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Gala Dinner Event Videography

Gala dinners can be held for a variety of reasons, to reward, celebrate or even raise donations for causes.

During these events, you often see videographers around filming the event using roving or static cameras. Have you ever wondered about the benefits of having these videographers at your event?

Read on to find out more about the benefits of having event videography during gala dinners.

Table of Contents:

What types of Videography are there?

Roving Event Videography

If you are looking to create a highlight video of the event, roving event videography is perfect as it films in short snippets and covers bits of everything.

Static Event Videography

As for static videography, it is best for filming stage activities such as performances or panel discussions. Despite the restriction in movements, static videography still allows zooming in and out.

Video Live-Feed

Big ballrooms are great for hosting big companies and have a great atmosphere. However, this might create an issue for the people sitting at the back as they won’t be able to see the stage.

Video live-feed is ideal for such situations, as the footage will be shown on a screen at the venue. In order to do so, a cable will be needed to connect to the AV system.

Can I engage both types of Videographers for my Gala Dinner Event?

Yes! If you want to have the best coverage of your event with highlight and full videos, it would be best to engage both types of videographers. Each setup has its advantages & disadvantages, if you are confused, feel free to discuss with our project coordinators.

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