production set. This is not required for events where stage light has been appropriately set.

Virtual Set & Virtual Background

While Zoom has made virtual background seem easy and effortless. Such ‘intelligent’ background removal feature is not yet available in live streaming software. To achieve virtual background, we use the chroma key feature available on most hardware and software vision mixer. Chroma key is the feature used for removing green screen or blue screen background and replacing with virtual ones.

Green Screen Live Streaming

Green screen is a popular option for live streaming because it is a cost-effective method to create a perfect virtual setting for your live stream. Half-body composition can be achieve within a relatively small space.

Blue Screen Live Streaming

For Live Streaming involving products with green colour tone, we can use a blue screen instead. The live streaming hosts and other presenters must not wear any clothing or accessories with blue colour to avoid being processed as background.

E-Commerce Live Streaming

Our crew is experienced to assist you in delivering a professional e-commerce live stream. Using professional equipment and eye-catching gimmicks to keep your live stream interesting.


Picture-in-picture layout is commonly used when we need to display more than 1 camera on screen. For instance, when displaying an active speaker with presentation slides. Or displaying 2 parties who are not at the same physical location.

When you need PIP for your live stream production. Our in-house designer can design a PIP graphic overlay with your customised branding. We can also use multiple PIP graphics for different scenarios within a single live stream.

Bonded 4G Connection

We do not currently provide bonded 4G connection at the moment due to high cost and low demand. Bonded 4G connection uses multiple SIM card from separate providers to achieve amore stable connection and mobile data coverage.

Standard 4G Connection

We seldom have to provide 4G mobile data connections as most venues in Singapore has access to a fast fibre broadband connection.

Desktop Computers

We almost always use desktop computers for our live streaming production, a high-end machine with sufficient cooling and a clean version of Windows. Even though a laptop works fine for most live streaming, we prefer to take the safer option.

When compared to a laptop, a desktop can deliver sustained performance without throttling the CPU. When a CPU gets throttled, it will affect the output frame rate.

Backup Equipment

We offer multiple tier of backup options as having a backup for every single equipment in the production will be too costly. It will essentially double the cost.

Technical Rehearsal

Most live streaming projects will require tech run, and sometimes multiple days if you have many moving parts in the programme. We have also served more straight-forward live stream events when the tech run can be conducted on the day itself.

Regardless if you are engaging our services or other live streaming vendors, consider discussing this during the quotation stage. Furthermore, this ensures that cost and expectations are aligned.

Streaming To Multiple Platforms

By default, our live mixing software can live stream to 3 platforms simultaneously. We can also live stream to more than 3 platforms by using paid third-party services.

Stream Key & Stream URL

When engaging us for live streaming to YouTube, Facebook or other proprietary video delivery networks. You do not have to provide us with login details. We will only require the Stream URL and Stream Key to stream onto your video delivery network. It is also common for the Stream Key to refresh after each stream, hence we will not be able to re-use the Stream Key.

YouTube & Facebook Live Streaming

You are looking at 2 of the most common and very reliable streaming platforms. We can stream to either or both of the platforms. Both YouTube and Facebook Live supports unlimited audience.

Instagram Live Streaming

We have successfully done Portrait Live Streaming on Instagram using professional camera, good audio and visual effects. We can also live stream to 3 Instagram accounts simultaneously.

Live Streaming on Vimeo

Vimeo Live Streaming feature is nested within Vimeo Premium package, which costs US$1,140 for 1 year of subscription. Vimeo Livestream features unlimited viewing hours and audience size.

Live Streaming on Zoom Meeting or Webinar

We have done multiple live streaming projects using Zoom Meeting and Webinar. Zoom is a very convenient and cost-effective platform. App installation on user device is highly recommended.

Nonetheless, Zoom is a video-conferencing platform hence it has a few trade off when using as a Live Streaming platform. For instance, Zoom favours low latency over image quality. It is very common for Zoom to drop the frame rate and resolution of the video stream on low bandwidth connections.

Live Streaming on Cisco WebEx

Our Video Live Streaming can work on Cisco WebEx too. Similar to Zoom, Cisco WebEx is a video conferencing platform and we do not recommend using it for Live Streaming.

Live Steaming on Wowza

Our Professional Live Stream works perfectly with Wowza video delivery network. Wowza charges on a pay-per-use model, hence it is suitable for clients who are using it for one-off events with a small audience size.

Professional Live Streaming on BrightTALK Platform

We are able to live stream professional video production on BrightTALK. However, there are a few caveats when streaming to BrightTALK, discuss with us for more details when making a decision.

Live Streaming on Micepad

Our team work with video delivery network that is compatible with Micepad event hosting platform.

AGM Live Webcast Vendor For Lumi

If you are hosting an electronic annual general meeting or virtual AGM on Lumi platform. Our team can help to facilitate your video production. Additionally, we work with listed companies, SGX listed companies, social service agencies, associations and educational institutions.

We provide fully physical, fully remote and hybrid live streaming productions. Combining multiple locations or cross border meetings including connections from China.

Studio Rental For Live Streaming

Our office house a small studio that is available for our clients. For large scale productions, we work with partnering studios, hotels and event spaces to provide adequate venue.

vMix Live Stream Production Crew

Our live streaming crew uses vMix to power small to large scale professional live stream productions.

OBS Live Stream Production Crew

OBS is a free live streaming software most commonly used by the gaming community globally. It provides a host of useful feature but lacks many features that a professional will look for. We still use OBS for very specific purposes.

Office Live Stream Equipment Installation

We can help your corporate office to do permanent installation by leveraging on the experience of our live streaming crew.

When compared to using webcam, a professional live streaming video setup enables you to have multiple camera angles. Insert professional graphics and project your voice with clean and professional audio.

Live Feed vs. Live Stream

If you are not thorough familiar with event video production in Singapore, it can be confusing as live feed and live stream do not refer to the same things.

Video live feed generally refers to the streaming of a video feed from the camera to a projector screen at the event venue. This is common at larger scale dinners and conferences.

Video live stream refers to streaming of a video program to an online platform. Live streaming may also be referred to as live webcast.

Live Streaming Crew in Singapore

If you have an upcoming virtual event and need professional assistance, you can trust in our live streaming crew.

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