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Hotel Interior Photography in Singapore

Showcasing interior photos of hotel rooms have always been pivotal to a hotel’s marketing strategy. These photos give guests an idea of the rooms that the hotels have to offer.

But, with so many hotels showcasing their hotels showcasing their hotel rooms, how can your hotel interior shot stand out from the crowd?

Read on to find out some new hotel interior photography ideas that you can adopt for your next interior shoot.

Table of Contents:

The Power of Interior Photos

As mentioned, interior shots, especially of the hotel rooms, are a powerful tool hotels can use to form a lasting first impression.

You can also use these interior shots as the hero image on your hotel website as a clear, concise summary showcasing the hotel’s branding.

(Credits: Captiol Kempinski)

Hotel Interior Photography Lighting

One of the most important aspects of shooting interior shots is the lighting. Lighting can either bring out the best of your hotel space or add harsh, unnatural shadows which will have to be edited from the photo later on. 

In most cases, interior photographers will use the HDR lighting technique. We recently wrote about HDR photography and other aspects of interior photography.

The main goal of lighting your space properly is to ensure an eye-catching yet naturally lit photo which can sell the best areas of your hotel interior space.

To ensure the best quality interior photos, it is best that you engage a professional interior photographer to take your photos. In fact, top hotels will pay good money for top quality shots, flying in professional photographers just to take their photos for them.

Hotel Interior Photography Ideas

Here are some ideas that will help your interior shots look more enticing to potential guests.

#1: Use Props in Your Shot

Props are a great way to provide context for your photograph. Instead of just selling a room, having props help you to sell a story to your potential guests.

(Credits: Hotel Inn Orchard)
(Credits: One Farrer Hotel)

#2: Shoot at a Wide Angle

Shooting at a wide angle allows you to capture as much detail of the room as possible. It also makes the room look more spacious and inviting.

When paired together with close-up shots of the finer details, you can showcase the beauty and charm of the hotel room to your potential guests.

(Credits: Shangri-La Singapore)
(Credits: Studio M; shot taken by Vivid Snaps)

#3: Feature Common Hotel Areas

Besides featuring your hotel rooms, you can also consider featuring the other spaces in your hotel.

Many common areas in hotels have great lighting and architecture that are photogenic and perfect backgrounds for guests to take photos during their stay. Showcase these eye-catching venues within your hotel to stand out from the endless shots of hotel interior rooms.

(Credits: Capitol Kempinski)

This shot by Holiday Inn stands out really well because of its colour scheme.

The plants along the parapet provide a striking green colour which complements the shades of brown, yellow and blue from the furniture on the first floor. This analogous colour scheme of green, yellow and blue with hints of brown makes the space look warm and inviting to potential guests of Holiday Inn.

The photographer carefully planned to frame this shot to capture all the colours in the right proportions. If there had been too many plants in the shot, the green would have been too overpowering.

(Credits: Holiday Inn Orchard)

#4: Feature Restaurants

The true hotel experience is more than just the hotel room, after all.

If restaurant dining is one of the many value-added services that your hotel has to offer, consider marketing your restaurants using picturesque interior shots as well.

(Credits: Andaz Restaurant Hayatt)
(Credits: Verde Restaurant Hilton)

#5: Feature Your Amenities

With a few professional shot interior photos, your amenities can easily be turned into your hotel’s unique selling point that helps you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

(Credits: Courtyard Marriott)
(Credits: Courtyard Marriott)

#6: Feature Event Spaces

Taking interior photos of your event spaces can also double up as marketing material to event planners or businesses who are looking for potential event spaces for their business needs.

With phase 3 around the corner, events of a larger scale may be returning soon. This would be a great opportunity to start marketing your event spaces to businesses as they start to plan for possible physical events.

(Credits: Tang Plaza Hotel)
(Credits: Tang Plaza Hotel)

#7: Feature Human Talents

Human talents are a great way to make your hotel come across as human and personal. Consider having talents in your interior shots to complement the shots of your hotel rooms.

We liked these shots by lyf Funan as it felt as if the hotel was telling a story about how guests could come to their hotel and have a fun, enjoyable time during their stay.

It was almost like watching a brand video while scrolling through their gallery of photos. 

(Credits: lyf Funan)
(Credits: lyf Funan)

#8: Hotel Architecture Photography

Lastly, if your hotel has stunning exterior architecture like Raffles Hotel or Crowne Plaza, consider also taking professional hotel architecture photos. Let potential guests be mesmerised by the stunning architecture of your hotel as they get excited about the mesmerising view they will be able to experience with your hotel.

(Credits: Raffles Hotel Singapore)
(Credits: Crowne Plaza)

Engaging a Professional Interior Photographer

We hope that this article has given you some insights into how you can get creative with your hotel interior shots.

At Vivid Snaps, hotel interior photography is just one of the many corporate photography services that we offer. Our team is ready to help you find the perfect interior photography solution to showcase your hotel interior space.

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